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English υπότιτλους

← (h) TROM - 2.19 Sense of ownership and social status

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  1. [Sense of ownership and social status]
  2. Here is another idea turned into
    a situation in the monetary system.
  3. Many of you think that the monitor
    you're looking at now is yours,
  4. the room in which you live in
    belongs to your apartment
  5. and the car in the garage
    is also yours.
  6. Sorry to say but the
    only prove you have
  7. that those are yours,
    are some documents.
  8. Remember what these
    documents are.
  9. Only papers.
  10. Human imagination
    works overtime here
  11. because not only those who
    "own" these kind of objects
  12. trough documents
    feel like they own them,
  13. but others also
    accept them as yours.
  14. I mean, if you buy a car
  15. the neighbor by the power of
    imagination admits that it's yours
  16. in a same way you admit
    it belongs to you.
  17. It's a very risky deal
    based only on imagination.
  18. You cant own anything.
    Keep it in mind.
  19. The sense of property
    or ownership has gone mad
  20. and many people collect objects
    in their nests that they don't use
  21. or use rarely.
  22. Just think about the decor objects.
  23. Some unnecessary things,
    but things that people buy.
  24. The sense of property
    makes you your own prisoner
  25. since you only own one
    house or even more,
  26. because you are forced to go
    back to those places,
  27. also you feel obligated to
    take care of those objects
  28. which you think are yours.
  29. Most times people are driven
    by things, goods,
  30. and they build their
    lives around them.
  31. I would have been out here
    a little bit sooner,
  32. but they gave me
    the wrong dressing room
  33. and I couldn't find a place
    to put my stuff.
  34. And I don't know how you are,
    but I need place to put my stuff.
  35. So, that's what I've been doing back there.
    Just trying to find a place for my stuff.
  36. You know how important that is.
    That's the whole meaning of life. Isn't it?
  37. Trying to find a place for your stuff.
  38. That's all your house is. Your house
    is just a place for your stuff.
  39. If you didn't have so much god damn stuff
    you wouldn't need a house.
  40. You'd be just walking
    around all the time.
  41. That's all your house is.
    It's a pile of stuff with a cover on it.
  42. You see that when you take off
    in an airplane and you look down
  43. and you see everybody's
    got a little pile of stuff.
  44. Everybody's got their
    own pile of stuff.
  45. And when you leave
    your stuff you gotta lock it up.
  46. You don't want somebody to come by
    and take some of your stuff.
  47. They always take the good stuff.
  48. They don't bother with
    that crap you're saving.
  49. Ain't nobody interested in your
    4th grade arithmetic papers.
  50. They are looking for the good stuff.
  51. That's all your house is.
    Its a place to keep your stuff
  52. while you go out and get more stuff.
  53. Now sometimes you gotta move.
    You gotta get a bigger house.
  54. Why? Too much stuff!
  55. You gotta move all your stuff.
  56. And maybe put some of your stuff in storage.
  57. Imagine that. There is a whole industry
    based on keeping and eye on your stuff.
  58. Enough about your stuff.
    Let's talk about other people's stuff.
  59. Did you ever noticed when you go
    to somebody else's house
  60. you never feel like a
    hundred percent at home?
  61. You know why?
    No room for your stuff.
  62. Somebody else's stuff
    is all over the place.
  63. And what awful stuff it is.
  64. Where did they get this stuff?
  65. And if you have to stay over night
    at someone's house you know unexpectedly
  66. and they give you a little room to sleep
    that they don't use that often.
  67. Someone died in here eleven years ago?
  68. And they haven't moved any of his stuff.
  69. Or wherever they give you to sleep,
    usually right here at the bed
  70. there is a dresser and there is never
    any room on the dresser for your stuff.
  71. Someone's shit is on the dresser.
  72. Have you noticed that their stuff is shit
    and your shit is stuff?
  73. Now sometimes you go on vacation.
    You gotta bring some of your stuff with you.
