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Donald Trump's speech compilation.

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  1. Evangelicals,
    Christians of every denomination,
  2. and believers of every faith
    have never had a greater champion,
  3. not even close, in the White House
    than you have right now.
  4. -I think you know that.
  5. -(man 1) Yes.
    -(man 2) Prayer?
  6. -Let's pray together, may we?
  7. (female prayer) Μother, I come to you
    in the name of Jesus.
  8. (male interviewer) Have you ever asked
    God for forgiveness?
  9. Why, why do I have to, you know, repent?
    Why do I have to ask for forgiveness?
  10. Skillful and Godly wisdom have entered
    into the heart of our President.
  11. You ask a lot of stupid questions.
  12. (Michele Bachmann) I have never seen
    a more biblical president
  13. than I have seen in Donald Trump.
  14. So right now let every demonic network...
  15. You are the enemy of the people.
  16. ...let it be broken, let it be torn down
    in the name of Jesus.
  17. Here is the Republican platform...
  18. And if you don't support me,
    you're going to be so goddamn poor that--
  19. If President Trump is not re-elected...
  20. is the word of God.
  21. ...there is going to be a backlash
    against people of faith
  22. like we cannot imagine.
  23. Where do you stand?
  24. I could stand in the 5th Avenue
    and shoot somebody,
  25. and I wouldn't lose any voters.
  26. I want a man that comes out
    and fights for righteousness.
  27. I'd like to punch him in the face.
  28. The Pope would have only wished
    and prayed...
  29. Thank you sir, for uniting our nation
    and calling us to prayer.
  30. ...that Donald Trump
    would have been president.
  31. I think the Pope needs to seek
    Donald Trump's forgiveness.
  32. -He's a pussy.
    -I think God put him there.
  33. Get that son of a bitch off the field.
  34. Let the angel of the Lord encamp
    about around him.
  35. God raised up, I believe, Donald Trump.
  36. To say no to President Trump
    would be saying no to God.
  37. (President Trump) I don't bring God
    into that picture.
  38. Romans 13 does give President Trump
    moral authority to use
  39. whatever force necessary...
  40. I'm gonna bomb the shit out of them.
  41. You need to sent in $35,000.
  42. ...including assassination...
  43. This book right here
    will tell you how to vote.
  44. I'm confident
    that the Lord is at work here.
  45. He's- He's had a change of heart.
  46. Ridiculous bullshit.
  47. If you don not write that P.O. box,
  48. and you do not call
    that toll-free number--
  49. Write your checks to Paula White Ministry.
  50. ...or you will never see sustainment
    in your life and your dream will die.
  51. Trump is a test...
  52. wether you're even saved.
  53. (humming)
  54. I can act differently
    for different people.
  55. (man 3) Somehow God put him in this position.
  56. (woman) ...and everybody said, Amen!
  57. (church singing)
  58. I am the chosen one.
  59. Somebody had to do it.
  60. (church singing ending)
  61. This is a hoax. This is a terrible hoax...
  62. ...perpetrated on our country...
  63. (church singing ends)