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  1. (playing "Triangles" guitar lick)
  2. Hi how you doin'
  3. Justin here
  4. this lesson we're doing today
  5. is called triangles
  6. it's a pretty weird little lick, this one
  7. it's a bit, kind of atonal
  8. which means, it doesn't really have a key
  9. only it does
  10. I'm going to show it to you
    in the key of A
  11. but the idea of it is atonal
  12. and the reason it's called triangles
  13. a funny kind of long story,
  14. for a friend of mine who had taken
    far too much acid
  15. and really cooked his brain
  16. he really couldn't function properly
  17. and it's pretty kind of sad really
  18. it's not like, you know,
  19. look at my cool friend whose taken
    too much acid,
  20. you know he spends a lot of time in
  21. but we still get to jam now and then
  22. and he did this lick once,
  23. that really just blew me out
    we were just kinda jamming
  24. I can't remember what exactly, think it
    was funk,
  25. and he played this lick (plays guitar)
  26. and I was like, "Man! what was that lick?
    that was really cool!"
  27. and he said, "man, I'm just playing
    the triangles"
  28. and I went, "what do you mean?"
  29. and he showed me!
  30. and it was, he made up
  31. little triangle shapes on the guitar neck
  32. and he was playing them
  33. now, it shouldn't really work
  34. cause it's not musical is it,
    playing triangles on your guitar neck
  35. but, sometimes
    weird stuff like that does work
  36. a lot of Van Halen stuff funny enough,
  37. he's not doing the triangles thing right,
  38. but a lot of times, what he plays
    are patterns
  39. so it's not like, strictly sticking
    to the scale
  40. he's just playing a particular,
    you know, lick or whatever
  41. a group of frets that he likes the look of
  42. that he can play quick
    and the playing it real fast
  43. and it sounds cool! None of us go,
  44. "Woah that 4th note there, that wasn't
    in the scale"
  45. that doesn't happen, does it?
  46. so, part of the reason I'm showing you
  47. this lick is to get you used to that idea
  48. that you don't always have to be using
  49. the proper notes and the proper scale
  50. it's just sometimes stuff sounds cool
  51. and thats okay
  52. you know it's cool if things sound good
  53. and they don't stick to the rules
    sometimes, you know?
  54. so, okay plenty enough talking from me
  55. let's get to a close-up
    and have a look at some triangles
  56. (playing "Triangles" guitar lick)
  57. okay, here it is a bit slower
  58. (guitar playing)
  59. Now, the triangle (plays guitar) is here
  60. it's made up if we kind of play
    dot to dot on the guitar
  61. we have the 5th fret,
    on the thinnest string (e string)
  62. the 7th fret on the thinnest string
    (e string)
  63. and the 6th fret on the 2nd string
    (B string)
  64. (playing the guitar note by note)
  65. if we kind of joined up those dots
  66. if you like, we'd have a little triangle
    (plays lick)
  67. and that's exactly what you play
    in this lick, so (plays note)
  68. 5th fret, (plays note)
    7th fret, (plays note)
  69. 6th fret on the next string over
  70. (plays note)
    and then back to the note, you started on
  71. (plays lick on the guitar)
  72. that's it, that's the 16th notes
    one beat group
  73. (plays lick on guitar)
  74. (while still playing lick)
    down, up, down, up, picking
  75. then you move exactly the same thing
  76. towards the sky, one string
  77. so we're starting now
  78. with the 1st finger on the 5th fret
    of the 2nd string
  79. (plays lick on the guitar)
  80. then we move the whole shape
    up one fret
  81. so now we're starting with
    the 1st finger in the 6th fret
  82. of the 2nd string
    (plays lick on the guitar)
  83. then we move it toward the sky one string
  84. so now, 1st finger is in the 6th fret
    of the 3rd string
  85. (plays guitar lick)
  86. and we move it up one fret
  87. (plays guitar lick)
  88. towards the sky one
    (plays guitar lick)
  89. and that's, were just finishing on there
  90. we're starting and finishing on the A
    cause it kind of gives it some
  91. sense of tonality, you know?
  92. so it sounds like it's, you know,
  93. based around the A
  94. (plays "Triangles" guitar lick)
  95. one more time
  96. (plays "Triangles" guitar lick)
  97. okay, now I'm gonna take it right out
  98. (demonstrates "Triangles" guitar lick
    with backing music)
  99. well, I'm pretty sure
  100. you are gonna have a lot of fun
    exploring this little triangle idea
  101. maybe you could try to make up circles
    or squares
  102. and see where that gets you
  103. it's kind of a big deal this, really
  104. what I'm kind of touching on here
  105. which is the idea of atonality
  106. of not being restricted to
    a particular scale
  107. or a particular sound or an arpeggio
  108. or anything like that,
  109. it's just what sounds good
  110. and that's really important because
  111. that's really what music
    boils down to
  112. it's not about scales and
    arpeggios and stuff
  113. it's about what sounds good
    because we listen to music
  114. we don't look at it, we don't
  115. well, we can analyze it
  116. but we don't have to.
  117. it's just really about what sounds good
  118. so try, you know, and explore that
    a little bit
  119. see if you can try, sometimes
  120. notes that you think are the wrong notes
  121. cause sometimes they might be a good note
  122. big deal, big concept
  123. something I'm gonna talk about
  124. more in complete lessons
  125. not really in a little lick lesson
    am I gonna try to explore that one
  126. that would be a huge can of worms
  127. to tip out all over this video
  128. so, I'm not gonna go there anymore
  129. then I have already
  130. hope you enjoyed that, have fun with it
  131. and I'll see you for another lick
    or lesson very soon
  132. take care of yourselves
  133. bye bye