  74. You cant bring all your stuff.
  75. Just the stuff you really like.
  76. The stuff that fits you well that month.

  77. Lets say you gonna go to Honolulu.
    You gonna go all the way to Honolulu.
  78. You gonna have to take two big bags of stuff.
  79. Plus you carry on stuff.
    Plus the stuff in your pockets.
  80. You go al the way to Honolulu
    and when you get into your hotel room
  81. and you start to put away all your stuff.
    That's the first thing we do in a hotel room
  82. is to put away your stuff.
  83. Hey we got more places
    than we've got stuff.
  84. We gonna have to buy more stuff.
  85. And you put all your stuff away and you
    know that you are thousands of miles form home
  86. and you don't feel quite ease
    but you know that you must be OK
  87. because you do have
    some of your stuff with you.
  88. And you relax in Honolulu on that basis...
  89. That's when your friend
    from Maui calls and says...
  90. Hey why don't you come
    over to Maui for the weekend.
  91. Spend a couple of nights over here.
  92. Of shit, noo...
  93. Now what stuff do you bring?
  94. Right. You've gotta bring an
    even smaller version of your stuff.
  95. Just enough stuff for
    a weekend on Maui.
  96. And you get over... And you
    are really spread out now.
  97. You've got shit all over the world.
  98. You've got stuff a t home,
    stuff in the storage, stuff in Honolulu,
  99. stuff in Maui, stuff in your pockets.
  100. Supply lines are getting
    longer and harder to maintain.
  101. The sense of property is normal
    for the monetary system
  102. which by nature is
    based on consumption.
  103. The hallucinating part is represented
    by those who admit parts of the earth
  104. as their own.
  105. Countries, cities, gardens, lands,
    private beaches, plantations
  106. are considered as being properties.
    As belongings to someone.
  107. And all in the same system that provides
    some papers with a old language attached
  108. as the only evidence all based on imagination.
  109. The sense of property makes
    you care about certain objects
  110. and when other take those objects
    from you it creates a conflict.
  111. Because the monetary system
    is based on this consumption
  112. it doesn't offer any
    such object for free
  113. even though it's
    never owned anything.
  114. Trough the sense of property
    many people own objects they don't need
  115. that others could benefit from
    or even objects they seldom use.
  116. But an exchange is not possible
    in the monetary system
  117. without any submission
    from one of the two parties.
  118. The sense of property is developed
    by the desire of consumption
  119. perpetuated by the monetary system.
  120. Social status is another imagination
    and it's directly related to the sense of property.
  121. People imagine that they climb an imaginary
    ladder when they buy certain objects,
  122. when they complete a college course
    or have a job.
  123. It's a fantasy that can only exist in system
    that constantly wants competitive consumers.
  124. Remember. No matter that you have
    five cars, houses, expensive watches,
  125. gold, money. You are doctor, lawyer,
    teacher, mechanic, salesman.
  126. All are just imagination.
    Only that.
  127. All are just some extension of the human being.
  128. Like technology or information.
  129. Technology seen in objects
    and information in education.
  130. You are a human being who
    has access to a certain technology.
  131. House, car, television,
    computer, and certain information.
  132. School, college, experience,
    books, teachings etc.
  133. Only that.
  134. Non of this makes you better
    than another human being
  135. especially in an unjust system.
  136. When they say all men
    are created equal, that bothers me.
  137. I told you. Some are thin, some are heavy,
    some have better eye sight then others.
  138. I don't know what that means.
  139. But I think they are trying to tell equal
    opportunity and I know that doesn't exist.
  140. If you don't have the money into college
  141. the words equal opportunities
    mean nothing.
  142. So all I've been hearing about
    in this country is our differences.
  143. That's all the media and the
    politicians are ever talking about.
  144. The things that separate us.
  145. Things that makes us
    different from one another.
  146. That's the way the ruling
    class operates in any society.
  147. They try to divide
    the rest of the people.
  148. They keep the lower and the middle
    classes fighting with each other
  149. so that they, the rich could
    run off with all the fucking money.
  150. Fairly simple thing happens to work.
  151. You know, anything different.
    That's what they gonna talk about.
