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German comedian Erwin Pelzig (played by Frank-Markus Barwasser) about the privatisation of European water supplies.
Taken from the satire programme "Neues aus der Anstalt",
broadcasted on 22.01.2013

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  1. Europe? I want Europe, but still

  2. I sometimes get desperate about it and just now
  3. the French European Commissioner for domestic affairs, M. Barnier
  4. wants to facilitate the privatisation of public water supply.
  5. Water is still a common good, a good for everybody,
  6. but that shall be changed.
  7. Multinational corporations are already standing in line, this is a business
  8. worth billions of dollars and double-digit return percentages.
  9. However, Mr Barnier says that we should not be afraid about the water getting more expensive or worse
  10. because it will all be regulated by the market. The market? Hey, water is
  11. life, it is a human right, it is a common good and common property
  12. and property entails obligations, at least it says so in the German "Grundgesetz" (= German Basic Law)
  13. and using this property shall also happen to public benefit,
  14. this is also in the "Grundgesetz". And if water is no longer public property, but property of
  15. multinational corporations, then we can all guess whom
  16. a market-listed corporation might feel obliged to, to the common well-being
  17. or to the well-being of its stockholders and of the markets.
  18. 80% of Europeans do not want privatised water supply,
  19. but still they want a Europe without frontiers
  20. and without wars and Nazi-shit, they want peace,
  21. they want food, they want water and they want to piss off this water on the toilet,
  22. they want jobs, good jobs, and on Sunday, Europeans would like to relax
  23. in the sunshine, play checkers while cultivating their prejudices,
  24. and listen, if Europe fails, it won´t fail because of the Euro
  25. neither because the European citizens are fed up with it,
  26. it might simply fail because Europeans
  27. are fed up with non-democratically elected EU Commissionners
  28. who, during their visits to knocking shops in Brussels are bought by lobbyists who tell them the markets will fix anything.
  29. One moment! I want Europe, I adore Europe and it is great that there are now
  30. European citizens´ initiatives and now there is one initiative who wants to
  31. prevent exactly that, privatisation of water supplies.
  32. They need one million online signatures until autumn, it will not prevent privatisation completely but at least
  33. it would mean that the EU Commission would have to discuss this topic again. So now I wanted to show the Internet address
  34. of this initiative here, at the bottom of the screen, but
  35. our internal lawyers said that serious public broadcasting stations like ours
  36. must not show private or foreign Internet addresses.
  37. This is neither censorship nor bad will, there are laws about this, but no problem for me,
  38. because there is no problem for public broadcasting stations
  39. when you show cars in the picture.
  40. The problem is solved now!
  41. Cheers! As to water.