Mozilla Festival 2012: building a generation of Webmakers (long version)

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Gathering educators, youth, coders, gamers, media-makers and you!

This year's Mozilla Festival gathered more than 1000 passionate people with diverse backgrounds and skill-sets.

The goal: push the frontiers of the open web, learn together, and make things that can change the world. Coders, designers, journalists and educators joined with filmmakers, gamers, makers and youth from more than 40 different countries.

Together they participated in a series of design challenges, learning labs and fireside chats spread across four floors of the Ravensbourne design and media campus in East London.

Unlike traditional conferences, the emphasis at the Mozilla Festival is on hands-on making and collaboration — rather than passive consumption or listening to other people talk. It's "more hack, less yack."

And a big tent for everyone — including partners, local communities and you — who shares Mozilla's vision for a more open, web literate world.