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  1. Hello dudes and dudettes.
  2. This is the review for the Boss Blues
  3. Also called a BD2
  4. I have two of these pedals.
  5. One is the original Boss BD2 Pedal.
  6. Sounds great, really good pedal.
    Used it for years.
  7. And then I discovered, another one.
  8. Which is called, the Keeley modified BD2.
  9. Modified by a guy called Robert Keeley.
  10. You can see his website at
  11. He modifies pedals and makes them sound
  12. And the difference is quite remarkable
  13. It gives you a lot more grunt,
    kind of a lower end sound with these
  14. Keeley modified blues drivers.
  15. If we just talk about the standard one
    for a second, it's a really
  16. straightforward kind of a boss pedal.
  17. Boss pedals are really good strong
    pedals, solid metal things. You know.
  18. They take a regular battery underneath
    the lid of the pedal.
  19. It's pretty simple controls on these
  20. And they take a regular 9 volt power
    adapter in the back.
  21. The Keeley one is essentially,
    it looks the same except they've added
  22. a little, I think it's called the
    'Fat Switch'.
  23. It's the little switch that I'll go
    through with you in just a sec.
  24. Essentially looks the same, just sounds
    a little different.
  25. They change various components inside
    the pedal.
  26. I think it's capacitors and stuff if my
    memory serves me right,
  27. but I could be wrong.
  28. Okay, so here are the two different pedals
    side by side.
  29. The one on the left hand side is the
    Keeley pedal.
  30. You can tell, two ways you can tell the
    Keeley pedal
  31. First of all, it's got a blue 'on' switch.
  32. And the boss traditional one has a red one
  33. Second thing that's slightly more obvious
  34. is the Keeley one has this little switch
  35. I think they call it the 'Fat Switch'
  36. I've always had it up actually.
  37. I haven't experimented much with it being
  38. so, maybe we'll have a little look at
    that in a sec.
  39. The three controls on each one
  40. First one, is the level control.
  41. Which as I said before, the thing that you
    want to probably be doing
  42. is setting that so it's the same volume
    as your clean sound.
  43. Unless you want it to be a volume boost
    in which case you'd set it slightly
  44. louder than your clean sound.
  45. We've also got here a tone control.
  46. Which is generally adding more top
    end or more low end to your sound,
  47. depending on what it is that you
    want it to achieve.
  48. And last of all, you've got your
    gain which is how much distortion
  49. you have on.
  50. So that's enough on pedals
    at the moment.
  51. This is just again, my fender teli cast
    bridge pick up
  52. It's a hum blocker it's been put
    in the teli.
  53. And messer boogie express 525
  54. Set on the clean channel with
    no distortion.
  55. So, if we have a look at the different
    variations in kind of color you got here.
  56. If you turn your gain quite low,
  57. You get a bit of crunch.
  58. And then,
  59. -music plays-
  60. The clean sound.
  61. Here it is, just a really low gain.
  62. So, it's kind of, you know,
    a little bit crunchier
  63. it's a really nice Blues Driver.
  64. It's using not too much gain kind of
  65. If we crank that up a little bit.
  66. You're back into having a little
    bit more
  67. Here it's quite bitey.
  68. It's got quite a good level of crunch
    there without it being over the top.
  69. If we whack it up,
  70. This is kind of around the setting
    I normally have it I guess.
  71. It's quite chunky, you know.
    You got a nice, -music plays-
  72. Nice distortion.
  73. Of course you can wind it right up
    to max.
  74. Which is pretty damn heavy.
  75. It's not- it's still kind of bluesy.
  76. It's not like a heavy metal kind of
  77. It's just a nice crunchy blues distortion.
  78. Generally, I've found this to be better
    set lower.
  79. This is kind of the maximum I guess.
  80. Where I think it sounds good.
  81. Tone control, very versatile.
  82. Again, if we wind it right up,
  83. it's really crunchy and really bright.
