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← How to Tune Your Guitar To Double Drop D Tuning (Guitar Lesson ES-022)

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  1. Hi, How you doing? Justin here,
    today I'm going to show you-
  2. how to get you guitar into Double Drop D tuning little bit-
  3. more common on the acoustic guitar, but works on electric guitar great as well,
  4. very very simple tuning again, double drop D means that
  5. we are tuning the two outside strings- the 1st string and the 6th string
  6. down to a D, they are normally at E, so, both strings are gonna go
  7. down 1 tone, now to do that we're gonna play the
  8. open 4th string and play the 6th string
  9. and tune it down until its an octave lower okay? now,
  10. if you're struggling or you wanna get a little bit more accurate you can use the 12th fret
  11. of the thickest string will put that string up an octave
  12. so its the same as the open 4th string
  13. its a little easier to hear
  14. okay, now we're gonna tune the thinnest string down a tone
  15. as well, so we do that again, open 4th string
  16. gradually tuned down
  17. as usual we try and tune up to a note, so now just tune down to it
  18. tune a little bit lower than you know that it should be back up
  19. again you can use an octave at the 12th fret of the fourth string
  20. that's pretty good, Okay now,
  21. nearly every time you do an open tuning you get a need to play
  22. a little bit and do a little bit tweaky, its just a part of the way it is
  23. so,
  24. what you wanna do for a double drop D is play regular D chord, lift-off
  25. your second finger
  26. here we go just had turn up that thinnest string up just a tiny bit
  27. there you have it
  28. that would be a double drop D tuning, very common in acoustic stuff, really really nice
  29. its kind of common one for the fingerstyle and percussive
  30. guitar and all that sort of stuff
  31. I hope you really enjoy whatever song it is that you're going to learn
  32. using double drop D
  33. take care!!