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  1. [TERKEL:] The world of entertainment has come a long way. There are the new inventions and new devices —
  2. and yet the art of acting is still an eternal one. A few nights ago
  3. I was in the movie house in the neighbourhood seeing the film "When Comedy Was King"
  4. and it was recreating excerpts of some of the fantastically ingenius
  5. two-reelers of some of the geniuses of the past not well some of now but of the silent film.
  6. There was a piece of Chaplin, a piece of Langdon, and a piece of Buster Keaton who we're
  7. delighted to have as our guest this morning. Buster Keaton, when I think of you, aside from this film
  8. I saw the other night I think of you in terms of somebody's critics you speak of Keaton,
  9. one of the genius of a silent film. Your approach, your approach in
  10. somebody's film to realize the feature films you did was the man never spoke of course
  11. but how is it done and then there were subtitles.
    [Buster Keaton] That's right -
  12. Or you'll know your lips moved, you, you spoke
  13. and the cutting room is simply run my film through your fingers down.
  14. Don't worry, just got your mouth open on the second syllable did 'Cut' clapping
  15. your subtitles explain 'What you're talking about, man, when you come back
  16. and pick it up just as your mouth was about to close.'
    So that's the way that's -
  17. [TERKEL:] Do you have to say, you had to communicate the audience in only one way
  18. through action, through pantomime.
    [BK] That's right. We eliminate a subtitle just as fast as we could
  19. that we could possibly tell them an action.
    [Interviewer] And you once told me something about 10 years ago
  20. that you and Charlie Chaplin having a friendly contest, who could do the feature film
  21. with the least amount of subtitles.
    [BK] I think Chaplin won that.
  22. He got that one of his pictures of something like 21 titles
  23. and I had 23.
    [Interviewer] This is for an hour and a half film and -
    [BK] Yeah.
  24. 7 reel pictures.
    When we started off with features we had only 5 reelers
  25. but I think around - hmm, let's see,
  26. about twenty-five, 7 reels
  27. became a standard length for all featured pictures
  28. [Interviewer] Thinking about -
    [BK] Another thing to you to
  29. call attention to is the average picture use 240 titles.
    That was about the average.
  30. [Interviewer] 240 was the average?
    [BK] And the most I have ever used was 56.
  31. [Interviewer] 56 and one time you used 20, 23. So it get me think of
  32. you saying something to, like, at this theater, at this movie house
  33. there were young kids and couples who weren't even born, perhaps their parents were born
  34. at that time, laughing and howling and it gives me an impression that
  35. this humor is eternal, at least they seemed to have the hunger for it now that there are so little of it today
  36. It sounds that you're worrying about your feelings as you watch TV
  37. you know some of the gags are repeated, aren't they? different -
    [BK] They have to -
  38. You can't dig the material up that fast.
    I refuse to do a weekly show
  39. because it's the fastest way to a sanitarium and I know that
  40. you're absolutely out of your mind, trying to dig up. Well, I always
  41. try to dig up a new material and um, it is just impossible.
  42. [Interviewers] Back in the days of the silence
    when you invent a gag, a sight gag
  43. had to be for each film to retrieve something fresh indifference time
  44. difference time yes we didn't repeat gags and we didn't steal from each other
  45. razor think about this film I saw the other night you were moving man
  46. moving man you were Buster Keaton the smile at the pancake Haus
  47. pancake have mascots that end with you with a moving violation of the police parade
  48. parade of Police dream Uganda president chasing you
  49. chasing you know I tried to cut through the parade nickel door so I just joined it before
  50. before I can stop me some anarchist up on top of a building for Obama Donna please pray but live
  51. Brea but let my wife went off Paul police forces after me
  52. Zachary it was like a dream to me please when chasing this one man
  53. never quite coaching now we come to your ART out of the way you move your body the Acrobat
  54. body acrobatics and everything where did this originate hola just doing I get measured
  55. miss routine there just cocks in all directions
  56. I just got an ordinary chase sequence chase equals how much is plan
  57. is Plan when the beginning and how much came out in the actual doing how much was improvise
  58. what is a ruler all about 50 percent
  59. map having your mind before you start a picture and the rest is your maker
  60. as you're making ideas yes come to mind
  61. remind me as I look at you now by Steve Nash going to see something James Agee
  62. AG pen Creek Road about you in his reaction article comedies greatest era that appeared in life
  63. life in space Frankenmuth Lincoln's American archetype
  64. American archetype was hunting handsome are most beautiful to do something funny improve
  65. improve matters by tapping it off with a deadly horizontal happy as flat and finish the phonograph
