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  1. How you doing? Justin here
  2. In this lesson today we're
  3. going to check out mini
  4. sweep picking arpeggios.
  5. Now a lot of you guys
  6. have been asking
  7. for sweep picking lessons.
  8. I'm not really very good
  9. at doing the proper big really very good
  10. sweep picking. I am practicing right now,
  11. so maybe in the future, I'll get good
  12. enough to teach you lads, but right now,
  13. I'm not. Now, little mini sweep picking,
  14. like what I'm going to show you now is the
  15. same technique and by practicing this it
  16. will help you to develop your proper big
  17. full sweep picking patterns, if that's
  18. what you want. The reason I never really
  19. got good at the big ones is because I find
  20. them difficult to use
    because they're so big.
  21. You have to kind of play, stop for a bit,
  22. then go in to a big sweep, and then get
  23. into whatever else, whatever
  24. licks you'replaying.
  25. Whereas these little mini ones
  26. are easier to use and really good to get
  27. lots of variations of them, so you're able
  28. to use them in lots of different
  29. be they rock, metal, Jazz whatever you
  30. So, uhm, lets get to a close up. We're
  31. going to be doing all of these ones in the
  32. key of A minor. We're just going to be
  33. learning a really basic little shape.
  34. I'm going to show you how to do some
  35. variations of that. And I'm going to
  36. show you how to link it to this other one.
  37. So you can just play the kind of lick that
  38. I just played there at the start. So,
  39. Let's get to a close up look at the left
  40. Don't worry about the picking for now
  41. We're just looking at the notes.
  42. We've got here the 12th fret on the 3rd
    string, 1st finger
  43. 14th fret, 3 rd finger
  44. 13 th fret, second finger, on the B
  45. 1st finger on the 12th fret of the inner
  46. And little finger on the 15th fret of the
    finish string
  47. What I'd recommend is that you spend a
  48. bit of time just playing this now, over
  49. and over again. Don't worry about the
  50. picking, don't start to try and sweep
  51. just get the notes under your fingers.
  52. So your fingers know what they're doing
  53. In a second, we're going to have to
  54. on the other hand, and you can't
  55. concentrate on two things at once.
  56. Ok. Now we're looking at the sweeping
  57. So checking out here, we've got the same
  58. pattern all of the time now. We're gonna
  59. be doing this. Down.
  60. Hammer.
  61. Down.
  62. Down.
  63. Up.
  64. Flick off.
  65. Up
  66. Up.
  67. Down
  68. Hammer.
  69. Down.
  70. Down.
  71. Up.
  72. Flick off.
  73. Up.
  74. Up.
  75. Down
  76. Hammer
  77. Down.
  78. Down.
  79. Up.
  80. Flick off.
  81. Up.
  82. Up.
  83. What you're after here, is trying to get
  84. the pick to move nice and slowly and
  85. evenly through the strings. Not like
  86. doing a separate down pick and an up pick
  87. for each one. That would be wrong.
  88. Try and get it to just kind of glide
  89. You see eventually it's just like a little
  90. to making that motion.
  91. It's just making that one little
  92. sweeping movement.
  93. As with most things on the guitar.
  94. If you want to play them fast, the trick
  95. is to practice really slowly a lot.
  96. And gradually build the speed up.
  97. And this kind of sweep picking is no
  98. However, there does come a point where
  99. you have to try to get the actual flow of
  100. the sweep working. And it never really
  101. works until you just go for it.
  102. So, what I'd really recommend that you do
  103. is practice doing that one pattern really
  104. really slowly a lot.
  105. I mean slowly like...
  106. That kind of speed, maybe even slower.
  107. Just really watch your pick hand,
  108. try and get that motion to be really
  109. Practice it like that for a half an hour
  110. or an hour or something, you know.
  111. If you don't practice that long, 15 mins
  112. every day for a week or two. Just really
  113. try and get that motion so it's really
  114. smooth and flowing together properly, and
  115. then every now and again, have a little
  116. burst and see if you can do it really
  117. It's kind of, you have to have done it
  118. slowly enough times otherwise the muscle
  119. memory won't be there.
  120. But you will find that if you've practice
  121. it slowly enough, there will come a point
  122. where you just suddenly start doing it,
  123. and the picking will just flow.
