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  1. [Samantha Markle] It's not just me.
  2. It's happening, all around the world,
    to people.
  3. And, these people know
    that they can get away with it,
  4. if they -- or, they think they can,
  5. if they go hide under a VPN.
  6. 'Hey, they won't know my ISP,
    if I do this through a VPN.'
  7. So, it makes it harder
    for law enforcement to get them.
  8. So, one of the things that
    twitter, and facebook,
  9. and Instagram, and others
    can do,
  10. to help law enforcement,
  11. and help keep their
    participants safe:
  12. biometrics.
  13. If you get on your computer,
    to sign in,
  14. you're using face recognition.
  15. Or, your fingerprint.
  16. Or, your -- or your I. D.
  17. Is that a violation
    of freedom and privacy?
  18. Hell, no.
  19. Because they're not out --
    they're out there violating others'
  20. freedom and privacy,
    to the extent of criminal acts.
  21. Criminals are not guaranteed anonymity,
    under any law.
  22. If they're going to be out there
    breaking laws,
  23. and -- and -- committing crime,
  24. you're --- you're not entitled
    to privacy and protection under the law,
  25. of your face, and your I. D., and your --
    no, you're --
  26. I think you have an onus,
  27. as a mature, responsible user
    of these social interfaces,
  28. to be transparent.
  29. You know, yeah -- I'm not out there
    committing criminal acts, and
  30. I'm going to prove it, by
    letting everybody know who I am.
  31. You know, by being transparent.
  32. That's just how I feel.
  33. [Staci DaSilva] So when did you start
    getting harassed?
  34. [S. Markle] So, I started getting harassed
  35. around the time of the
    royal wedding.
  36. And, and -- the moment that
    people knew
  37. I disagreed with some things
    about my sister,
  38. such as, you know,
  39. not inviting both sides
    of the family,
  40. and, um...
  41. the possibility of my book
    coming out.
  42. That was another
    controversial subject.
  43. I started getting threats,
  44. and people would send
    and tweet
  45. photographs of me
    being viewed
  46. through a high-powered scope,
  47. behind broken glass,
  48. with my face in targets.
  49. You know, if that's not
    obvious symbolism,
  50. I don't know what is.
  51. But, it was all
    with the intent to
  52. intimidate,
    keep me in fear,
  53. uh, prevent me from
    releasing my book.
  54. And you can't do that
    to people.
  55. We have freedom of speech.
  56. And, just because
  57. someone might not like
    what I have to say,
  58. or that I have
    a book coming out,
  59. doesn't mean that they can
  60. engage in criminal activity,
  61. coercion, threats, intimidation,
  62. to prevent my exercising
    my freedom of speech.
  63. [S. DaSilva] Was this on
    facebook and twitter?
  64. [S. Markle] Mmm-hmm.
  65. And I don't have an
    Instagram account.
  66. I started one
    several years ago,
  67. and, like I just,
  68. I think I said "Hello?"
  69. I never used it,
  70. but it's got
    thousands of followers.
  71. And, it gets daunting.
  72. Like I can't, I can't
    go, and get to
  73. every platform, and say,
  74. "Hey, shut this down,
    it's not me,"
  75. so, there are so many
    fake accounts out there,
  76. that are out there saying
    disparaging things,
  77. and parody accounts.
  78. Those are also attempts at
    this, you know,
  79. uh, defamation, libel, slander,
    bullying. Uh --
  80. [S. DaSilva] How often do you
    hear from these trolls?
  81. I mean, on your social media
  82. [S. Markle] Um, I shut it down,
    so I don't see their mentions.
  83. Because it got to the point
  84. where they were always
    mentioning me,
  85. trying to, you know,
  86. flag themselves,
    and get attention,
  87. and say horrible things,
    and Photoshop and
  88. create things to villainize
    or criminalize me.
  89. I just thought, you know,
    "That's not real."
  90. And, for people out there
  91. who are bullied in cyberspace,
  92. you know, I want -- I just --
  93. especially young people.
  94. I want to say,
  95. "You really can't
    give that legs."
