VCI Spanish Catalogue

Join our translation team and help VCI Entertainment create English subtitles for our Spanish language catelogue. Completion of a movie = a FREE copy of the movie you translated AND one (1) other movie of your choosing, from VCI Entertainment. We can verify who has worked on each movie and how much, so if more than one person is working on a film we will take into consideration the percentage completed by each. If you only finish the last 5-10 minutes of a movie, that does not qualify you for the free product. However, if two people split the work 50/50 or even 70/30 we will honor BOTH with free product. Team members: Start with a movie that isn't subtitled. We only need English subtitles. Upon completing the process, do NOT mark the subtitle "complete", instead email and inform her which movie you completed as well as your shipping information and what other movie you would like for FREE. We will send your FREE product after your work has been approved.