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Jinvun Mirror

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I'm sure you've experienced this before, when on your way to a date or to the movies, you suddenly felt like you had something on your face. There's only one thought that comes to mind in panic: take your legs to the waist and run away. But if it turns out that it's a date with Prince Duke from a fairy tale? Wasting such a chance through a pimple on your nose? However, this situation could have a different ending if you had a compact mirror in your purse. A compact mirror is an extremely useful thing, especially when you want to use lipstick. With a compact mirror you can feel safe. Just find a secluded place and with this handy device you can get rid of pimples in seconds. Always cautious and insured, so go to our partner shops and buy a compact mirror, e.g. from Troika, and nothing negative will surprise you. Compact mirrors are compact, so you can fit them into any small clutch bag or even shoulder bag. You'll always be safe and attractive in their company.

A woman's compact mirror with crystals and an embossed woman's bag can be a gift for a woman for any occasion. They can be easily put in a suitcase or handbag and taken with you everywhere. This is an indispensable tool for women's accessories!

When you open the mirror, you will see a real reflection in one half and a magnifying glass in the other. Each mirror is packed in a company cardboard box and also has a bag/eti, which protects against damage or scratches in the bag. Very feminine and nice gift! Silver flashes and matt, white crystals.Hardened original box. There is a possibility of packing as a gift in decorative paper.

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