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← Egy végzetes kutyatámadás története/ A story of a vicious dog attack

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  1. Hi Everyone!
  2. I made this video because I feel
  3. that the brutal meaningless death of my dog
  4. could have been avoided
  5. if the irresponsible owner paid a little bit more attention
  6. to the people and dogs who live in her neighborhood.
  7. I feel that tragedies like ours need to be told
  8. to serve as a warning to other dog owners.
  9. Therefore I'd like to encourage my brothers and sisters
  10. who suffered such tragedy to write their stories
  11. and make them public on different platforms.
  12. I would like to inform you,
  13. that I have created an open group on Facebook
  14. for responsible dog owners, who want to ensure
  15. that such tragedies won't happen in the future.
  16. Situations, where dogs attack other dogs or people can be totally avoided.
  17. I am looking forward to hearing from those fellow victims,
  18. who had suffered similar tragedies like we did.
  19. Lets's share our stories with each other,
  20. let's give each other psychological support and some legal help as well.
  21. I believe that with the power of collaboration,
  22. rules regarding conscientious and responsible dog ownership in Hungary will eventually change.
  23. Such rules are already in place in many other countries within the European Union and western countries.
  24. For example, with such rules already in place in Germany dog attack incidents are significantly reduced.
  25. There are many more censorious sanctions after this situation and for the prevention,
  26. to keeping a particular dog breed, has to be authorized.
  27. It means, if german citizens want to keep a certain breed of dog,
  28. Now I do not want to mention that these breed of dog what kind of group of dog belong to,
  29. so this citizen must take them to the dog school obligatory, and take a serious exam with their dog.
  30. Besides this, the dog expert examines the puppies' behavior, to take them under an aggression test.
  31. They would have been chosen, which kind of individual could be ownership.
  32. This kind of dog must have got pedigree as well,
  33. with this could be baned to the multiplicators not to sell nervous week individuals.
  34. Besides this, in this group, we would like to write a petition and I would like the responsible owners in huge numbers to sign it
  35. which including the authorized certain breed of dogs in Hungary as well.
  36. The best way would be, that every dog owner consciously and responsibly keeping the dog,
  37. By that, I mean that every dog owner goes to dog school with their dogs.
  38. This video would show you the spot of the tragedy and the way to this place.
  39. I would like to tell our story, as I saw that day, as I felt that day, so not after that day I’ve already known about the irresponsible owner.
  40. Now I just tell you that day as I live through.
  41. The later events would be not shooting in the spot of the tragedy, but another calmer place.
  42. I would like to mention here, which is very important,
  43. In this video does not show you faces, registration numbers, nor the name of streets, number of the house,
  44. We do not use names, do not indicate and do not show you directly the house,
  45. wherefrom the murder dog runs out.
  46. Neither of anything which can compromise the opposit sides with me,
  47. nor shooting in this video either record in audio which could be legally offensive.
  48. We are shooting in public property, every visual and auditive material can be legal
  49. Let's go on our way!
  50. We left this house with my dog in 2019 of Apryl 24th in the morning,
  51. on Wednesday about at 7:30 am as we do every morning.
  52. As you will see, and you can see it right now as well,
  53. Now it is 2019 of July 19th on Friday at 16:15 pm.
  54. We are in a calm place in Újpest
  55. and we are going to forward a football ground.
  56. Where we started every morning our day.
  57. As we started our day at about 7:45, in the school period the children were at the school,
  58. Or the adults were going to their working place.
  59. SO People were so many like now on that day as well.
  60. While we will arrive at the spot, it takes about 2 minutes walk
  61. until I would like to tell you about my dog, Toby, who was a half and five years old, mixe, male dog.
  62. I saved from a shelter from Cegléd.
  63. As much to know about me, that Toby was my first dog, I have had a desire for a dog since I was a child.
  64. This dream could be real in 2013.
  65. I could afford myself to keep a dog, I had time for him, energy, and money to keep a dog.
  66. From the beginning even though Toby was not with me,
  67. when I had have decided that I would be a very conscious dog owner, go to dog school.
  68. We went to not just dog school bit dog nursery as well.
  69. Now, we are going to turn to the street of the tragedy.
  70. The football ground will appear immediately in front of us.
  71. Now I will feedback to Toby, so I would have wanted keeping dog, very conscious,
  72. therefore We went to school here in Újpest to the Népszigeti dog school.
