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JR launched the participatory art project INSIDE OUT to highlight our shared humanity. Travel with a group of people who packed up their lives and got on the INSIDE OUT bus, crossing the United States to capture portraits of undocumented people and those that support them.

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  1. JR: Art is not supposed
    to change the world.
  2. But art can change
    the way we see the world.
  3. (Music)

  4. So now my wish is ...

  5. for you to stand up
    for what you care about
  6. by participating in a global art project.
  7. And together, we'll turn
    the world inside out.
  8. [Great big story
    in partnership with TED]

  9. Narrator: They had a big idea
    to change the world.

  10. But they couldn't do it alone.
  11. (Voices overlapping)
    So, my wish ... My wish ... I wish ...

  12. And now, here's my wish.

  13. [Torchbearers]

  14. [Ideas in action]

  15. (Camera clicking)

  16. JR: My name is JR,
    I like to call myself an artist.

  17. There are two ways
    of thinking about my work.
  18. The easy way is just -- I'm papering
    black-and-white images on walls.
  19. But I believe my work
    is about connecting people.
  20. For me, it's the power
    of bringing people together.
  21. I went there to do art projects
    with the community.
  22. Now I realize that the community
    wanted to do art projects
  23. even more than I wanted.
  24. And I started thinking:
  25. Why I don't take myself
    out of the equation and let them do it?
  26. So the wish was pretty simple:

  27. we just put up a website
    and you can send us your photo
  28. for whatever you believe in
    or whatever you want to fight for;
  29. we'll send you back
    your photo in large format,
  30. wherever you are in the world.
  31. Every day, I see rolls leaving
    around the world.
  32. The project went much further
    than the places I've been,
  33. and that shows the power of art.
  34. And the Photobooths truck
    is the magic of it.
  35. (Music)

  36. Luana: We're a team of four
    traveling in the Photobooths truck:

  37. Josh, Basel, Jamie and I.
  38. Jamie: To pose,
    they should look like this.

  39. (Laughter)

  40. We are using two of these trucks

  41. to cover 30 cities around America.
  42. Luana: We're just a tool for people
    that want to send a positive message.

  43. Jamie: Step inside
    and take a seat over here.

  44. Once the truck is ready and running,
  45. anyone can come.
  46. Wait for the flash.
  47. (Music)

  48. (Camera clicking)

  49. Touch the screen, take your picture,
    type in information.
  50. In a matter of a minute or so,
  51. we print on the side, three by four feet.
  52. No one is used to seeing
    their face so big.
  53. Woman: Oh yeah,
    there's my funny face for you.

  54. Jamie: The truck has this magic

  55. about bringing photography
    back to the print.
  56. Then the posters go to the wall.
  57. We use wallpaper glue,
    put them up and that's it.
  58. We printed more
    than 300,000 faces already.
  59. And we sent them
    to more than 130 countries.
  60. (Music)

  61. Luana: It's the people's art project.

  62. We don't decide the message.
  63. It can be political,
    to bring attention to issues.
  64. Jamie: I love the idea of using
    photography to promote change.

  65. This specific project
    is to raise awareness
  66. about the DREAMers situation.
  67. Karina Ruiz: INSIDE OUT is bringing
    the opportunity for DREAMers like myself,

  68. a person that came here at young age
    to have a better future,
  69. to come out and give a face to the issue.
  70. Vianey Perez: When people drive by
    and they see a lot of faces,

  71. they're going to get curious
    and they're going to wonder who they are.
  72. That's the face to the issue.
  73. To humanize it.
  74. (Music)

  75. JR: You do think that just pasting
    an image up there might have no impact,

  76. but it does have an impact.
  77. You cannot know when and how,
    but it's worth trying.
  78. Jamie: It all starts
    with believing. Right?

  79. And so, if you don't believe
    that you can make change,
  80. change will never happen.
  81. Even if it's a very small change
    in one person, that's a positive change.
  82. This is not about JR anymore.
  83. It's about everyone who believes
    that art can change the world.
  84. JR: I think that definitely art can change
    the perception we have about the world.

  85. And if we start seeing
    the world differently,
  86. maybe it's a good path
    to start changing the world.
  87. [Be a part of INSIDE OUT