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Participate in "Desarrollando América Latina 2014" (Developing Latin America 2014) http://2014.desarrollandoamerica.org/paises-miembros/mexico/

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  1. Hi! my name is Indira Cornelio and
    I'm a member of SocialITIC,
  2. today I'd like to invite you
  3. to participate in
    "Developing America"
  4. currently we have different
    challenges in which you can take part

  5. it's very important you take part
  6. and furthermore, you'll be able to
    make a difference in a variety of issues
  7. that there are in Mexico City
  8. and in other branches that
    we'll also be setting up
  9. for example in Guadalajara
    and in Puebla
  10. you can check out our website
  11. http://2014.desarrollandoamerica.org