  96. "You can't give it breath."
  97. "It's not real, unless
  98. you allow it to consume you,
    and you make it real."
  99. Um, so...
  100. you know, teenagers, who
    go through this.
  101. They don't have the resources
  102. to leave their high schools,
  103. or move out of their
  104. and they are very trapped.
  105. And it's overwhelming for them.
  106. And, some of these trolls
  107. have such a large presence,
  108. creating bots, and multiple avatars,
  109. that these teenagers feel like
  110. they're being attacked
    by hundreds of people,
  111. when, really, they're not.
  112. They're being attacked by a few,
  113. who make themselves out
    to be bigger.
  114. Well, that's what bullies do.
  115. They puff their chest.
  116. They want to feel big.
  117. They want to feel like
    they've got a lot of power.
  118. And, for teenagers,
  119. it's often inescapable, and
  120. it results in suicidal ideation,
    and even suicide.
  121. So, they need strong support systems.
  122. Their parents, their friends.
    They need counseling.
  123. But, more than that,
  124. they need to remember
    that these people
  125. are only real, and powerful,
    if you let them be.
  126. It's important to reach out,
    and communicate,
  127. and call them on what
    they are doing,
  128. before they become
    a real problem.
  129. [S. DaSilva] You had to leave
    your home, correct?
  130. How many times
    have you had to move?
  131. [S. Markle] Twice.
  132. [S. DaSilva] Twice. And, from
    Florida, to Virginia?
  133. [S. Markle] I moved from Florida
    to Virginia,
  134. and then, the same thing
    happened in Virginia.
  135. They were sharing my address,
  136. and asking me if
    it sounded familiar.
  137. Um, showing pictures of me,
    behind a scope.
  138. But, it got worse than that.
  139. They were sharing, uh, images
    of me, being seen through
  140. our security cameras.
  141. Or, me, outside, with
    my boyfriend
  142. helping me
    get into my vehicle.
  143. That could've only been
    either planted in trees, or
  144. seen through
    our own devices.
  145. Which let me know
    that I was very hacked,
  146. and I was being watched.
  147. Um, they shared pictures
  148. of my boyfriend, looking at himself
  149. on his own cell phone.
  150. Which let me know
  151. that they had hacked
    our devices.
  152. And, their apps had
    camera access.
  153. And, they were mentioning
  154. conversations that we had
    in our living room,
  155. about money,
    or other things.
  156. And they would say,
  157. "Hey, what about that
    thousand dollars?"
  158. So, they were
  159. to not only stalking,
  160. but hacking.
  161. For someone like me...
  162. I'm a counselor,
  163. I'm pretty intelligent,
  164. you know, I think
    I can handle it, and
  165. analyze it for what it is?
  166. But, for a teenager...
  167. who is, you know,
  168. going through identity crisis,
  169. and, you know,
  170. has a self-esteem
  171. that is not totally
    evolved, yet?
  172. It can be terrifying.
  173. When you know
    you are being watched,
  174. and everything that you do
  175. is being twisted,
  176. and used against you,
    to defame you,
  177. and to threaten.
  178. So -- yeah, cyber-bullying
    is horrible,
  179. and I think that
    the burden really needs
  180. to be on social media
  181. Twitter, facebook,
    Instagram. All of them.
  182. Um, especially the new ones,
    coming up.
  183. To have strict
    identification measures
  184. in place, for its users,
    to prevent this.
  185. [S. DaSilva] So, you moved
    to Polk county
  186. about six months ago?
  187. [S. Markle] Yeah.
  188. [S. DaSilva] Did you
    want to say
  189. what town we are in,
    right now?
  190. Or would you want to
    just keep it at Polk county?
  191. [S. Markle] Yeah.
    [S. DaSilva] Okay.
  192. Why did you choose
    Polk county?
  193. [S. Markle] It's gorgeous.
  194. I love the lakes,
    I love, you know --
  195. it's, uh -- it's
    a little more central.
  196. Where I was --
    Well, I didn't like fire ants.
  197. In Ocala, it seemed to be
    one of those things
  198. that was just indigenous
    to the area, so.