  73. We had have started the socialization in the dog nursery.
  74. After that we did the basic obey exam, and after we went to behavior therapy.
  75. Toby had got bad imprinting, therefore, the early lives in the street, the shelter living.
  76. He had got a fear of aggression.
  77. This manifested in If he meets a stranger dogs with a leash, he did not treat well.
  78. He did not like this kind of meeting
  79. Therefore we met unknown dogs unleashed.
  80. In this way, he could behave very good and not stressed.
  81. He followed me by my side,
  82. I could block him from the cat as well during he was running,
  83. SO I could recall him from a very strong instinct was very pride of this.
  84. That we reached this with long and hard work and the trainers of the dog school helped us in it.
  85. The trainers of the népszigeti dog school.
  86. And after the behavior therapy, we did the intermediate obey course as well.
  87. After that, we learned about some dog sports.
  88. We did the mantrailing course.
  89. It means searching man, so This is a very good dog sport, hobby dog sport. We made this course as well.
  90. What was Toby's favorite game, is the playing ball.
  91. Every morning we started playing ball because it was a very good method to make him tire physically.
  92. I would like to tell you, that If we play ball, he even with his best friends did not like it.
  93. So if we played ball, we always did alone, just together, we did not play any other dogs then.
  94. We are going to reach the football ground slowly, as you see it was about 2 minutes from our house.
  95. It is not a long way from our house.
  96. And as you see, nobody here in the street.
  97. This is Újpest frequented area, so from here beginning the area of the family house zone.
  98. What I would like to tell you, is that I did not just physically exhausting of my dog, but mentally exhausting as well daily.
  99. Mentally exhausting was about half an hour per day with learning tricks.
  100. We walked for two and a half hours, three times per day.
  101. Morning walking was 45 minutes after that was the afternoon walking if it was summer and hot,
  102. then was a half-hour, it was rather just a sanitary walking.
  103. And the evening walking was the longest walking.
  104. It took more than one hour. Mostly in chill wheater.
  105. And then I would like to show you Toby’s trick video here when we learned tricks and I made him tired with this.
  106. Sit!
  107. Lay down!
  108. Toby,Come on!
  109. Slalom!
  110. Slalom!
  111. slalom!
  112. Slalom!
  113. Good boy!
  114. Good boy!
  115. Good boy!
  116. Very good boy!
  117. Come on!
  118. Back!
  119. Back! Good boy!
  120. Hopp!
  121. Hopp!
  122. Come on! Hopp!
  123. Hopp! That's it! Good boy!
  124. Good boy!
  125. High five!
  126. Other high five!
  127. During this video, we have arrived at that spot, where we play ball every morning,
  128. here is the football-ground as you see.
  129. Now it is summer and nobody is here.
  130. And that morning, and every morning for 3 years ago there is nobody here as you see,
  131. this is a closed football-ground.
  132. On the playground, there was nobody.
  133. Here is the football-ground. Here we were coming then as well, every morning we start here, three years ago
  134. Usually, I threw the ball with a piece of special equipment for throwing the ball, or we had an ordinary ball, which I kicked to him.
  135. And I would like to show you that video, which shot last summer when we played football here.
  136. And then, we could go further, after playing football, we were going to go here,
  137. always remain about 30 minutes to go home.
  138. As you see, New buildings are having built here and here car parking places,
  139. which was not here then. There was all grass.
  140. That's why I can’t show you the exact spot of the tragedy, where was happened
  141. but about we were here, as you see The playground is in front of us.
  142. So we were going here, then Toby was in front of me, and I heard that a woman says that: Come back, stay!
  143. Then I looked back, but it was just a moment when I realized,
  144. that a height of a pony, brown color, bull-type dog was sliding, sneaking into my dog without any voice, overrun, with monstrous power to my little dog.
  145. I would like to show you a picture of the breed of this kind of dog.
  146. Of course not about the concerned dog, who did this attack, but you have to imagine this kind of dog.
  147. My dog was not to give a kind of provocation towards the striker dog.
  148. He did not do any barking, or snarling or jarring what another
    has taken provocation.
  149. Here was happen literally a hunted with this about 70 kg dog.
  150. My dog had not got any kind of chance to escape and either me as well.
  151. As this happened with ambushed, sneaked up,
  152. I could not reach the pepper spray from inside my bag.
  153. I had just a wink of an eye to stood between the two dogs and yelled at the attacker dog,
  154. which of course nothing worth, the dog did not react at it.
  155. It came to us like a tank, he knocked over my dog during half-second
  156. who was laying on his back and who gave terrific sound from himself.
  157. The sneaking up happened with dreadful force,
  158. there was not smelling or to get knowing each other.
  159. I reacted to it from reflexed, I jumped to the dog,
  160. stepped over his back and grabbed the attacker dog collar,
  161. which was a very thin something, so it immediately remained in my hand.
