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History of Alphabet (Language of Coins: 3/9)


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23 Γλώσσες

History of the Alphabet. This video introduces the Hieroglyphic, Cuneiform, Hieratic, Demotic, Phonetician writing systems. It presents information as a series of selections from a finite collection of symbols..

References (book):
- The Alphabetic Labyrinth (Drucker)
- Letter Perfect (David Sacks)
- Empire and Communications (Innis)
- The Mathematical Theory of Communication (Shannon)

Image References:
- (Cuneiform Library at Cornell)
- Egyptian photography thanks to Anne Mullier (Louvre, Department of Egyptian Antiquities)

Script Advisers:
Ali McMillan / Cameron Murray / Mel Bervoets

Extra voice footage thanks to:
Feroze Shahpurwal​a