  199. Um, but I really...
  200. I wanted the happy medium.
  201. Being close to water,
  202. as I was in
    Southern California.
  203. And here, I have it,
    without the smog.
  204. But, I have family here,
  205. and I love the people here.
  206. So, I'm staying.
  207. [S. DaSilva] Okay.
  208. And, you moved about
    six months ago.
  209. And, this summer,
  210. you filed a complaint
    with the sheriff's office.
  211. Why did you do that?
  212. [S. Markle] Because,
  213. I was being
    stalked and harassed.
  214. Um, my boyfriend
    got a ticket
  215. for a tail light
    on a trailer, being out.
  216. And, it was supposed
    to stay confidential.
  217. But, the address
    on that ticket
  218. was somehow released,
  219. trolls were able to comb through
  220. courthouse computer databases.
  221. The problem with that is,
    that, you know --
  222. yeah, some court records
    are private,
  223. but it wasn't in the news.
  224. And, I was having my
    identity and my location
  225. protected by a real estate
  226. under the circumstances.
  227. [S. DaSilva] Can we just
    take that time code down?
  228. Because she said the address,
  229. and we did want to
    put this interview online?
  230. So, I don't think we want to
    put the address online. Correct?
  231. [S. Markle] Okay. Sorry.
  232. [Man] About 14:56.
    Right around there.
  233. [S. DaSilva] Okay.
  234. Just so, when we go back,
    we can take that out, for you.
  235. [Man] Be careful.
  236. [S. Markle] I know, I know.
  237. [S. DaSilva] Um, sorry.
    14:56 something?
  238. [Man] Yeah,
    right around 14:56, yeah.
  239. [S. DaSilva] Okay.
  240. [S. Markle] Okay.
    [S. DaSilva] Okay, sorry.
  241. [S. Markle] So, so.
  242. They were saying:
  243. "Hey, does this number
    or this street match?"
  244. "Does this sound familiar?"
  245. And, I, you know --
  246. in other words, they
    were taunting me,
  247. with my address,
    and my location,
  248. letting me know
  249. that they were out there,
    sharing it.
  250. They were also sharing, um,
    screenshot admissions
  251. of having my
    Social Security number.
  252. Then, they said, they said,
  253. "Oh, but we guessed
    your Social Security number."
  254. Well, out of all the billions
    of possible combinations?
  255. That couldn't be possible.
  256. So -- you know,
    they were telling on themselves.
  257. And the bottom line, here,
    is that
  258. there is very private information
    that they were actively, all day,
  259. obsessed about and combing,
    to get every little detail about me.
  260. That acquiesces to stalking.
  261. Because uh, uh, you know,
    someone who you don't know
  262. doesn't have a right
    to be looking,
  263. to see if there is
    anything about you in court,
  264. to see what's going on
    with your medical records.
  265. To share your address.
  266. To be direct messaging people
    and asking questions about you.
  267. Unless they are a reporter,
    or they have some valid reason,
  268. for...getting every piece of information
    they can, about you,
  269. and taunting you with it.
  270. Like: "Hey, what about this?
    And what about that?"
  271. Well, who are you,
  272. to ask me "What about this
    and what about that?"
  273. And, to try and spin it,
  274. to villainize or criminalize me?
  275. So, for -- I can see how,
    for teenagers,
  276. that's overwhelming.
  277. [S. DaSilva] Mm-hm. Yeah.
    You talked about the teenagers.
  278. But, has the sheriff's office
    been open to your complaint,
  279. and been taking it seriously?
  280. [S. Markle] Yeah, since we started
    this whole thing.
  281. You know, I showed them
  282. and let them know
    what was going on.
  283. And, you know, I --
    I'm really lucky,
  284. to live in a state
    that takes that seriously.
  285. You know, the cyber-stalking
    and "stand your ground" laws.
  286. I feel really safe.
  287. And it's nice to know
  288. that law enforcement
    is proactive about that.
  289. You know, you can't
    do that to a person.
