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  1. This is Global Voices
  2. We are Global Voices
  3. My name is Tadeo,
    I come from Mexico.
  4. Daudi, Angela, Nekesa, Sebastian.
  5. We come from Kenya.
  6. [Mahsa -Iran]
  7. [Arzu - Azerbaidjan]
  8. Pauline, I am from Switzerland.
  9. Elaine, and I am from Cuba
  10. Leila Nachawati and I'm in Syria
  11. Elizabeth from Mexico
  12. and Marie, I am German-French
  13. Soy Lully, from Columbia
  14. [Marinella - Croatia]
  15. Nikki, I come from
    United States of America
  16. My name is Endalk.
    I come from Ethiopia
  17. We want to tell you the story about
  18. my friends, my colleagues
    who are in prison.
  19. We started blogging in 2012.
  20. We have blogged about human rights,
  21. politics, and Ethiopian laws.
  22. All of them are in prison.
  23. These are my friends
    and they are all in prison.
  24. Zone9 bloggers
  25. And we demand justice for the Zone9 Group
  26. We want justice for the Zone9 bloggers.
  27. This is Abel.
  28. He is a mechanical engineer
    who worked for ethiopian airlines.
  29. He helps start
    the GlobalVoices amharic website.
  30. Inquire online about the right to privacy
    is not a crime.
  31. We defend the right of everyone
    to speak freely and without fear.
  32. Bloguear no es un crimen!
  33. Blogger n'est pas un crime!
  34. And to our incarcerated colleagues,
    I say : "Your cause is ours".
  35. When they took away your freedom,
    they hurt every single one of us.
  36. And we demand justice for the Zone9 group
  37. [croatia]
  38. Queremos justicia para los bloggers Zona9!
  39. Nous voulons la justice
    pour les blogueurs de la zone9!
  40. We want justice for the Zone9 Bloggers!