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  1. The InfoAmazonia Network is a project
  2. aiming to carry through open technologies
  3. a mapping about the quality of water
  4. in the Amazon.
  5. We going to work with a data capture and
  6. some physical and chemical parameters
  7. of the water. This will allow us
  8. to evaluate the potential of this water
  9. is or not contaminated,
  10. and disclose and treat this data,
  11. disclose to the interested people who
  12. will register through
  13. cell phone number,
  14. we will send a SMS
  15. and if any of the parameters accuse that
  16. water may be contaminated,

  17. and from more specific tests
  18. about it,
  19. these indexes will be available
  20. in the website InfoAmazonia Network
  21. when they will be fired for
  22. that network registrations.
  23. The parameters that we decided to adopt
  24. to monitor the quality of water in the
  25. project are: pH, ORP is the Redox
  26. potential of water,Turbidity,
  27. electroconductivity, temperature,
  28. barometric pressure. Are some variables
  29. that worked together can
  30. conclude for us the potential of water
  31. is contaminated or not.
  32. From a point, an analysis that
  33. alleges that water may be contaminated,
  34. a more specific test,
  35. by using laboratory chemical analysis is
  36. performed, thus allowing, for example,
  37. as the relation between the pH and
  38. the ORP, that we tend to analyze the
  39. water searching for fecal coliforms,
  40. so we make a more specific test.
  41. If the fecal coliform test accuse that
  42. water may be contaminated by sewage
  43. Then an alarm system is triggered
  44. by SMS to the community.