  162. Then the young woman, who yelled at the dog was also outside,
  163. then came an older woman, who was standing freezer, did nothing, not yelled, not do anything, just stood freezingly.
  164. The younger woman tried to grab the dog’s tail and tried to do something,
  165. but did not react to the dog anything.
  166. I kicked him everywhere because of the collar which I grabbed, it was a very thin, cotton collar.
  167. Later it cleared up that it was a flea collar, so this immediately remained in my hands,
  168. with that dreadful force what this kind of moving 70 kg dog could give during the attack,
  169. you can imagine what could I do with my 48 kg.
  170. I was yelling during the whole fighting in contrast to the attacker dog owners,
  171. who, did not give any obedience words or permitted words to their dog.
  172. And the end of the attack, when an adult man run out as well,
  173. I yelled at them, that do something because their dog was going to kill my dog.
  174. Then the man grabbed the dog’s tail and stepped over his head,
  175. then I run to the dog and tore out my dog from his muzzle.
  176. It was literally torn out because the dog’s muzzle did not open,
  177. so I felt that Toby’s muscle of his chest was torn out.
  178. As I looked at my dog, I
    immediately saw that the trouble is big.
  179. He was shocked. His chest was bleeding and his body was twisted.
  180. In my powerless rage and anger, I yelled at them, that „get out of here”
  181. whereupon the younger woman said in fury, that I do not speak the way like that, She can’t help that the dog is running away.
  182. Then three of them were grabbing the dog’s tail, including the old woman as well,
  183. it took a while, by the time she did anything.
  184. Much of You asked me that why did I not lift up Toby
  185. or Why did I not lift up the attacker dog’ legs or twisted his tonsils, cause this was a male dog.
  186. At the begining of the attack, I could not see this, but after that, I realized that It was a sexual male dog.
  187. I may say that I do not think that I must touch another owner’s dog,
  188. mostly with my 48 kg to an about 70 kg American bulldog
  189. and to risk that this dog could tear down my arms or my face.
  190. And there is no sure that after that my dog would have been alive
  191. or this kind of injury could have been any legal procedure ls later.
  192. Unfortunately I have to tell you, that In this situation rather the responsible dog owner is blamed,
  193. because why did he pass through into the fight with his hand.
  194. I can tell you this kind of case.
  195. I know this kind of situation when the innocent owner tried to protect his dog,
  196. and the attacker dog bit his finger down.
  197. There was not legally consequent.
  198. So I can feel that there is no legal certainty for the responsible owners.
  199. And if I passe through into the fight with my hands and the dog would have to bite my hands,
  200. then I am as a musician I would have been unemployment
  201. and do not think so that Toby would have been alive despite My reaction.
  202. When this attack was ended, and Toby was in my arms, in shocked condition,
  203. then the old lady said that they will pay my medical charge.
  204. I wanted to run as I fled in panic in my car, as soon as possible take my dog to a doctor.
  205. Then from a shop nearby, two workers came and one of them was offered to give us a lift
  206. I asked him to take us home because I did not know him, that he was so kind as to offer us a lift,
  207. I did not want him to drop out of his work for so long.
  208. That's why I just asked him to drive at my home, from there I drove in shock to the vet with Toby.
  209. Our doctor saw immediately that the trouble is very big,
  210. Toby needs lifesaving surgery, that's why he redirected us to the veterinary hospital at Göd.
  211. There, they had have already waiting for us and immediately started his unshocked procedure.
  212. Because they could not operate him until he was in shock.
  213. We took him about 10 o clock and the lifesaving surgery started at about 13 o clock.
  214. There was a very long surgery. During the operation, the doctors realized
  215. that the trouble much bigger then we believed before it,
  216. and it looked like at the first sight, as the RTG could show.
  217. I left Toby there because I knew that it takes very long unschoking procedure
  218. and surgery and after that long time of waking up
  219. and then I felt that there is a big trouble and it won’t be good end.
  220. Unfortunately, the doctors said nothing good to encourage me.
  221. Meanwhile, my dog had been operating I went back to the venue
  222. and in the shops where the workers who helped me to went home,
  223. I would have been wanted to speak with, that what does he knows about his neighbor,
  224. who are the owners of the dog.
  225. He was silent, and I saw very clearly that he knows them very well,
  226. but he did not willing to say their name.
  227. He repeated that they will at home tomorrow, so I will speak with them then.
  228. I did not speak with them at all, there, where this tragedy happened,
  229. beeing traumatized speaking with them or anybody.
