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Language as the ultimate currency | Ashley Davis | TEDxBostonCollege

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終極貨幣:語言|Ashley Davis|TEDxBoston College

Words are necessary, and so words prevail. It is common knowledge, of course, that language binds people; however, language is more than just a form of power— it’s a currency like no other. In her talk, Ashley Davis explores the unmatched privilege that linguistics affords across culture, race, socioeconomic status, and creed.

A Cincinnati, Ohio, native, Ashley has identified as an educator for her entire life. In her current role as a Boston Public School principal fellow through the Lynch Leadership Academy, Ashley serves as an assistant principal at the Pauline A. Shaw Elementary School in Mattapan, where she focuses on building stakeholder capacity through culturally responsive instruction and practices. Before this school year, she served for five years as a ninth-grade English teacher, cheerleading coach, and mentor at Match Charter Public High School. In 2016, Ashley's classroom was profiled by the New York Times in an opinion piece titled "More Awkward than a 9th Grader." In 2015, Ashley graduated with her Master of Effective Teaching from the Sposato Graduate School of Education and in 2013 with her Bachelor of English Literature & Journalism from Kentucky State University, a historically Black institution. She is also affiliated with the Breakthrough Collaborative, Minds Matter: Boston, and is a lifelong member of the prestigious Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated.

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  • 話語的必要性,使它無所不在。當然,大家都知道語言將眾人串連在一起,不過語言可不僅是一種權力的形式-- 它也是一種獨一無二的貨幣。在艾許莉的演講中,她探討了語言學具有的至高特權,能跨越文化、種族、社經地位及信仰的藩籬。
    艾許莉出生於俄亥俄州的辛辛那提市,教育家是她的終生志業。目前,她在波士頓公立學校的教育領導學院中是首席研究員,並在波士頓馬塔潘區的蕭氏小學擔任副校長。在小學中,她致力於在文化迴響的指導和實踐下,建立利益群體的能力。在這個學年度以前,在匹配中學擔任九年級英語教師及啦啦隊指導教練長達五年。2016 年,她的班級被紐約時報的專欄評論為「過於尷尬的九年級生」。艾許莉於2015年從斯波薩多教育研究所得到高能教師的碩士學位,在此之前,她於 2013 年在肯塔基州立大學(歷史上的黑人機構)取得英文文學及新聞學的學士學位。同時,她也是非營利組織 Breakthrough Collaborative 及慈善機構 Minds Matter: Boston 的一員,並且是Sigma Gamma Rho 姊妹會的終身成員。
    這場演說歸類為 TEDx 活動,運用與 TED 演說相同的會議模式,但由當地社群獨立運作。想了解更多,請上 網站。

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