  66. the phonograph record when can never forget kitten wearing it standing erect the brown
  67. how has little boat is being launched the boat goes Grant lead on the skids and justice
  68. and justice Granby Street on the bottom keep never bunches elasticity of him
  69. UCM the water list the head of the store I can focus away
  70. rallys talk about is coal a boat boat what is a hat
  71. whatever happened at the first how to pass work well I don't have a similar
  72. had a similar hat on the stage before I went into pictures I want a picture
  73. I want to pictures was 21 years old in the spring in 1917
  74. new apartments in family yes when was Harry Houdini gave you the name
  75. give me the name of Buster I was born with a keep Nutini Medicine Show company on a 1 night stay
  76. on a one night stand in Kansas what you workin with a Kindle
  77. well my own man was the eccentric comic Panda
  78. soon as I can take care of myself it all on my fate he had
  79. fat head slap shoes on men big baggy pants
  80. I need to start doing guys with me a specially kicking me clean across the stage
  81. stater take the back of neck to throw me as I grew used to doing it new
  82. doing it know how to do it throws become longer the time I work
  83. got up to route 78 years old call the roughest sex ever
  84. act was ever the history of the stage movies came along you are better now as nice
  85. I was a veteran pictures what is the question what come up your
  86. you are the pro to you and humor first you're facing car seat
  87. the lack of the smile you son of a :-( in his house
  88. how to Mars what is the island that from the stage the Dead
  89. the does the type of comedian is a file after what I did the old is dead
  90. so just automatically got to let States worth more seriously I took my
  91. cook my work the better life cycle you are always everything you
  92. everything you get those with a dead ass serious tennis draw the time I went into pictures not smiling
  93. not smiling was was mechanical with me I just didn't pay attention to a guy you just use
  94. you just use the word mechanical with rings 20.8 en iris Barry in the Saxon
  95. #### by Christopher Mayer speak of you is the master of a coma chemical gag
  96. GAC Chaplin modern times was kidding machine what is it
  97. what is the difference between the two dyrus Barry .7 ticket if you could spend on this
  98. I miss a Buster Keaton movies in the mechanized world and I can happen
  99. what happened to another planet he gives with frozen bewilderment a nightmare reality inventions
  100. inventions contrivances like deck chairs and Ram engines seen animals see my life
  101. see my life to Him in the same measure the human beings become impersonal without friends are
  102. what up friends relatives is General in Cape bliss ocean with human faces
  103. mechanical devices almost invisible to him the only being understanding
  104. understand him and then she goes on the speaker of Chapel escaping into the room of freedom
  105. round of freedom in The Sims what you actually really Humanity in the machine world
  106. sheen world and you make the machine so much part of yourself
  107. about this you and the machines when you work with well I guess if I found out I can
  108. find out that I can get my best material working with something like that no other words I was the one
  109. when your original Do It Yourself others I may not know how to do a carpenter job but I said I could
  110. job but I said I could build a house and then as you build in frontier armory body knows
  111. everybody knows you get your going to get in trouble when you start that thinking about today
  112. why your humerus so alive today today with more and more machines
  113. machines how to keep numerals early to readers even more pregnant today
  114. today happy thought of the day off recreating 7 films on
  115. who's on using today is a basis Katy wouldn't try to create new forms to mess with them
  116. the mess with the past the age of being a #### does
  117. jumping around the whilst action stuff that I did
  118. what does I still try but I'm not going
  119. but I'm not going to remake any of those I'm going to reissue we were us I'm just back from you
  120. I'm just back from Europe and up went through the Munich
  121. do the Munich and passing Paris I find out the disco comedy
  122. comedy is king was playing for the Enders they're not found out they were playing a 6 theaters in love
  123. Steelers in London by 3 in West Berlin Stephen Dunham
  124. even done in the Munich which one of the big labs Studios
  125. exhibitor says if you got any pictures we can have me the silence
  126. silence says no but I'm going to make sure you get them so I'm in
  127. so I'm in Munich made arrangements to give them do maggots
  128. because I found Prince the original negatives of black league on
  129. gone but finding good princivalli's old pictures that I could get a good
  130. how to get a good to make a table of elements Bayern Munich
  131. they will make me new Prince sama the subtitles off a
  132. the in French summon German summons Italian sub Spanish
  133. and some in English and all we do is put a fork
