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Субсидіаризуйтесь — поборете | Ярослав Грицак & Євген Глібовицький | TEDxKyiv


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13 грудня 2015. TEDxKyiv 2015: Імпульс.
Цей виступ про дослідження перетворень в українському суспілстві, висновки та рецепти для успішного й прогресивного розвитку України.

Doctor of History, Professor Ukrainian Catholic University, Director of the Institute of Historical Research. He teaches at the Central European University (Hungary), Harvard (USA), NaUKMA (Ukraine). Member of Univ group and Nestorivska group. Which values influence the development of Ukrainian society, and what Ukraine can offer to the world and itself — will analyze together.

Managing partner of consulting company pro.mova , co-founder of , an expert on long-term strategies, the lector. Univ group founder and member of the Nestorivska expert group. Step from the idea to the desired future of Ukraine, which we really need — a topic Eugene.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at