  230. I would have found out the name of the owners and their addresses.
  231. I knew from the people nearby who live there and I knew that the owner,
  232. who is officially the owner of the dog is the old woman.
  233. I was shocked by this news because I noted to shock that just right that woman was,
  234. who, did not do anything during the attack.
  235. She did not do anything, she was freezing, did not say any obedience words to her dog.
  236. It was very strange that if I did not know about her from the neighbors the name of the dog owner,
  237. it was cleared to me, that they did not want to cover up this dog attack.
  238. So they felt, that
  239. They were guilty.
  240. because this was not a simple fight.
  241. you have to know it.
  242. I would like to say at this point, that this kind of aggressively attack, is life-threatening.
  243. My life was in danger, at least in serious accident risk as I protected my dog,
  244. It is not to remain just in the two of us.
  245. I feel that here the people of this neighborhood have to know about,
  246. what kind of source of danger threatened them.
  247. For example the parents with kids who go here, the playground.
  248. As I had known the name of the owner and her address,
  249. I went to the police station and took my report there.
  250. So fortunately from her neighbors, I had known her name and the address
  251. was easy to read from the wall of the house.
  252. So I took my report, and I found this injurious that we sat there at the police station minimum 2 hours,
  253. and after that, they took my report, they said to me, that this is not a police case,
  254. so this was a waste of time, that I took my report here.
  255. Later I will tell you that what I have already done legally in my case.
  256. And after that about 16 pm I had a phone from the hospital that the surgery was really heavy
  257. and Toby’s respiration had stopped four times,
  258. it cleared out that his muscle of his chest and muscle of his loin was fractured
  259. and his floating rib as well which was pierced through the lungs
  260. and the diaphragm and the abdominal wall was fractured after that.
  261. At the end of the surgery despite this huge operation, his condition was stable.
  262. He was sleeping and they said that waiting till morning
  263. and take a res this brutal shocked what happened with us,
  264. due to I could visit Toby in comparatively in good condition,
  265. to be with him a healthy owner.
  266. But not too later this calling, they phoned me, about 8 pm,
  267. that although Toby had woken up and he cried a lot because of the trauma of the attack and because of the trauma of the surgery as well
  268. but later his respiration had stopped and they could save him three times although
  269. finally, he gave up the fight.
  270. It was a real horror to hear that news, I could not say goodbye to him.
  271. I have never forgiven the irresponsible owner, that such a big hurt what she caused to me with this.
  272. On this day had already found the owner on messenger by an acquainted,
  273. with whom I took the contact and reported her during the whole day,
  274. that how is Toby’s surgery and tried to interrogated her that what happened and why did she do anything nevertheless.
  275. She claimed that her daughter opened the door for their relatives, who did not notice that the dog,
  276. not in the kennels, but it was in the garden and sneaked up from next to her.
  277. I wrote to her, that my dog was dead and I cursed.
  278. You can imagine what horror is when in the morning with your perfectly healthy dog
  279. walking on your routine walk and for the night this dog is dead.
  280. Yes, I cursed a lot, but the cursed is not a category of legal.
  281. The owner said that she was sorry, but for 50 years she lost a lot of dogs,
  282. as I asked her that in the same way as I?
  283. She asked that no, but in such a way that falls out the window and hit a car.
  284. I would like to ask you a poetical question?
  285. What kind of responsible owners, such as this?
  286. If her own dog gave such kind of attention, how can I wait for this, that watch out for another dog.
  287. Directly after the tragedy, I was in shock.
  288. I could not notice that this was happening with us and this was happening now this horrible brutality.
  289. I would like to tell you with this video that please everybody understand that there was not a simply fighting,
  290. not to get know the dog each other and they did not like each other
  291. but here was stone-hard execution the part from the aggressive dog and not equal fight.
  292. With this comes to my helpless anger, because an unmeasurable stupidity caused this outrage,
  293. The incompetence of the dog and the irresponsible from the dog owner.
  294. The formula is cruel.
  295. To give us an American bulldog about 70 kg,
  296. as I found out later that this kind of breed was it.
  297. who, has got destructive aggression.
  298. If you see Cesar Millan or Korom Gábor videos, they can tell,
  299. that this kind of destructive aggression is when the dog leaves in such a family
  300. where there is not packing leader, there is not the dog can trust in,
  301. the decisions bring by the dog, his energy does evolve neither physically nor mentally
  302. and as he sees a leak on the shield so he sees that the gate is open,
  303. he runs out, and who is there in the street, like dogs, child or adult, he let his huge aggression out and kill.
