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though I have not provided him with any details. Just a few minutes after we were expecting her, Ros arrives with Carla. A tall, stunning, dark skinned brunette dressed in a knee length white designer coat, heels and very talented. Would you like to watch me undress Ros stand with your hands on the wall and above your head Carla, Ros tells her as she licks and kisses her ass cheeks. "This is something very special I organised for you and your man Julie," Ros smiles as she slides Carla’s g-string down to her ankles. "Now turn around with your hands on your hips Carla. "Is that special? Does that stretch your boundaries?," Ros asks with a huge smile as Charles and I both ogle Carla’s flaccid cock as he flaunts it for us.

a foursome, Carla for your man and me apart from just a tuft of hair above his cock. Carla is huge, my man is eight-inches when erect I muse as I try to make a comparison. "You can see why Carla is so popular with both men and women. "Carl changed his name to Carla when he switched sides," Ros purrs as she strokes Carla’s cock. "Want to watch me make it full size?," she teases as she tongue kisses him. Without waiting for our obvious answer Ros kneels in front of Carla and licks the underside of his cock, then the sides as she scratches his balls. "Wow, he is impressive, magnificent, now he is rock hard for you both, almost ten-inches last time I measured it.

"Let’s for your sexual pleasure while I pleasure your lady and she watches. "Lick my nipples again for me Charles, you were very good. Then I will give you a blow job as Ros arranged. Or would you like to blow me? You are hung but I am bigger than you, though you are thicker," Carla tells Charles as he licks Carla’s nipples with one hand wrapped around his cock. "Blow me first, I won’t last long, your feminine tits, ass and huge cock have turned me right on," Charles moans as Carla licks his cock before he swallows half of it. "Look at what I am doing to Ros while you are having your cock sucked honey," I whisper as I lick and kiss her surprisingly large nipples.
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