  290. You can't taunt them,
    put them in fear,
  291. um, intimidate them --
  292. harass them --
  293. and encourage others,
    on a wide scale,
  294. to engage in
    targeted harassment.
  295. It's -- nobody, nobody
    deserves to live like that.
  296. And, certainly not
    for expressing freedom of speech.
  297. Because, you're a journalist.
  298. If you did a report, and somebody
    didn't like something you had to say,
  299. You know...it's really psychotic,
    that anybody would
  300. go to that extreme,
    to suppress what you have to say,
  301. and to make every corner of your life
    public information,
  302. twisting it in a negative way.
  303. To put you in fear, or shame.
  304. [S. DaSilva] And, your reaction to
    the news spreading across the world
  305. that you were the target
    of the investigation for
  306. things you have said
    about your sister,
  307. vs. what actually is happening.
  308. [S. Markle] Well -- and I think
    that's really important too,
  309. because there is a problem
    with aggregate news.
  310. I understand that journalists
    and bloggers get so busy,
  311. and a lot of them, you know --
  312. there is often, on one side
    of, you know, the coin,
  313. there is paid P. R.
    that spins things.
  314. But there is also
    aggregate news error, that happens.
  315. When they see fragments
    of information,
  316. they don't have a lot
    of time to pop the stories out,
  317. and they just copy them verbatim.
  318. Maybe, with extra words,
    and spin it a little bit more.
  319. And suddenly,
    the victim becomes the suspect.
  320. Because someone didn't understand
  321. what "being at the center
    of investigation" means.
  322. Well, it doesn't mean
    I'm the suspect.
  323. And, they didn't ask.
    They didn't bother to ask.
  324. They just assumed,
    and put it in print,
  325. that I was the suspect,
    not the victim.
  326. Shouldn't happen.
  327. [S. DaSilva] So there, as you --
    Are you afraid for your life?
  328. Here in Polk county?
  329. [S. Markle] Well, yeah, I have been.
  330. And, and, you know,
    if you can imagine
  331. seeing your face
    on a bulls-eye
  332. behind broken glass,
    or on a dartboard.
  333. And, pictures of someone
    like Matt Damon,
  334. looking through a
    high-powered scope,
  335. a clip from a film,
    or a GIF.
  336. And, "You can run
    but you can't hide, Samantha."
  337. Those things are symbolic,
    and they are put out there
  338. with the intent
    of putting you in fear.
  339. Intimidating you,
  340. preventing you from
    publishing a book,
  341. um -- which happened, too.
    You know...
  342. "We're gonna,
    if you put your book out,
  343. we're gonna download it,
    and share it for free,
  344. so nobody buys it."
  345. Those are -- those are
    intimidation, uh, tactics,
  346. that are against the law.
  347. On many levels.
  348. And so, yeah,
    it was scary for me.
  349. I am in a wheelchair.
  350. I don't need to feel like,
  351. I am a slow moving target,
    going out of my own home.
  352. Nobody has a right
    to do that to me, and
  353. they are subject
    to legal sanction.
  354. It's just -- that's not how
    a legal, you know,
  355. high functioning society
  356. And, those criminals need
    to be made examples of.
  357. They need to experience
    specific deterrents, under the law.
  358. And, they need to be
    made out to be, you know,
  359. examples of general deterrents.
  360. So other would-be
    cyber-bullies know,
  361. "Hey, don't do the crime,
    if you can't do the time,"
  362. and most local
    law enforcement,
  363. local and federal
    law enforcement agencies,
  364. will come get ya.
  365. You know, VPN or not,
  366. there are ways to
    find these offenders.
  367. [S. DaSilva] What do you say
    to critics who say,
  368. "You spoke out. You know,
    you were vocal, you wrote a book."
  369. [S. Markle] Well --
  370. [S. DaSilva] "You tweeted..."
  371. [S. Markle] But, writing a book
    and speaking out...
  372. you know, my father
    had two heart attacks.
  373. I didn't agree with
    my sister's treatment of the family.
  374. That does not give
    some of these unhinged people
  375. license, or the right
  376. to engage in criminal activity
    against me.
  377. Stalk, harass, incite violence
    against me.