  84. Wind it back the other way.
  85. All that top end disappeared,
  86. so it doesn't
    tend to sound quite so nice there.
  87. It's not bad.
  88. Either side of 12 o'clock is
    not bad.
  89. tend to prefer on the brighter side.
  90. Maybe it's because my hearing has gone a
  91. But otherwise, tend to have my guitar
    sounds a little brighter than normal.
  92. That's kind of where you're looking
    at there.
  93. Somewhere between say 10 o'clock and 2
    o'clock would be the normal kind
  94. of settings for your tone control in
    this instance.
  95. So, if we just
    -music plays-
  96. Just have a flick of that switch now on
    the Keely one.
  97. Not a whole heap of difference.
  98. Seems just a little touch fatter here
  99. with the uh.
    -music plays-
  100. Seems to be affecting the kinda upper mid
    range a little bit.
  101. But it's, yeah.
  102. Generally I've always just had that
    switch up if you've got the Keely one.
  103. Okay, so if you haven't got the Keely
  104. what's going on?
  105. So, basically, the pedal's gonna be
    pretty much the same.
  106. -music plays-
  107. So, if I turn it off now.
  108. Turn the Keely one back on
  109. And back again.
  110. The regular boss one is kind of,
    I'd describe it as being slightly
  111. thinner.
  112. It doesn't have quite the same
    amount of grunt as the Keeley one has.
  113. So, this is for me, quite a preferred kind
    of, they call it a mod.
  114. Yeah, a modification of the pedal.
  115. So, but I still think this is a great
  116. It's got all the same thing
  117. You can run the gain low
  118. Sorry, that was the wrong
    control there.
  119. You can turn the gain down low
    and get the -music plays
  120. Off.
    With a little bit of crunch.
  121. Turn the level up a little bit actually.
  122. Or you can run it up again up around the
    sound or something.
  123. Gain back down a bit.
  124. Often, as you turn the gain up,
    you've got to turn the level down
  125. to keep it at the same volume.
  126. If we wind it right up, you know,
    go into the full thing.
  127. -music plays-
  128. You know, it's got a pretty decent
    kind of proper level of distortion there
  129. with the old blues driver.
  130. Now, just one little find
  131. so, both of these, great pedals.
  132. I prefer the Keeley modified one.
  133. But you know, the plain Boss Blues Driver
  134. if you're looking for a first distortion
  135. is a really good one.
  136. Just a cool little trick for you that
    you might like.
  137. If you put your pedals
    quite close together like that,
  138. a common trick is to have
  139. say, one with quite low level gain
  140. So as being, you kind of hear,
  141. -music plays-
  142. Your rhythm sound if you like.
  143. And then another one,
  144. Off.
  145. -Music plays-
  146. As being your lead sound.
  147. So, if you put your foot down on the
    two of them at the same time
  148. of course it turns one on and one off
  149. So, you'd have your rhythm.
  150. Jump on them both at the same time.
  151. And then,
    -music plays-
  152. Back off we go.
  153. And you're back to your rhythm sound again
  154. So, that's a cool little trick
  155. If you get a couple of this boss style
  156. with the two things together.
  157. That's a really nifty little trick.
  158. Definitely worth checking out.
  159. Both of these are running on batteries
    at the moment.
  160. But of course, they both have the
  161. the little thing, space in the top there
  162. For you to plug your 9 volt power
    adapter in
  163. which is definitely a good idea.
  164. And my phone is ringing, so I'm going to
    have to go answer that now.
  165. But uh, yeah. Hopefully that gives you
  166. a good look
    at your Boss Blues Driver Pedal.
  167. I hope you enjoyed my little review of
    the boss blues driver
  168. and the Keeley modified boss blues
  169. Don't forget to check out the website
    where I give you links to
  170. all the manufacturers.
  171. And loads more info about gear
  172. and playing, and stuff.
  173. You know, discouraged. I'm sure you've
    been there.
  174. If you haven't, you should go and
    check it out!
  175. I'll see you soon for another pedal review
  176. See ya.