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  1. When I look at Mehuselah, I think about the tens of millions of people
  2. that must have visited and connected with that fish through the glass
  3. in the 80 years or so that she's been here in San Francisco.
  4. Methuselah arrived in San Francisco
  5. on November 6th, 1938 on the Matson Lines.
  6. Based on my interactions with her, based on her behavior,
  7. my educated guess is she's a female, I'd peg her at around 85-90.
  8. It's quite possibly the world's oldest fish in a public aquarium.
  9. One of the biggest questions we get all the time is,
  10. "How long can it live?" And nobody really knows.
  11. I would guess a fish like that could live a hundred years.
  12. She eats a lot of things. I offer her prawns, cut clams, whole fish.
  13. Her health is good.
  14. A lot of people don't know this but they also like fruit.
  15. So I offer grapes, blackberry
  16. and her favorite is figs, which is really amazing.
  17. I hand feed her, it's just like a strong slurping motion.
  18. They don't have any sharp teeth,
  19. so you don't have to worry about getting bit.
  20. She likes belly rubs, really. It's actually kind of sweet.
  21. In the wild, lungfish are found in places
  22. where the water quality can change quite dramatically.
  23. They live in these pools of water that could sometimes go stagnant
  24. or during the dry seasons, sort of dry up a little bit.
  25. And so they're real resilient.
  26. They are so fortunate in their evolution
  27. to have come up with a mechanism to essentially breathe air.
  28. In their evolutionary experience, having survived as long as they have,
  29. they've got a lot to teach us.
  30. One of the things I find most fascinating about this fish
  31. and the story of Methuselah is it really helps reinforce this idea
  32. that there's still so much more to learn about the natural world.