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Entrevistamos a Paco de Lucía con motivo del lanzamiento de su disco "Luzia".
Report, Paco de Lucía`s album "Luzia".

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  1. [Drums Sounds]
  2. " G Music Report"
  3. Paco de Lucia:
  4. This album is a tribute to my mother
  5. it was recorded
  6. while my mother was ill in the hospital for six months
  7. every single morning I visited her
  8. during the day i was with her and later in the day and at night I would compose
  9. This album is impregnated
  10. of those painful feelings, seeing how my mother was leaving
  11. And I also told her once
  12. that this album will be dadicated to her, which made her very happy
  13. She gave me the most beautiful smile, a smile I would never forget
  14. and that is a good razon to dedicate the album Luzia with a "Z" because
  15. It is important for me to clarify my mothers Portuguese origins
  16. in Portuguese Luzia is spelled with a "Z"
  17. So this album is definetly a full tribute to her.
  18. There is also a song that is dedicated to Camaron
  19. but the album in general is impregnated by that painful feeling only experienced when ones own mother is dying.
  20. Every experience in life
  21. Fills you up with diferent feelings and sensations
  22. and the pain when is so deep, it think you get used to it
  23. to the point where pain is so intense but so is happiness
  24. so, in a way I believe that what I write and compose is related with whatever has been experienced
  25. If an intense and profound pain has been felt by someone, it is transmited into whatever you create or compose.
  26. Flamenco is full of pain and sadness
  27. of the persecution of towns and the andalucian marginalization, poverty, hunger, all that.
  28. there are many people that claim to have undergone hunger, but I
  29. I did not experience hunger, my father made sure we did not experienced it
  30. but we were in the verge of it
  31. and I thing that is important for any artist
  32. Each album is like giving birth, it is painful I want to go crazy
  33. I really do. It fills me up with anxiety and anguish
  34. fear and insecurity
  35. I think it is not worth it and throw away more than half of what I compose
  36. because I think is just not worth it
  37. making an album is an illness it turns into an illness
  38. I suffer..suddenly I come up with a phrase that really makes me happy for five minutes
  39. but after five minutes, the insecurities come back again
  40. and the fears and doubts about if this is all worth it
  41. when I could be at the beach taking the sun
  42. having enough money to do that,
  43. but there is something else inside me telling me to keep going and keep struggling
  44. to keep living, to have that fullfilling sensation that I am still alive
  45. and having something to say.
  46. I want to make sure you all know that I dont pretend to portray myself as a singer in this album
  47. it has been almost an obligation, because there are two writings in this album
  48. one, i dedicate to my mother and the other to Camaron
  49. and I sang in reference to the recording so later a professional singer could adapt his voice over mine
  50. but I thought it was more intimate according to the circumstances and the real purpose of the song
  51. eventhough I realize he could have done a much better job
  52. to have myself sing those lines was a real homage.
  53. (guitars)
  54. Guitarists in general
  55. Of course guitarists dont even buy them, on the contrary they copy each other
  56. these guitarists have put me where I am and they know who Paco de Lucia is
  57. that is why I always thing about the guitarists when I make an album
  58. because they are the ones who will talk about it among themselves
  59. and will say if the album is Ok or not.
  60. I am not interested...
  61. there is still much to do with the acoustic guitar
  62. now play the electric guitar is quite interesting
  63. because with the acoustic guitar, you play a note and it dies suddenly
  64. with the electric guitar you play a note and it can last ten minutes
  65. it means that electric guitar gives you more tranquility because while the long note is playing you can think about which note to play next
  66. with the acoustic guitar you can not do that
  67. after one note the next must come quick because you ran out of sound
  68. much more challenging to play the acoustic guitar, it has more posibilities that an electric guitar
  69. in which you can prolong the notes and have time to think.
  70. I could not live without a guitar, but at the same time I dont live while playing
  71. because it is such a difficult and ungrateful instrument
  72. you dedicate all the hours in you life and all of a sudden
  73. one day you are completely fine in regards to your hands, brilliant
  74. you go in front of people feeling perfect to play
  75. and you just cant play, I dont know why, a disaster
  76. It is an instrument where all matters, the lenght of you nails matters
  77. Im talking about a microscopic difference in lenght
  78. and I dont know what is going on but it seems like it is the nail that not well filed
  79. it is quite challenging instrument, very tough.
  80. I dont have a good relationship with the guitar
  81. I dont like it, really I cant stand it
  82. (laughs)
  83. [guitar playing]
  84. Because flamenco has always been a lower category music
  85. maybe I giving it to much importance
  86. flamenco has always been music for Andalusian Gypsies
  87. It played in the caverns
  88. and, I could sum it up to this
  89. I remember someone in my hometown saying "Paco de Lucia" plays the guitar really well, he is a phenomena
  90. And there was this neighbor of mine that said the opposite
  91. He said he knew me so well when I was a young boy,
  92. that my face as full of shit as his home, how can he play well- he said [laughs]
  93. He spoke in a sense trying to say that since he is ours he cant be good
  94. it seams like everything that comes from outsider is better
  95. that is something that happens not just in my country, but all over
  96. everything that is folkloric and autochtonous is not good enough
  97. it is so much more well seen to go see a rock concert even if its a total wreck
  98. than to go see a local folkloric artist...
  99. I dont know why, I cant understand, but it is what it is.
  100. There are countries that do have a much more elevated cultural education
  101. Maybe because they have more money, the kinder has been educated in music
  102. and may be they know how to appreciate those things even better that we can do.
  103. This is basically a flamenco guitar album
  104. very traditional, but also have percussions... Lute, guitar mandolin
  105. Antonio Carmona plays cajon in a Buleria, for me he is the best player of all
  106. and Luis Miguel he plays also the guitar mandolin, he plays very well is a good musician
  107. Tino di Geraldo, Carlos Benavent
  108. and Duquende, a singer that I like so much, he made some beautiful Tangos.
  109. I always be in fusions, because as a Flamenco boy I never went to a School to learn music, I am a self taught person
  110. all I know was learned by hearing.
  111. ...some times I felt I needed Technical skills of music to make a composition less painfull
  112. because for me, to find a chord is harder than a person who has music skills and know how to read the chords and make harmony
  113. And so, I never had the discipline to go to school, I though the best way to learn was meeting other musicians
  114. for example Jazz musicians, people at he verge harmonically.
  115. ...and like I was curious, inquiring I never pretend not to be a Flamenco
  116. not even dedicate my self to play Jazz, my goal always was go to learn
  117. bring it back to Flamenco music and make it grow some way,
  118. and Ketama I think is a splendorous Band, they really make an progression
  119. even the last album was not Flamenco, they move into Flamenco ways to make it them expression...
  120. all of they music has Flamenco intentions that I think is very positive
  121. and like Ketama Band a lot of people will make amazing things
  122. as I said, Why take so long to make an album?, Because the level is too high,
  123. I can not come out with any kind of album, I have to make something really interesting, very surprising.
  124. [guitar playing]