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  1. - Are you on your phone right now?
  2. It's okay, most of us are.
  3. The stream of endless content
    and push notifications
  4. fighting for our attention,
    combined with all the data
  5. pouring out of our
    phones, is overwhelming.
  6. Thankfully, you're not alone.
  7. Here are a few tips to
    help you get the most
  8. from your smartphone.
  9. Chances are your phone's
    name is your name.
  10. That means every time you connect to wifi
  11. or Bluetooth, everyone
    around you can see your name.
  12. Keep it to yourself by editing
  13. your device name in settings.
  14. While you're there, you can
    adjust your app permissions
  15. to limit access to your location details,
  16. photos and contacts and just stop
  17. notifications all together.
  18. Go through your phone
    to determine which apps
  19. you no longer use.
  20. An app cleanse can boost your battery life
  21. and free up storage space.
  22. Once app cleansed, reorganize
    your phone's home screen
  23. and prioritize apps that serve a utility,
  24. like transportation or navigation.
  25. Colors can signal urgency
    or calm our nerves.
  26. Minimize visual cues on
    your phone by activating
  27. the grayscale feature.
  28. Limit notifications by
    saving your favorite
  29. articles and videos with
    a service like Pocket.
  30. That way you can catch up
    offline and resist the urge
  31. to endlessly scroll
    through your social feeds.
  32. Be honest with yourself about why
  33. you're using your phone.
  34. Set realistic usage
    goals with your phone's
  35. built-in time well spent
    features and set time limits
  36. for certain apps.
  37. Make certain moments in
    your day a no-phone zone,
  38. like during work or
    catching up with friends.
  39. An hour before sleep make
    sure to set your phone
  40. on Do Not Disturb and
    leave it out of sight
  41. to get uninterrupted sleep.
  42. A healthier relationship
    with our smartphones
  43. means better sleep, better moments
  44. and better relationships in real life.