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An introduction to the Institute by President and CEO, Larry Sullivan and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Rob Lehman.

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  1. The Fetzer Institute mission is to foster awareness
  2. of the power of Love and Forgiveness in the
  3. emerging global community,
  4. and I think each element of that simple mission statement
  5. offers us something to ponder.
  6. I'm very struck, for the moment, by the primacy of the word awareness.
  7. That we can quickly rush to the dramatic values of
  8. Love and Forgiveness, but in the primary place
  9. it's to foster awareness.
  10. And that's a very very, I think, beautiful and central mission is
  11. to look for the transformation of awareness and all that's implied there.
  12. The survival of our planet may well depend
  13. of developing this transformative power of Love and Forgivess
  14. that lies in the heart of every human being
  15. As far as the way to proceed in the Institute
  16. I feel as though the first step is to recognize
  17. that Love and Forgiveness are not powers that we have invented
  18. These are really constitutive of human being
  19. and human culture for eons and so...
  20. from this position we really want to invite
  21. a round of colleague, of collaborators
  22. into the circle and listen very hard to what
  23. is their perception and their experience.
  24. I think they can help us round out
  25. our understanding of Love and Forgiveness
  26. in ways that we could not dream in a million years.
  27. This is a kind of collective dimension that
  28. there is a whole invisible community that's
  29. already doing the work and part of our role is
  30. to make that community visible,
  31. but there is also an individual level
  32. to this as well.
  33. When I think of the individual level
  34. I think of the fact that love is always a choice
  35. and requires an act of freedom. We can´t force
  36. anyone to love, we can´t force anyone to forgive.
  37. We can´t force the gates of another person's heart to open
  38. and they have to find the awareness
  39. and the courage to open their hearts
  40. to love and I think that happens so often
  41. today when people can be brought together in ways
  42. on which they are in dialogue with one another.
  43. A dialogue that opens their inner life
  44. to their own awareness in ways on which
  45. they recognize they are not alone in the world.
  46. Being invited to serve in the role of president and CEO,
  47. I think has been a chance to magnify
  48. that invitation to grow.
  49. That´s an unusual institute, I must say
  50. I think that its focus on the awareness
  51. of Love and Forgiveness is exceptional,
  52. but Fetzer has always felt that It could
  53. create a place of permission and convening,
  54. where these motivations that are so strongly
  55. rooted in us, can be also discussed openly
  56. and we can learn how to better Love and Forgive

  57. and how to foster that power at work in others.
  58. I consider it a great freedom
  59. and an unusual invitation to take on a topic
  60. that all of us know is important
  61. but that the few of us get the chance to work through together.