  134. a4 constration music track to those on pictures
  135. pictures with no monitor led ovation subtitles in but a good musical
  136. what a good musical score behind them and re release a man this is going to happen in the next couple of months
  137. what months pictures well as the ones in the start New York first
  138. first because a television has the lyrics the neighbourhood
  139. all the neighbourhood motion picture theaters there so you got an awful lot of theaters soon as I see with
  140. soon as I see what they're going to do there then I'll have to press made for here navigate urgent
  141. navigator general my guess I'll have a 18 2 rivers and 10 features
  142. features look when is pretty clear a parent with you tell me that the art
  143. the art of a silent film is universal language barrier
  144. find out that long ago and I might suspect your use of cops
  145. is exactly 40 years old title 18 19 20
  146. the youngest picture of the cytosol have would be a
  147. 27 what should be 33 years old
  148. 3 years old with the other be the most recent thinking about you and I
  149. parody getting some of the serious atoms found in the book The Giver the mayor
  150. is Keaton as as Hamlet you are as a cowboy hero what what what
  151. I try to be bill Hart in that picture frozen north I had little trouble
  152. little trouble but I tried my best to be Bell hard so much so hard to speak to me for
  153. did speak to me for a couple years after I made it I was kid name is I didn't get Jubilee
  154. Jubilife trying to be an actor like you when I didn't quite make it remind
  155. remind telling us about that is William S Hart be strong 700 always lose the girl and Noble
  156. nobody's hero well that was on the last part of his career for some reason a
  157. how to turn ham on as it was a great actor they got him
  158. regatta hammy the end of his career in the always look for the opportunity to
  159. cry even with the two guns on strap do a side out
  160. out the desert the girl turn look at another man tears ran down East
  161. cheeks the nothing to do about it images on
  162. images on producer so what did you do when your fellow I cry 2
  163. why does Listerine tears run down when I tell ya what ya
  164. what is the unit take on Cecil B DeMille to animate Stravaganza
  165. Kansas Orianna time I had a bathroom singer of bedrooms try to make it
  166. try to make the mill set out of it I'm looking at a picture photograph of you in the film
  167. film call daydreams 1922 what scene and you if you were
  168. do you were not elected in a famous urgent is a patient Hamlet
  169. picture there is it like a dream dream sequence I buy Magic Mike south
  170. myself as a great physician I'm thinking
  171. since you mentioned dream about the movie involving the cops 1&1.com
  172. what company was King the soccer team it was like a dream that all of the movies like
  173. movies like a while dreaming we dream of strangers sum of the two rivers worth we got so wild and crazy
  174. wild crazy a.m. We lost all of that when we started making figure pictures
  175. pictures please stop doing impossible gags and what we call cartoon gay
  176. cartoon gay bad to Beaver believable or your story with my heart
  177. hold up for a feature picture then you have to abandon the Y
  178. abandon the Wildcats right by didn't Francis I'm the father that
  179. follow that got up on it haha diving platform Meadows Country Club
  180. free Club and the swan dive off of a and miss the pool
  181. when through the ground people come running up and down the hole
  182. the whole scene faded out a time come inside years later if I did back in on the Country Club in
  183. Country Club in the pool was empty in grass growing into a whole place neglected nobody
  184. black nobody around like im about the whole the Chinese wife and two kids
  185. when I have that was a fade out of a to relearn we would have their use data
  186. dirty use data clear picture what's the word have the white Houston
  187. Houston magination on the as an orgasm generally Sherlock Jr
  188. a lot of stuff to talk about your chase is the imagination of a chase
  189. chase today when we see a Chase is one which one dimensional someone chasing you around
  190. verbal gay but when you are being chased the film Sherlock Jr was it
  191. Jr was here like to do when you miss the girl on girl misses you and it goes on for
  192. for the different find you fall down to shoot and you Lana
  193. can you land on a plaque breaks me out right now arms the ass election map
  194. navigator navigator how to how to get like this coming to be close with set
  195. set around and talk about for quite a while before we start the picture
  196. start the picture on then take advantage of anything else happened to add to
  197. the add to it what is the point of view the
  198. This Is It this is a shock to anybody this in the motion picture business today
  199. business today I mean your veterans of the other pictures
  200. of the pictures of the last 25 years or so the didn't know
  201. no this is this island days official liked picture need a chaplain
  202. the chapel in our Lord or myself ever had a script
  203. that sounds impossible to buy today in the picture
