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  1. I'm sorry if someone already asked you, how did you play soccer? I mean, what level of your team?
  2. My high school team lost in the semifinal of prefectural tournament.
  3. I see.
  4. Do you have a girlfriend?
  5. No, I don't.
  6. How long have you been single?
  7. For about 4 months.
  8. Oh, that's pretty recent.
  9. Why did you break up?
  10. I'm not the type who wants to see a partner everyday, but my ex wanted to see me everyday.
  11. I see, you two had different values.
  12. When did you break up, again?
  13. 4 months ago.
  14. You don't listen to him at all.
  15. I was just thinking about ??I didn't listen at all.
  16. How long had you date your ex?
  17. For a month.
  18. For a month?
  19. Hana:It's only a month?! I'm in no position to say this, though.
  20. 1:00 How about you?
  21. My last relationship was the same as you.
  22. For a month?
  23. Do you have a girlfriend…?
  24. No, I don't. I'm looking for a girlfriend.
  25. How long haven't had a girlfriend?
  26. In about 6 months.
  27. What's your type? What kind of girls?
  28. I like someone who is attentive around her.
  29. Attentive?
  30. Someone who has common sense as a person.
  31. "Common sense as a person."
  32. For example?
  33. A person who does something everyone hasn't noticed. Even it's a small thing.
  34. 1:29 How many people have you dated?
  35. I had three girlfriends, but I had dated my ex for only a month…
  36. I don't have much experiences about love.
  37. So, I'd like to learn from you two.
  38. I see.
  39. How many girlfriends have you had, Kai?