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Huliganov Reads KJV - Genesis 1

It's the 400th Anniversary year of the 1611 King James bible, and to celebrate it as promised at the start of this year are some reading from the Bible by none other than this channel's flagship persona Viktor D. Huliganov. He starts off this time with a preamble on why the KJV is the best version in English of the Bible and only reads the one chapter - the first chapter of the Bible. The whole Bible, as well as many more religious books, all base around the Torah and the Torah begins with Genesis and Genesis begins right here. The greatest account of how we came to be that has ever been told. There is more to come in later parts of this series.

In later parts there will not be so much preamble and the element of commentary should not be more than 10% of the reading time. Its purpose is merely to underscore some points of the text which are important but which may otherwise escape notice.

I've notices that when anything remotely religious starts to go up on my channel I get a flurry of unsubscriptions. I expect that that will happen especially with the start of this series, however, bear with it if you can - look at it as a relatively painless way of familiarising yourself with some great texts of early literature and history rendered in beautiful classical English, even if you are utterly unswayed by the religious meaning of it. There is something here for you also, even just in terms of general culture.


(ps. The word I couldn't find on the tip of my tongue was of course Midrash.)