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  1. [Git Merge 2013]
  2. [microphone popping]
  3. Hello? It's because...it helps
    people find and fix bugs,
  4. and I think it's really important,
  5. and we found out
  6. that there were some people
  7. who used git-bisect automatically,
    using git-bisect(1),
  8. and they got really great results.
  9. Hopefully I will be able
    to show you a slide.
  10. Yeah.
  11. No. I don't know what's going on but.
  12. Yeah, there were some studies
    about costs of bugs,
  13. and, as you know,
    bugs cost a lot
  14. to the economy.
  15. There was a study in 2002
  16. that said they cost 60 billion dollars
    every year to the US economy alone,
  17. and this year there was a study
    by Cambridge saying they cost
  18. more than $300 billion
    to the world economy.
  19. [mumbles to technician]
  20. So, I don't know if many of you have used
    git-bisect, but there is a command--
  21. Git-bisect has many subcommands,
    and one of them is git-bisect(1),
  22. and you can pass it a script, so you can
    fully automate your bisection,
  23. and when you have a workflow
  24. that consists in first writing a script,
  25. that shows a bug,
  26. if the bug is there or not,
  27. and then passing it to git-bisect(1),
    then fixing the bug,
  28. and then committing both the test script,
    and the bug fix together,
  29. it's a very simple workflow,
  30. but some people who use
    this workflow, got--
  31. 40% who used git, and this workflow got
  32. 40% less bugs over one year
    after using git and git-bisect.
  33. And also, they got something like
    more than 80% reduction in time
  34. to fix a bug.
  35. So, I can not show you some slides,
    but, anyway, thanks for listening,
  36. and if you want the slides, I will show
    them on my computers.
  37. [microphone popping]
  38. [Git Merge 2013]