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  1. These workships are going to contribute to the improvements
  2. and engagement
  3. primarily of youth
  4. such as the protagonists
  5. and leadership
  6. It will enable new learning and new perspectives
  7. this is very important and
  8. we work with community medias, with communication
  9. this helps to
  10. revolutionize our way of acting, it will bring more knowledge
  11. we are also more motivated
  12. and notice that the people
  13. and institutions that care about bring
  14. knowledge... and care about
  15. showing
  16. ways that we
  17. can communicate and show what we
  18. think
  19. our hopes for the world
  20. and for society
  21. we feel the need for capacitation
  22. we feel the lack of public politics
  23. that incentivizes this practice
  24. and is
  25. each factory... it
  26. brings learning. The person enters in one way and comes out in a completely
  27. different way.
  28. with a more wide viision
  29. and exchanges experiences, shares
  30. ideas
  31. this contributes to the everyone
  32. the internet can be a tool
  33. that
  34. in this way...
  35. brings to other youth a
  36. tool that draws the attention
  37. and the youth
  38. normally likes the internet... so it is a tool that
  39. ends up being appropriate and a language that all the youth can receive easily
  40. and he can be used to show our voice, what the youth wants
  41. orrrrrrrr.....
  42. the future that the youth aims for
  43. hence the internet is a tool that
  44. will end up revolutionizing and the internet and the youth have a strong link