  204. we never thought of writing a script did need to the time we had
  205. talk to neural worked out what we thought was a picture French does weed
  206. does we'd always gotta start people always come up with a starch that's funny
  207. that's a good start alright we want to know the finish right then and there
  208. there's nothing else to work on but the finish and we can't roundabout shopping
  209. subway like Withrow that went away and start on 01 when we get the Stars
  210. when we get the star to the finish we've got it because the finish the middle we can always take care of that C
  211. that's easy is all the time I get through talking
  212. talking about a new God is all set enough to start my prop Manos
  213. prop man knows the Pops is going to have to get the Wardrobe Manos wardrobe
  214. RHOBH the guy that does the set C knows what sets want your help design apps off
  215. good there's no need for a script will know what we're going to do
  216. how to do in a fight building I said here's a we gotta make this address of unimportant set
  217. import set make it look good so forth we find out the routine and Jem to do in there is
  218. doing there is Layla Magus about holding up a broom closet off of it
  219. off of it got me in trouble son I am w92 minutes of film
  220. types of film in the big setup and half for real in the in the broom closet
  221. autozone what good would a script into me
  222. just for gags out right left foot worship because
  223. because they don't stand up and I don't work well in the accidental wants ####
  224. here's the case of the actual freshness the fresh if she coming out of the axon
  225. the accident was the accident on RT might cause its nothing
  226. nothing you have a beginning on and that's all that's right now what happens happens when your magic
  227. imagination India we can always going to end a story NM
  228. CNN and patent fill in the middle what was the Z part
  229. Bart director of the film too well I am quite a few pictures I would take a director with
  230. take a director with me just call direct with him im alone
  231. what about this is also make the other actors to Mr magic m2m
  232. m2m would do something like you're only as we want to another thing we didn't do it knows days
  233. pornos de State do today is weed in Reverse is CD perfection we didn't want that
  234. what that because we get much is a mechanical in with much rather
  235. weather for Big Rock House seats where there's a lot of photos of people hitting each other
  236. the other or whether we never Riverstone we only just sit down and talk about it
  237. incest hours who drops that that chair you come to the door
  238. adorn come through fast is this person hear seizure coming throws up
  239. throws up their hands from the center door you could see it are you coming soon you'll just about to hit him
  240. about to hit him if you're missing get her know that's the way we will a bow sings out
  241. because when did the rough housing if you had to do with the second time in verb
  242. time in verbally somebody's going up on elbow or bump in ear something like that now that shot away from the next day
  243. steak for their favorite so you're selling gatas seem like that
  244. seem like the good the second time Johnny got my first one and everybody else
  245. free to do to keep that action go
  246. even your extra skin user magination even the extra
  247. you have just saying here to me is Aria pregnant point even the extra skin
  248. text can use with a customer ever been planned today everything's a million dollar project
  249. project plan maryhurst sings the profession before they turn the camera over
  250. what was the other way we tried to eliminate that was one of the mechanic
  251. mechanical maybe that's one of the reasons that was so much laughter in the house the other night
  252. the house the other night and when comedy was can use that we have the feeling I mean the younger people I had to say
  253. can I have this feeling that was seeing what's happening now that it happen only one
  254. Dom DOM done show your friends to set
  255. set Hagmann one time what it was a new commerce end of the never hard
  256. never heard of me nobody else had but he have to get in is an extra
  257. and one of the cop chase scenes are you want to do something
  258. what to do something in the slightest idea what the does the last second he was standing outside
  259. standing outside of a building the car fire in the Play Store set for the fire department so you got the fire
  260. I got the fire department and the police department in the same pacman come out
  261. pacman come out of the burning building to look around a cigarette his mouth and a little bit of the burning
  262. over the burning building in the ward of an emergency rooms son of Sardar
  263. who was that song
  264. is alright we keep it for a while simple is at
  265. simple as that says unknown your phone using is imagination
  266. cigarette of a burning building since you mentioned Mack Sennett with a keystone
  267. Keystone Kops I guess one of the reasons laughter 2030 films from Pasadena
  268. ESPN kid or authority a cop say a cop was always on