  124. And that's essentially what you're looking
  125. for, for any of these kind of these common
  126. or sweep picking kind of techniques.
  127. Now as I mentioned before, there are a lot
  128. of different ways of exploring this idea.
  129. Now we've just looked at an A minor
  130. I'm just going to show you up close now,
  131. a couple of ways of exploring that one
  132. If you go, through a little bit more
  133. advanced, you might want to try playing
  134. around with some of these ideas
  135. Let's go to a close up, and look at some
  136. variations that use the same technique in
  137. the same pattern, but slightly different
  138. finger combinations.
  139. So the one we looked at already was this
  140. nice simple A minor 7 arpeggio.
  141. Couple of nice little variations that you
  142. might want to try. One is to turn it into
  143. a minor 7 flat 5 arpeggio. Exactly
  144. the same notes, but this first finger drop
  145. down to the 11th fret.
  146. Now this would work, over an F chord.
  147. Cause really it's a minor 7 flat 5.
  148. Which works out as being an F9, and so,
  149. that's our first funky one to check out.
  150. Now you could always use this same shape
  151. for a diminished arpeggio.
  152. Yeah, 12, 15, 14, 12, 15.
  153. Any of you guys into ?? would know that
  154. one already.
  155. And this one moves around in thirds, so
  156. whatever the finger was at the end, here
  157. down three frets. Goes down three frets
  158. And down 3 frets again. And that's where
  159. you get a lot of those heavier metal licks
  160. So a lick like that...
  161. Down, hammer, down, down, up flick off
  162. up, up, down, slide, hammer, down, down,
  163. up, flick off, up, up, down.
  164. Slide, hammer, down, down,
  165. Up, flick off, up, up, down, down
  166. Ok, so far we've only been looking at
  167. the finished 3 strings, but if we just
  168. take that simple minor 7 arpeggio that
  169. we've been looking at already in A, and
  170. move it over to the next 3 strings,
  171. We end up with the middle part of an E7
  172. Which is of course useful to think of it
  173. that way. You could also come up with
  174. arpeggios on the next 3 strings using the
  175. 5th, 4th and 3rd string. This was one
  176. that I was using in the beginning. That
  177. first lick I played you here.
  178. This is an A minor 6 arpeggio. We're
  179. starting on the note F sharp, but
  180. the 9th fret, 12, 10, 9, 12.
  181. And what I really like about this shape is
  182. that it joins onto the other one we've got
  183. if we go down, up, hammer, down, down,
  184. slide, hammer,down, down, now we're into
  185. that middle one.
  186. We can use the little slide
  187. I hope you've enjoyed a look at these
  188. mini sweep picking arpeggios. They're
  189. a lot of fun, they're very useful because
  190. they're like a little bite size chunk.
  191. You shouldn't have to much trouble
  192. working them into your playing,
  193. and that's kind of the point now.
  194. Once you've learned the shape, you have
  195. to try to work out how you're going to get
  196. into it. Uhm, it's always the hardest
  197. The starting and finishing with these
  198. things because they usually tend to sound
  199. like you kind of playing away. Doing
  200. your licks or whatever and then suddenly
  201. you stop and suddenly go into a sweep pick
  202. and then you stop again and do something
  203. It always tends to sound a bit lame.
  204. The guys who do it really good are the
  205. guys that just kind of effortlessly flow
  206. into these monster licks and then they
  207. flow out again.
  208. I must admit, I must be honest here, I
  209. have a lot of trouble doing that, you know
  210. I'm not really good at that really fast
  211. technical kind of stuff. That's why it's
  212. taken me so long to give you guys a lesson
    on it.
  213. Because I don't like teaching stuff I
  214. can't do very well. But, I made a bit of
  215. an exception here. This is a really good
  216. fun thing to do, you know.
  217. And it's quite a usable little trick.
  218. I think a lot more usable than the really
  219. big sweeping shapes, and uh, I think with
  220. a little bit of practice you'll be able
  221. to tear these up all over the finger board
  222. At least I hope so.
  223. I hope you enjoyed that.
  224. Take care of yourselves.
  225. Plenty more advice and some more hints on
  226. how to use this stuff on the webpage.
  227. Just look it up in the index.
  228. of course, on the website justinguitar.com
  229. I'll see you for another lesson real soon.
  230. Take care of yourselves, bye bye.