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  1. (Music)
  2. Whether in flight or catching prey
  3. small birds live fast paced lifestyles.
  4. Unsurprisingly, their eyesight
    has evolved to keep up.
  5. Scientists discovered that many birds
  6. see twice as fast as humans see.
  7. This helps them avoid mid-air collisions
  8. and allows them to catch dinner.
  9. How does this work?
  10. It appears that these passerine birds
    have traded visual acuity
  11. -- think of their eagle-
    and hawk-eyed relatives--
  12. for incredible temporal resolution.
  13. The world might appear a bit fuzzier
  14. but they can rapidly process
    changes in the environment
  15. whether objects in their flight path
  16. or delicious, quick-moving flies.
  17. This means that for these birds,
    our busy world moves
  18. in very...
  19. ...slow...
  20. ...motion.
  21. ♪ (music) ♪