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  1. [Roaring, rushing noises]
  2. [People] Whoa. Whoa. That's bad.
  3. [Announcer] It's Sunday, and
    the side of a mountain has just collapsed.
  4. It crashes into the river that
  5. runs through the Rhondda Var,
    near Tylorstown.
  6. Nobody is injured, but
    it's only today
  7. the sheer scale of that collapse
    is obvious.
  8. Something else that is clear
  9. is the amount of coal
  10. that was still
    on this mountainside.
  11. Gerald watched it all happen.
  12. [Gerald Durham]
    There was a roar,
  13. and you could see the muck
  14. starting to slip
    from the top area, there.
  15. Within a couple of hours,
    the whole lot had come down there.
  16. [Announcer] Do you feel vulnerable?
  17. [Gerald] Yeah. Yeah.
    With this going on, yeah.
  18. These valleys are surrounded by coal.
  19. They were built on coal.
  20. It's a frightening prospect,
    you know.
  21. If that could've happened
  22. on this side of the mountain,
  23. it would be a totally different outcome.
  24. [Announcer] His father Cliff
    is a former miner.
  25. You look at this landslide now,
    what goes through your mind?
  26. [Cliff Durham] Oh, Aberfan,
    straight away.
  27. Believe me, we don't want
    to see that again.
  28. I wouldn't.
  29. [Announcer] I've been
    speaking to people
  30. on this street.
  31. It's Bryn Heulog, and it's
    opposite the landslide.
  32. They described yesterday as eerie.
  33. The sound of slurry
    crashing down the mountain.
  34. They are just thankful
    that this happened
  35. in front of their homes,
  36. not behind them.
  37. The greenery of the valleys
  38. disguises the amount of coal
    that is still hidden here.
  39. In the 1970s, 80s and 90s,
  40. the land was reclaimed.
  41. But now, there are calls
    by local people,
  42. to inspect all the areas
    where coal was dumped.
  43. [Chris Bryant] We should definitely
  44. be inspecting all the former
    coal tips.
  45. Making sure that if
    there is excessive water in there,
  46. that that is being drained off,
  47. make sure everything is safe.
  48. Because obviously, people
    have seen the horrific pictures
  49. on television news, of
    what's happened in Pontypridd.
  50. People might not have seen it
    for themselves.
  51. It is much bigger than
    it looked on television.
  52. So, people are, of course, worried.
  53. It is one thing, having water coming,
  54. coursing through your house.
  55. It is quite another, having, um,
  56. slurry, and the top of the mountain
  57. coming down through your house.
  58. [Announcer] But, who is responsible?
  59. Who owns the land?
  60. The Coal Authority says,
    it's not them.
  61. The Councils say,
  62. they're not sure if they do.
  63. Who is responsible for these sites,
  64. and who is maintaining them?
  65. [Andrew Morgan] At present,
  66. we are in discussion with
  67. Natural Resources, Wales.
  68. Clears on the side of the hill.
  69. It is the big one.
  70. Rhondda Var is a concern to us.
  71. We have engineers on site right now,
  72. monitoring it.
  73. [Announcer] Do you think that is
    your land,
  74. or Natural Resources Wales' land?
  75. [Mr. Morgan] We are still in discussion
    over that.
  76. Um, but at present,
    we have engineers on site,
  77. trying to understand
    if there is a risk
  78. to the properties, or the public.
  79. Certainly there is some concern
  80. about the moment that happened
  81. and what's caused it.
  82. Is it just water on the surface,
  83. or is there a deeper issue
    within the mountain?
  84. That is currently under investigation.
  85. [Rushing noises.]
  86. [Announcer] This is what happened
  87. after a weekend of heavy rain.
  88. These valleys know all too well
  89. of the histories with landslides.
  90. Now, some are questioning
  91. whether this was a one-off,
  92. or an early warning.
  93. Rob Osborne, ITV News.