  378. It's like, any of us
    who have fought
  379. for freedom of speech,
  380. whether the issue
    is gender, race, political issues,
  381. just because you say something
  382. doesn't give people who disagree
    with you,
  383. the right to put you in fear
    and suppress your opinion,
  384. by threatening you
    when you do.
  385. And that, you know --
  386. I think that's what
    we really need to make a precedent.
  387. We're not tolerating this
    any more.
  388. We all have to 'agree to disagree'
    under the law,
  389. because if you take it
    beyond those legal boundaries,
  390. and you engage in
    criminal activity, intent,
  391. you know, um --
    intimidation, and harassment,
  392. um, with the intent
    to put someone in fear,
  393. if they speak?
  394. It's against the law.
  395. [S. DaSilva] Do you have any regrets
  396. for anything that has happened,
    since, you said,
  397. around the royal wedding?
  398. [S. Markle] Um...
  399. the only regret...
  400. no, I don't have regrets.
  401. Because I was being honest.
  402. And I've always said,
  403. "You shouldn't regret
    telling the truth."
  404. And, when you tell the truth,
    you know --
  405. yeah, I don't think
    the whistle blower is the problem.
  406. But, if you do it
    from a heartfelt place,
  407. and it's about family,
  408. and it's about
    something you care about,
  409. when you tell the truth,
  410. the person on the
    receiving end,
  411. or who you are
    telling the truth about,
  412. has the opportunity,
  413. but, I believe also,
  414. to say,
  415. "Hey. Let me hear what
    you have to say.
  416. Let's communicate.
  417. Let's have a meeting
    of the minds,
  418. and make things better.
  419. Let's do what's right, here."
  420. And, the only way
    the right thing can happen
  421. is if people
    talk about it.
  422. Silence, as
    the status quo,
  423. accomplishes nothing.
  424. So, you know,
  425. where people were afraid
    to speak,
  426. because of this high prestige
    issue, um...
  427. it's wrong.
  428. Because there's a real
    family issue there.
  429. The public got involved.
  430. They took it too far,
    without saying,
  431. "Hey, they are family.
  432. They can speak out
    if they want to.
  433. It's not really
    our business."
  434. But, they had their
    own agendas.
  435. So, you can't suppress
    freedom of speech.
  436. Or, none of us
    would be here,
  437. and you wouldn't have
    a journalism job.
  438. [S. DaSilva] Obviously, I think
  439. there are similarities, here.
  440. Between what you are saying,
  441. and what
    your sister is saying,
  442. and her husband.
  443. [S. Markle] Right.
  444. [S. DaSilva] About how
    they've been treated,
  445. [S. Markle] Exactly.
  446. [S. DaSilva] In the media, with
  447. false reports, online harassment,
    and trolling.
  448. How do you feel --
  449. do you have compassion
    for them, in that way?
  450. [S. Markle] I do, and I've also
    learned, through this,
  451. that you know, in terms of
    aggregate news,
  452. at one point,
    they were seeing stories,
  453. probably reacting to
    what they thought we said,
  454. or what they thought
    we were doing.
  455. We were --
    it was very reciprocal.
  456. We were reacting.
  457. But, the bottom line is,
  458. there was so much
    propaganda out there,
  459. that none of us really knew
    where the truth was.
  460. And similarly,
    with the bullying.
  461. You know, the people
    that disagree with her
  462. have bullied her,
    to threatening extremes.
  463. They bullied Kate and William.
  464. They've bullied me.
  465. But they have --
    the difference is,
  466. they have the money
    and the social, um,
  467. or the financial resources,
    to protect themselves against that.
  468. A normal person,
  469. like me and my dad,
    you know, our family --
  470. we don't.
  471. [S. DaSilva] Mm-hm.
  472. [S. Markle] We just got
    caught in the middle of it.
  473. But, nonetheless,
    we had the right
  474. to speak our feelings.
  475. [S. DaSilva] There are people,
    I'm sure,
  476. I will get tweets, facebook posts,
    whatever, saying
  477. you even doing this interview
  478. is you still trying to get publicity
    off your sister.
