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  1. During the peak of coronavirus
    pandemic in Sri Lanka,
  2. that is mid 2020,
  3. I came up with a surprising way
    to fill my life with bliss and grace.
  4. A magical mantra was nurturing
    in the garden of my mind.
  5. It felt like all good thoughts
  6. that I have planted in my mind
  7. has begun to blossom
    into something beautiful.
  8. This magical mantra was like a magic pill
    for all perceived suffering,
  9. which not only affected my life
  10. but everyone else connected to me.
  11. Thirty-eight years of my life,

  12. I went on a self-seeking journey,
    finding, who am I?
  13. I went through a conscious dying process,
  14. letting go of everything
    attached to my name:
  15. well-established career as a coach,
  16. a charity consultant,
    hypnotherapist, energy healer,
  17. intimate relationships,
    attachment to family,
  18. 12 years of well-established business.
  19. So what was this magical mantra
    that transformed my life for better?
  20. "Thank you" were the two simple words

  21. that filled the space between my ears
    like a music in my head.
  22. This was experienced profoundly
    during the pandemic,
  23. as everyone connected to me
  24. was filled with fear
    and doubt and anxiety,
  25. and I had to do something different.
  26. The first thought came to my mind,
    first thing in the morning as I woke up,
  27. was, "Thank you."
  28. And the last thought occupied my mind
    when I went to sleep at night
  29. was, "Thank you."
  30. I was thinking, "Thank you"
  31. when I ate, when I drank, when I worked,
  32. when I walked, sat silently,
  33. when I consumed every man-made material.
  34. It was like a music in my mind.
  35. Sometimes I said
    the word "thank you" loudly
  36. even to inanimate objects
    like sun and the moon and the stars,
  37. birds, butterflies, trees,
  38. little creatures in the garden
  39. as if I was greeting them.
  40. When you say "thank you,"

  41. it creates a harmony between you
  42. and the external condition
    under observation.
  43. It helps you to bring
    your attention inwards.
  44. It may be initially just a word
    running in your head
  45. without a true feeling
    of gratitude in your heart.
  46. A word is a sound,
  47. and a sound is a vibration,
  48. and vibration creates energy.
  49. So when you keep thinking, "Thank you,"
  50. after a while, that energy
    start penetrating
  51. into your heart center
    and the rest of the body.
  52. We cannot do much about troubled times
    and conditions in life,

  53. but we certainly can do something
    to calm ourselves during troubled times.
  54. Human mind is like water.
  55. If it gets affected
    by external conditions,
  56. it creates movement
  57. and you cannot see the depth.
  58. This magical mantra, "thank you,"
  59. and the true feeling
    of gratitude in your heart
  60. can help you deal with any life situation
    peacefully, joyfully and blissfully.
  61. May all beings be well, happy,
    free from all suffering
  62. and be enlightened.
  63. Thank you.

  64. Thank you.
  65. Thank you.