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  1. (offscreen) What is your dish?
  2. (Derek) It's a rendition of Gordon
    Ramsey's sticky toffee pudding with dates.
  3. [Laughter]
  4. (Gordon) Do you have any idea
    how difficult that is?
  5. (Gordon) We haven't got three hours!
  6. (Derek) Sir, I'm going to get it
    done in 45 minutes and you will love it!
  7. This thing takes months to master!
    Why try that now with such short time?
  8. (Derek) Sir, this is a dish that I
    fell in love with at one of your restaurants.
  9. (Joe) Are you going to try to imitate
    the master, or to reinvent it?
  10. Well, chef, Chef Ramsey tends to
    steam his sticky toffee pudding.
  11. - Derek: Today, mine will be baked.
    - Joe: Okay.
  12. (Gordon, off screen) You've got to
    get it in the oven.
  13. - Gordon: They take 20 minutes to cook.
    - Derek: Yes, chef!
  14. (Gordon) Derek, describe your dish, please.
  15. (DereK) Today, I made a sticky toffee
    pudding with dates and a caramel topping.
  16. ♪ (upbeat, tense music) ♪
  17. ♪ (tense music) ♪
  18. (Aaron) Did Gordon like it?
    (Derek) Chef, I don't know if he liked it.
  19. ♪ (tense music continues) ♪
  20. (Derek sniffling)
    ♪ (calmer music) ♪
  21. (Derek crying harder)
  22. Aaron/Joe: What's he doing?
  23. ♪ (music intensifies) ♪
  24. That... was amazing.
    That was as good as mine.
  25. (Derek crying)
  26. (Gordon) Keep on cooking like that
    and you are going far.
  27. (Derek crying)
    (Gordon) Get your apron on. Good job!
  28. Thank you so much!
  29. (Derek crying)
    (Gordon, off screen) wow!