  479. Why are you
    speaking out today?
  480. [S. Markle] I am speaking out today
  481. there has been this really, uh,
    interesting phenomena, of
  482. ...people have always
    demanded their freedom of speech.
  483. They speak out against
    the President.
  484. They speak out against,
    you know,
  485. whatever the issue is.
  486. Or, the celebrity.
  487. And, nobody says,
    "You just want attention."
  488. They're just out there,
  489. exercising their
    freedom of speech.
  490. But because of this
    royal situation,
  491. suddenly, it's all about,
  492. "Oh, you must
    want attention."
  493. Well, I worked in
  494. for a long time.
  495. I am fifty-four.
  496. I don't need attention.
  497. It, it, it was a family issue,
  498. it was heartfelt.
  499. I was concerned with
  500. my father dying,
    without closure.
  501. And, and,
    in our communities,
  502. because there was no
    invitation to the wedding,
  503. it became public.
  504. And the assumption was,
  505. "Oh, you must not
    be worthy,
  506. since you weren't invited."
  507. So, it's not like
    It was a wedding in Ohio.
  508. And, we wanted attention:
  509. "Oh, why didn't
    we get invited."
  510. It's because
    all of our peers in the world
  511. were suddenly, you know,
  512. putting us under
    a microscope,
  513. "Why didn't you get invited?"
  514. And it was some sort of
    character indictment.
  515. The implication that,
  516. "Oh, you must not
    be worthy."
  517. And then,
    aggregate news
  518. started spinning assumptions:
  519. about the book,
    about family members.
  520. And it got out of control.
  521. So, um. Do I want attention?
  522. No.
  523. What I really wanted
    out of all of this,
  524. was my sister to realize,
  525. "Hey. I got caught up
    in a whirlwind.
  526. What I did to my dad
    was wrong.
  527. We're all bigger people.
  528. Let's evolve,
    and do the right thing."
  529. And it takes
    just as much time
  530. to do the right thing,
  531. as it does to ignore it.
  532. And, um,
  533. I'd like to see him
    be able to communicate with her,
  534. before he passes away.
  535. [S. DaSilva] That was going to be
    my next question.
  536. What do you hope
    for your relationship with Meghan,
  537. and your father's
    relationship with her?
  538. For her to reach out?
  539. [S. Markle] At some point,
    when she is ready.
  540. But, you know, with me.
  541. But, with my father,
  542. 'at some point'
    may be too late.
  543. So, you know --
  544. our repeated efforts
    to extend an olive branch...
  545. I would assume, you know
  546. when interacting with a, quote,
  547. would be met with
    a very humble, um,
  548. acceptance, and yeah,
  549. "Let's look at this.
    Let's make this better."
  550. And, that's all
    I was trying to say.
  551. And, if that's bashing,
  552. Then, so, sue me.
  553. [S. DaSilva] There were
    some bashing tweets.
  554. [S. Markle] But that's, you know --
  555. 'Bashing?' Well...
  556. I think a lot of the media
    labeled it as bashing,
  557. like, if I did
    the thing I said about
  558. Harry at the birthday,
  559. "While you're mac-ing down
    on your birthday cake,
  560. don't forget to wish Dad
    a Happy Birthday."
  561. Is that bashing,
    or is it witty?
  562. The problem --
  563. [S. DaSilva] I think
    you called him a wuss.
  564. [S. Markle] Yeah. Take your
    pants back. Be a man.
  565. Because,
  566. the whole family
    was being ghosted,
  567. and I felt like,
  568. "Hey. You know,
  569. you're a man, too.
    You're letting my father suffer."
  570. And, there was no real invitation.
  571. Uh...so, I felt like,
  572. somebody has to step up,
    and do the right thing,
  573. and say something.
  574. I worked in broadcasting.
  575. I'm a counselor.
  576. I believe in communication.
  577. And, nobody was saying anything.
  578. And the problem with tweets, though,
  579. is that you can't hear
    tone of voice.
  580. So, while I thought
    I was saying something
  581. maybe cynical, maybe witty,
  582. people couldn't hear it.
