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  1. ♪ (music) ♪
  2. (Adam Fink) Everyone knows
    the Giant Panda.
  3. Everyone knows the tigers.
  4. Everyone knows the elephants.
  5. (narrator) But many other animals
    are threatened,
  6. so the Association of Zoos and Aquariums
  7. wants all of us to get involved.
  8. (Amy Walters) SAFE stands for
    Saving Animals From Extinction.
  9. That highlights
    10 different animal species
  10. that aren't doing very well in the wild.
  11. (Brenda Melton) AZA SAFE hopes
    to focus our conservation efforts
  12. with 10 signature species,
  13. that we can develop
    really specific action plans for,
  14. that all institutions
    can get behind and invest in.
  15. AZA zoos have been
    reintroducing animals into the wild
  16. through different managed programs
    for many, many years now.
  17. We participate in the Species
    Survival Plan for African penguins,
  18. and we focus on breeding the birds
  19. to maintain a high level
    of genetic diversity
  20. for the captive population.
  21. We want to ensure
    that we have African penguins
  22. for generations to come.
  23. (narrator) The Oakland Zoo
    does conservation work
  24. with Western Pond Turtles,
    growing the reptiles from hatchlings
  25. so they can have a better chance
    at survival in the wild.
  26. (Adam) It's actually California's only
    native freshwater turtle species.
  27. If we didn't have these turtles,
  28. you'd see an increase
    in the mosquito population.
  29. One of the most rewarding things
    about this whole program
  30. is being able to see turtles that we got
    at the size of a quarter,
  31. raise them up to a few inches across,
  32. and then be able
    to put those back in the pond
  33. where their eggs were laid.
  34. (narrator) And the greatest asset
    zoos and aquariums have?
  35. Their visitors!
  36. (Brenda) Because we have such
    a great resource base in our guests,
  37. we are in a great position
    to educate people,
  38. and let them know what's going on
    with African penguins.
  39. We have two different fishy options today.
  40. The smaller more protein-based fish
    is called a capelin,
  41. and some of the birds love that--
  42. (narrator) We can all get involved!
  43. (Amy) Anything that anyone can do
    to help out SAFE and AZA,
  44. and all these animals that are listed
    in these SAFE species
  45. that are really
    not doing well in the wild.
  46. Penguins, specifically, if there's
    one more major oil spill,
  47. that could possibly wipe out
    this entire population of penguins,
  48. so anything that we can do,
    from eating less seafood,
  49. to using less oil will actually
    really help out these species.
  50. (Adam) An important part
    of any conservation work
  51. is you can't do it alone.
  52. You need to work with a larger community
  53. in order to do the best for the species.
  54. ♪ (music) ♪