JAZZ up your BLUES with this fun "T-Bone Shuffle" Guitar Lesson

JAZZ up your BLUES with this fun "T-Bone Shuffle" Guitar Lesson

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Here's how to play 'T-Bone Shuffle' by electric blues pioneer T-Bone Walker!

T-Bone Walker inspired many guitar legends including Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King and Chuck Berry among countless others (let me repeat that, he inspired THEM!). He was known for his onstage antics including playing guitar behind his head and with his teeth. These antics along with his playing style went on to form the blueprint of rock n roll!

Here, we'll look at how T-Bone mixes jazz and blues. We'll learn the bass line to this song (on guitar), jazzy 9th chords and the simple but killer lead line.

Jazz up your Blues by learning from this influential guitar legend!

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