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How the Internet changed me from introvert to extrovert | Nguyễn Lê Đông Hải | TEDxCATSAcademyBoston

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How can the Internet play a vital role in transforming an introvert into an extrovert? Nguyễn Lê Đông Hải "DoHa" was a perfect example of an introvert who was "super shy and unconfident." Back in his middle school, he always came up with the answers instantly but only raised his hand under the desk. He acknowledged the cause for this barrier: the stereotyped and conservative culture of his homeland where people were advised "never step out of your village bamboo fences." Thanks to his first experience with the Internet five years ago, albeit in a super slow dial-up network, he began his transformative journey to become a dynamic, active and extroverted individual who starts his own non-profit organization, studies abroad and engages in international volunteer campaigns. Looking back at his journey, DoHa perceives the Internet as a sandbox where no barriers, stereotypes or prejudices exist. He appreciates his fellow developers at XDA-Developers Forum who taught him not just coding knowledge but their lifestyle and culture. Thanks to their help, his first project as a developer became a success as it got featured on the front page of the XDA News Portal and mentioned on over twenty-five technology sites. This life-changing experience gains DoHa confidence in his potential ability and regard challenges as opportunities to rediscover and enrich himself. Without the Internet, the very usher of his journey would never become a reality. In his remark, DoHa advised that the Internet could be either a Herculean strength or an Achilles heel depending on how we use it.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at