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  1. You've never seen a body
  2. quite the same as that of Houdini
  3. slippery like linguini
  4. sneaking outta teeny weenie little
  5. spaces small enough
  6. to fit your talent David
  7. you're not a challenge David
  8. your biggest endowment's
  9. your bank account balances baby
  10. so abracadabra you billowy bitch
  11. man you look like a pirate
  12. on the Las Vegas strip
  13. I'm swallowing needles and spitting out evil
  14. you couldn't escape from a flash paper bag
  15. I'm badder with patter and matter of fact
  16. you can't match all my skill
  17. if you sawed me in half
  18. When I was a child
  19. you were a god to me
  20. I had to do what you do
  21. now you're like a Chinese wall to me
  22. bitch I'll walk right through you
  23. this ain't the magic that you're used to
  24. I float a rose hands free
  25. like it's Bluetooth
  26. my grand illusions
  27. make your parlor tricks irrelevant
  28. the foot of lady liberty
  29. is stomping on your elephant
  30. you failed at making movies
  31. and you failed at making kids
  32. you should stick to what you're good at
  33. and lock them lips
  34. here's a tidbit that might drive you nuts
  35. I bought half your shit
  36. and I keep it locked up
  37. got the slim fingers that were built for slights
  38. you're a chunky stuntman dressed in tights
  39. you talk shit about your hero
  40. that ain't right
  41. but you can look up to me now
  42. I know you like heights
  43. Your hack of a Bob Saget-y act
  44. is embarassing
  45. you're the saddest thing to happen
  46. to Magic since The Gathering
  47. I'm hanging by my ankles
  48. from a crane I dangle
  49. I got lox on my bagel
  50. that you couldn't handle
  51. smash your mirrors
  52. leave your flying wires tangled
  53. and you can't hide shame
  54. with a camera angle
  55. did somebody say Angel?
  56. No
  57. Oh
  58. See what they'd be watching
  59. if it wasn't for me?
  60. I remind the world that magic
  61. is supposed to make you happy
  62. while you waste time
  63. proving everybody wrong
  64. I'm backstage getting my
  65. supermodel groove on
  66. you should relax take a private trip
  67. to my private island
  68. suck my private dick
  69. I'll summon up a little Halloween brunch
  70. deep fried sucker
  71. with a side of punch
  72. Who won?
  73. Who's next?
  74. You decide