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  1. Hi justin here again
  2. This is part 2 of the speed development
  3. And what we are gonna look up now is hammer on and flickoffs
  4. something you might be familiar with this already.
  5. But Im gonna pretend you dont know what hammer on and flickoffs are
  6. So, the idea of the hammerons is to play one note
  7. and then hammer the finger down very hard further up the string
  8. So , it creates the second note without having to pick it
  9. So, if i play this first note g using that 3 note string scale
  10. without using this hand
  11. I can hammer the note down and you can hear that just by hammering the finger down really hard
  12. I can get that second note
  13. Thats a hammer on!! and its really important that you "hammer it on"
  14. Yeah? Thats the whole point. If you just press on you dont get a very clear note
  15. The other thing that we are gonna look at today is flickoff
  16. Now sometimes it is called a pulloff, but i think it is more of a flicking action
  17. So, flick off is exactly the reverse of a hammer on.
  18. So if we start with those three fingers down and play this note with our little finger
  19. And then flick off the little finger. To release the note onto the second finger
  20. And flick off your second finger and then leave the note onto your first finger
  21. So, Thats the two techniques that we are gonna be covering
  22. What we r gonna do is be playing the scale up and down using these techniques.
  23. We are gonna focus just on the hammer ons first and just at pulloffs and then next, we take then togethar
  24. So, lets get to a close up now and then I will take you through doing the scale
  25. Ok, so here we are with the G major scale
  26. Starting off: we are gonna be looking at hammer ons
  27. Make sure your fingers are roughly in the right positions already
  28. You're gonna pick the first note
  29. Then hammer the next note down with your second finger
  30. Then next one with your little finger
  31. Now we are gonna keep playing the scale now just to get the technique concept
  32. Pick, Hammer hammer, pick,hammer hammer, pick,hammer hammer, pick hammer hammer
  33. Hopefully you can see that the action of hammering is quite really hammering it down really hard
  34. as you can. The idea is to try and get the second two notes, The notes that you hammered on to be around the same volume as the first note
  35. You should be able to achieve that. Do that sometimes by picking a little less hard and sometimes by hammering hard (ADVICE) .
  36. Thats the two options you have got to even it up,
  37. So, what i'd recommend that you practice now is doing each string four times before you move on
  38. And doing hammer ons as well on the way back down
  39. So you do this
  40. Once you have got that fast, May be move it to two
  41. If you wanna just have a mock around one time on each string , you can go.
  42. (Chuckles) that kinda thing!!
  43. That kinda exercise going on
  44. Now we are going to look at flick offs
  45. So in flickoffs we have little finger and all three fingers rougly in positions first
  46. (Pick,flick flick)*6
  47. Make sure you get the flicking motion
  48. Now try and do the four on each one . The same that we did for hammerons
  49. And you do twos again
  50. And if you wanna do..Then..
  51. Just mocking around with it!!
  52. hey, Hope that you all got that cool.
  53. Remember that one of the keys to playing fast is by playing slow ( A GREAT ADVICE)
  54. So,Please when you are starting to do those hammer on and pulloffs try and do it really slowly.
  55. The coolest thing about the fastest guy ,about full on dead metal guitar players is if you slow down their stuff using half speed
  56. Or slowing down machine..
  58. Do not try and learn with your fingers wiggling around really fast
  59. without the notes sounding clear coz that will just sound shite
  60. Make sure you keep each note 100% clear
  61. If it is not clear ,if you are doing it too fast, slow down.
  62. The speed will happen by itself. May be not by itself but probablt with a little bit of help of a metronome(HUMOR)
  63. But generally, the speed will come if you keep things really really clean
  64. So, Have fun with that i will see you in a little while for cycling. I dont mean on a bike!!!!!