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British Airways Food Packaging Rant

Do we really have to be subject to a big lecture on what we are supposed to believe and hold as ethical just because we feel like drinking a cup of soddin' coffee on a plane? Why do airline food packaging makers feel the need to write their neo-pharasaical graffiti over everything we get? It's not like the things are even really free, we paid for it in our ticket price. I don't remember anyone asking me if I wanted to be nagged about sustainable woodlands while partaking of what I paid for.

At the same time as being neo-pharasaical and eco-nagging about everything they can, they of course do stupid things like having composite packs with metal and aluminium containing tiny portions of orange juice. The ratio of unbiodegradable plastics to actual food in these things is criminal. Why can't they just give us the same washable and re-useable cups for juice as they do for tea and serve it from a recyclable bottle or tetra pak held by the flight attendants?