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For translations: Please download the original language as a text file. Translate the captions on a text file of your own.

When you come back to Amara, go to the video, choose your captions' language and paste your captions into the spaces.

There is no need to open or to redo the original captions.

If you open the original captions, please do not choose "save" afterward. If you choose "save" while in edit mode on original captions, it will save YOU as the captioner. But someone else did the originals. So, instead, if reviewing other captions in edit mode...Just hit the back button or close the browser when you are done.

While you are working on a different language translation of captions, (your own translated work), then hit save, because that is your work. Just, please don't hit "save" on the originals.

It's considered 'site etiquette' to leave finished captions alone. If you see unfinished captions which have 'sat' a long time, it's 'site etiquette' to message the captioner and ask "do you mind if I finish those?" Because sometimes it's difficult to finish the captions all in one sitting.

Otherwise, if in doubt, please message the captioner, or the team leader, with any questions.

Thanks for your translations.
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