  152. Race, religion, ethnic and national
    background, jobs, income, education,
  153. social status, sexuality.
  154. Anything they can do is keep
    us fighting with each other
  155. so that they can keep going to the bank.
  156. You know, I describe the economic
    and social classes in this country?
  157. The upper class keeps all of the
    money, pays non of the taxes.
  158. The middle class pays all of
    the taxes, does all of the work.
  159. The poor are there, just to scare
    the shit out of the middle class.
  160. Keep on showing
    out on those jobs!
  161. The monetary system has created
    a race trough this social ladder
  162. and it's strange that no one
    asks what is the ultimate price.
  163. For what is this fight and what
    is the purpose of this race?
  164. Now my grandmother was a wonderful person.
  165. She taught me how to play
    the game Monopoly.
  166. She understood that the name
    of the game is to acquire.
  167. She would accumulate everything
    she could and eventually
  168. she became the master or the board.
  169. And eventually every time
    she would take my last dollar
  170. and I would quit in utter defeat.
  171. And then she would always
    say the same thing to me.
  172. She looked at me and said.
  173. One day you'll learn
    to play the game.
  174. One summer i played the game of Monopoly
    with a neighbor almost every day.
  175. All day long. We played
    Monopoly for hours.
  176. And that summer I learned
    to play the game.
  177. I came to understanding that
    the only way to win is
  178. to make a total
    commitment to acquisition.
  179. I came to understand that money and
    possessions that's the way to keep score.
  180. And by the end of that summer
    I was more ruthless than my grandmother.
  181. I was ready to bend the rules
    if I had to to win that game.
  182. And I sat down with
    her to play that fall.
  183. I took everything she had.
  184. I destroyed her financially
    and psychologically.
  185. I watched here give here last dollar
    and quit in utter defeat.
  186. And the she had one
    more thing to teach me.
  187. Then she said.
  188. Now it all goes back in the box.
  189. All those houses and hotels.
  190. All the railroads
    and utility companies.
  191. All that property and
    all that wonderful money.
  192. Now it all goes back in the box.
  193. I didn't want it
    to go back in the box!
  194. No she said.
    None of those were really yours.
  195. You got all heated up
    about it for a while.
  196. But it was around a long time
    before you sat down at the board ...
  197. and it will be here after you're gone,
    "players come, players go"
  198. but it all goes back in the box
  199. Houses and cars...
  200. titles and clothes...
  201. ...even your body".
  202. Because the fact is that everything
    I clutch and consume and hoard...
  203. is going to go back in the box
    and I'm going to lose it all.
  204. So you have to ask yourself...
  205. when you finally get
    the ultimate promotion,
  206. when you have made
    the ultimate purchase ...
  207. when you buy
    the ultimate home ...
  208. when you have stored up financial
    security and climbed the ladder of success
  209. to the highest rung you
    can possibly climb it,
  210. and the thrill wears off ...
  211. "and it will wear off" ...
  212. then what?
  213. How far do you have to
    walk down that road
  214. before you see where it leads?
  215. Surely you understand
    it will never be enough.
  216. So you have to ask yourself the question:
  217. What matters?
  218. [ Alternative Solutions ]
  219. [ 1) Abundance of goods and services / 2) Education ]
  220. To remove
    this social race
  221. you must get rid of the
    inequality between people
  222. through producing an abundance
    of goods and services,
  223. so no one would
    hold anything
  224. but only would use
    these objects or services.
  225. In fact if there was an
    abundance of goods and services
  226. we wouldn't need currency,
  227. it won't be necessary,
  228. and so there would be fewer jobs
  229. and through education the people would get rid
    of the feeling of competition and arrogance.
  230. It's really hilarious to see
    how human beings are their own prisoners
  231. through pure imagination.
  232. It is strange how humans
    behave like photocopiers,
  233. once they have established
    perceptions about their world
  234. they perpetuate those perceptions
    and resist any change to them.
  235. You are not an intelligent life form
  236. if you trap yourself with technology
    and information that you created.