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SaffaTrading is an online South African Food Store. With so many South African expats living abroad, there is a massive need for genuine South African goods or products. SaffaTrading main aim has always been to provide unique South African goods that you can only find in South Africa. After you have purchased your product online we ship the item to you using either Slow mail, Airmail or Courier.

At last count, there are approximately 2 million South African expats living abroad. They either working abroad and planning to move back to South Africa when they have enough money saved up or they have permanently moved to another country and have transferred citizenship. SaffaTrading provides a service by servicing these expats by providing various South African Food items that they can buy online and then get it shipped to them.

Saffatrading Food Shop - stock various products including Biltong, Boerewors, Traditional Rusks, Biscuits, and Cakes, over the counter Medicines and Toiletries that you can only find in South Africa, South African music, magazines and South African Sports clothing and merchandise. If you are unable to find anything in our shop, you can email us with your request and we will try to source the products within a couple of days.

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