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  1. I knew they were coming to take me.
  2. I cried the whole day,
    hoping the car would never come.
  3. But it came.
  4. I didn't even know where I was going
    or who the people were.
  5. My parents simply said
    I had to go and work.
  6. We were so poor.
  7. My mother tried to make me feel better
  8. by saying if I became a Kamlari
  9. at least my brothers and sisters
    would have food to eat.
  10. I was a Kamlari for 6 years.
  11. I was sold when I was 6 years old.
  12. I became a Kamlari when I was 13.
  13. I was sent to work as a Kamlari at age 10,
    like my mother before me.
  14. My day started at 4 in the morning
    when the landlord's wife woke me up.
  15. I worked all day and into the night.
  16. The house I was sent to was
    barricaded with a fence,
  17. and I was not allowed to go outside.
  18. Even though I wanted to run away,
    I couldn't.
  19. When girls like me become Kamlaris,
    we have to deal with a lot of violence.
  20. Physical violence and sexual violence.
  21. I thought I would spend my whole life
    as a Kamlari.
  22. When they told me
    they would help me go back to school,
  23. that was the happiest moment of my life.
  24. If I'm given the chance, I'll continue
    to study for the rest of my life.
  25. I want to be a teacher.
  26. I want to free all the Kamlaris and make
    sure that they are sent back to school.
  27. My parents only paid attention
    to their sons.
  28. They only educated their sons.
  29. But I changed this.
  30. I said to my parents,
    "Treat us all the same."
  31. "Treat me the way you'd treat your sons."
  32. And gradually, my mother and father
    started to change.