Legato Patterns with Pentatonics (Guitar Lesson SC-025) How to play

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In this guitar lesson I show you how to use some legato patterns to speed up your pentatonic scales and get some cool licks. I go through one pattern in detail and then just show you another 5 that you can explore for yourself.

Find the related course notes on the following link:

I got taught these patterns by my teacher many years ago, but a few guys have sent me links that the main pattern here is also taught by Paul Gilbert in his video called Intense Rock II. He plays it way better than me too. I'm pretty sure you can't copyright licks anyway, but I feel I should credit Paul Gilbert here because he was almost certainly the origin of these licks (via my teacher). So if you want some more even more intense licks then look up his video - it's pretty amazing.

So I emailed Paul to check he wasn't going to be pissed about my use of the lick. His reply:

"I haven't copyrighted any pentatonic licks, but I do own F# on the 11th fret of the G string exclusively.

Rock and Roll, Paul"

What a dude. So all you kids, check out the lick, but NO PLAYING F# on the 11th FRET - OK!!! Or else ;)

There is TAB for the licks and the patterns on the web site - you probably wanna check that out - will make them easier to learn...

Taught by Justin Sandercoe.

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Have fun :)