  304. I would like to emphasize that if not we were walking here,
  305. but let say with my two years old daughter headed to the playground, for example,
  306. this is a strong suppose, but the experts claim this as well about this kind of aggressive dog, that, Moreover!
  307. I say better to you, it happened just a few weeks ago in Csókakő,
  308. where a dog attacked a 2 years old girl.
  309. Probably, If the mother was walking with a dog there,
  310. then the aggressive dog attack that dog.
  311. So this situation has to think of it, so my life was in danger concretely then,
  312. so that’s it! This has to be seen for the irresponsible dog owner.
  313. I would like to mention one more thing back to the day of the tragedy,
  314. that next to the shop there is a house and just right then,
  315. an old lady had come to her home with her golden retriever dog,
  316. whom I know them, we have knew each other for a long time,
  317. our dogs play together for years.
  318. The old lady did not dare to look at us,
  319. she seemed to very confusing, she avoided our look and she went home embarrassed and closed her door.
  320. It was unambiguous that just right she was walking with her dog
  321. because we always met each other when we play here and they walked on the other side of the football ground
  322. as they did every time and this place they could see very clearly.
  323. Later I dropped a letter to their mailbox,
  324. in which I told our tragedy, what happened to us and gave her my e-mail address due to replay to me
  325. because I needed an objective witness.
  326. Later I had known that the worker of the shop, who helped me,
  327. I had known from the neighbors, he was the son of the owners,
  328. so I could not call him an objective witness.
  329. Unfortunately, this nice, old lady with golden retriever has not to contact me since then
  330. Besides her, I had another witness whom I met on that day afternoon.
  331. Another acquaintance, whom I had known a long time ago,
  332. who, is leaving here not so far from the tragedy spot, in this street.
  333. As you see, he heard, saw the tragedy from there.
  334. He was outside because he asked me, what did we who this attack happen with?
  335. And I said that, yes we were that.
  336. He said that he was outside in his car and he did not see the tragedy just heard it,
  337. emphasized this very much.
  338. But if we see this place, as I showed before it,
  339. we clearly see that from that place,, this is evident that he sees the happening in the premier plane.
  340. This kind of horror, death rattle who was just earwitness that day morning,
  341. The mere curiosity could have moved the people that they look at what happened.
  342. I am sure that this had already happened,
  343. but then later I had known about this man had a similar situation with his high rage of instinct, similar breed dog as well at once.
  344. Where his dog was the attacker dog.
  345. So I realized that this kind of irresponsible dog owner collaborate,
  346. and saved each other from this kind of situation.
  347. He added one more thing to my case with huge empathy that this is involved in keeping dogs.
  348. I would like to feedback it in my other video.
  349. I reveal that this is not involved in keeping dogs.
  350. In the 21. century, in the city, in the area of the family house, nearby the playground, this is not in it.
  351. Moreover!It would not have to be in it, in as much as we are a responsible dog owner.
  352. Pitiable that the people, the dog owners do not stand up for each other.
  353. They turn their heads away and choose the easier way, the more comfortable way and do not confront the neighbors.
  354. For this, I can say that: Today me, tomorrow, you!
  355. You do not expect anybody to stand up for you.
  356. For those, who not understand why have I been dealing with this yet?
  357. Three months ago happened this horrible thing and asked me why don't I have another dog,
  358. for those, I send the word that they did not live that, what I did.
  359. They have no clue, how is when every night the man wakes with a start
  360. that again and again plays the attack in their mind.
  361. How is living with PTSD every day.
  362. My dog was a family member and there was huge work in it and took years to got this symbiotic leaving with each other.
  363. It is different to lose our pet in this way,
  364. mostly a young, in his best years, healthy dog,
  365. as if the dog is older, or sick and you have to euthanize its or have another kind of problem.
  366. He is not to be replaced for me.
  367. I do not feel that in this deep traumatized condition I could start over everything with a new dog.
  368. I would not dare to walk outside.
  369. This is a question of the future if I have a dog once then how can I be able to do this again.
  370. Because of this, it would have not to happen.
  371. Lots of people said to me, that this horrible thing does not happen twice in my life
  372. For this, I just say that this would not have happened once either.
  373. We were not in the forest, not on an abandoned ranch where can not watch out,
  374. where are stray dogs.
  375. So this is the point, and every responsible dog owner should consider it
  376. I do not wish anybody that night of the tragedy, what I was living then.
  377. This was the day of the tragedy
  378. and what happened that day after that those situations can give edification to every owner.
  379. I will continue next.
  380. That one will be from a calmer place, not from here from the spot of the tragedy,
  381. from where I can speak hardly about it now as well.
  382. Thank you for watching me.