  583. They were interpreting it
    through their own life lenses.
  584. Maybe they were angry.
  585. Maybe they've got a
    negative lens
  586. over everything
    in their lives.
  587. And, then,
    they were reacting to it
  588. from their own
    personal perspectives.
  589. Which does not
    always coincide with
  590. the sender intent.
  591. So, I think that's
    something really important
  592. about social media, too.
  593. And because
    there can be those crossed wires,
  594. and they can be
    emotionally heated,
  595. twitter and facebook
    and Instagram
  596. have more of
    an obligation
  597. to...not moderate that,
  598. but, to keep it safe,
  599. when people's intrepretations
    carry it to such heated levels,
  600. that it crosses over
    into criminal activity.
  601. That, you know, people are --
  602. [S. DaSilva] People say things
    on social media
  603. they would never say
    to someone's face.
  604. [S. Markle] Right! Because
    the avatar, you know, is a shield.
  605. It's a false source
    of empowerment.
  606. You know, in the animal kingdom,
  607. they puff their chest,
    to look bigger than they are.
  608. Well, they can do that
    on social media.
  609. Behind an avatar.
  610. "Ooh, big words,
    on an avatar."
  611. "I've got a flower out there,
    or a kitty cat.
  612. But I'm going to say
    big, disgusting, terrifying things,"
  613. and, you know...
  614. It's...not good.
  615. [S. DaSilva] How is
    your dad doing?
  616. [S. Markle] He's doing okay.
  617. He's doing better. He's, um...
  618. feeling, you know...
  619. I think, more empowered.
  620. This has been...
  621. a growth opportunity
    for all of us.
  622. But, I think
    more than anything,
  623. it's really interesting
    that the royals,
  624. Meg and Harry,
  625. and, you know,
    this side of the fence,
  626. the Markles,
  627. we are all
    kind of saying the same thing.
  628. It is that you can have,
  629. especially with the family,
  630. if there is an issue out there,
    or a social issue,
  631. you can disagree,
  632. but you don't take it
    to the level of incredible,
  633. terrorizing, taunting,
  634. threats.
  635. That's where we cap it.
  636. [S. DaSilva] Your father doesn't live
    in Polk county as well, does he?
  637. [S. Markle] Hmm-mm.
  638. [S. DaSilva] Okay.
  639. Um...I read some articles...
  640. I think you had said
    that you
  641. raised Meghan
    until she was twelve,
  642. pretty much? Or?
  643. [S. Markle] See, here is where
  644. I am gonna talk --
  645. [S. DaSilva] I'm gonna
    fact-check that.
  646. [S. Markle] Here's where
    I am gonna
  647. talk about aggregate news, see.
  648. [S. DaSilva] Yeah.
  649. [S. Markle] Even a journalist
    like you,
  650. and a lot of
    other journalists,
  651. and talk show hostesses,
    believe that.
  652. And I was sitting here, going,
  653. "Wow. Where did you hear that?"
  654. [S. DaSilva] Mm-hmm.
  655. [S. Markle] Because I had said
    in one interview,
  656. "I was integral in her life,
    until about twelve."
  657. I always lived about
    ten minutes away,
  658. she was born
    in our household,
  659. my dad and Doria divorced
    when she was about six.
  660. Still, it was during the week,
    weekends, intermingling,
  661. you know, when
    I wasn't working.
  662. And life was very normal.
  663. For families with big sisters,
    and you know, younger kids.
  664. But some journalists
    took it upon themselves
  665. to say:
  666. "She said she raised her."
  667. I never said I raised her.
  668. I said "I was integral in her life,
    until about twelve."
  669. And then, even interacting
    all the way up through Northwestern.
  670. And when she was in Buenos Aires.
  671. And, even when...
  672. So, to set the record straight,
  673. the last time I saw her was 2008.
  674. The last time I spoke to her
    on the phone was 2015, December,
  675. going on January, 2016.
  676. The last week of December.
  677. So, no, it's not like --
  678. and people said,
  679. "Oh, she hasn't spoken -- "