  269. kid left in my hair what does parlay pay
  270. what is party pattern The Sims welding
  271. no snow ball at the top hat iOS your iPhone pie
  272. iPod another thing there do you can eat
  273. you can hit the wrong people with a pie is mad at you
  274. what do you mean by we find out a long time
  275. long time ago Google don't get with high a girl to hit with a pillow
  276. I love money out of a member lot of people want to hit Lillian Gish so bad
  277. so bad because she was always so sweet innocent
  278. but the on average does Jen television
  279. elevation of all of this is about 8 years ago something like that Moultonborough
  280. Milton Berle got dat Sullivan overt Jamaican appears on a show
  281. funny show me hit and Sullivan with a pie how tall is froze up
  282. is froze up on a milk to get another level is on at stage when Im that's very
  283. that's a very strange thing I'm just talking about that of hand with the funny get your hitting someone with
  284. hitting someone with debt pan you know when a pie wouldn't it be funny white nude cams on Acekard face
  285. the sacred figure 9 times at the ideas of the series you can't get just certain people
  286. just certain people you just don't get with a pie is done what was the song what was happening sign in
  287. what happened in silent films I was your City
  288. if I had a grande movers dogging it bring it on yes Juilet gray hair
  289. gray haired woman but she was sold overbearing and everything else it the old is would like
  290. Mike the Hatter W could hit her with a pie in it and they left their heads off but if
  291. but if she was a legitimate or later
  292. old lady old lady and a sincere character you wouldn't terrier
  293. the sad that generally is a phony that's the in Omaha
  294. Saban goes with a man Amazon
  295. how are people happy kidding Ollie the fray
  296. frailties everything in the house a slave for you to take our stories
  297. rays in the navigator on ocean liner nobody on a boat
  298. body on a pretty girl in myself and we have drifted across the Pacific Ocean
  299. on a dead ship no water running no lights no nothing
  300. so we're just like being on a desert island drive to survive
  301. and we run agrounds Stern first of a cannibal island
  302. when does frozen but not killers I can see the Bell the wild type
  303. the wild type of cannibals are headhunters well I was just a matter of time is Argo
  304. what time is there going to come out there and get on the ship and we spring the lake of a leek
  305. Bella leak in the stuffing box which means we gotta see this water
  306. see this water pouring in around the driving shaft big can't be plug from inside
  307. what from inside is going to be done from outside what automatic there's a deep sea diving
  308. equipment in right there on the set with other girls but help me put it on
  309. help me put it on and she's up there to pump air to make what we laid out this guide vans
  310. advance and had built by the Llewellyn Iron Works in Los Angeles
  311. we got about 1200 solid rubber fish about a footlong
  312. long and Hunnam on Cape Cod violin strings
  313. what are transparent underwater Anaheim from this Reagan
  314. so the school of fish we could make a school of fish go past circle around back of the camera
  315. Cameron and continue with want to break up with my water 2
  316. so I gag was well I'm gonna try to fix that stuffing box
  317. the big gut fish came up and try to go to
  318. try to go to the score good makeup I see a starfish clean to a rock
  319. do a rock so I got the starfish of the Rockefeller grab my breast plate
  320. I stepped in the Middle School of Asian bra do I stop and then turned in Brooklyn The Big Show
  321. what is the big fish throat turned in traffic
  322. and then went back to my job lollygag photograph beautifully
  323. we preview the picture Atlanta beautiful legs not again
  324. nada de go from the audience we can't figure it out
  325. we get home might be one of those things the mechanics of God
  326. the only try to figure out of underwear ever got a shot like that word on we're actually 4
  327. actually photographing around 25 feet deep and
  328. and I will try to the next preview NC next preview the same thing
  329. if I need on dinosaur was I went
  330. I went down there the stuff that stuffing box to keep the girl in I from falling in the hands of the scalp
  331. has these cannibals I have no license in the world to stop to go help Facebook through the traffic
  332. the traffic in a simple is at St live with us Syria attack seriously the whole situation
  333. 288 say that's how to get left on there trying to stop the stuffing box but poor ones I
  334. long as I get to my job with their mind was on the situation girlfriend
  335. astride not approve it would take it out of the picture of a picture
  336. picture problems the weather supposed to end finish grade and I type 2
  337. took that sequence and put it in the call Leah Leo
  338. Leo trailers another word for the city coming next week
  339. Keaton Navigator fuel the scenes with the high spots I just talked
  340. adjust your couple slices of this that and the sea was in it and it out to God about not
  341. what not to laugh about it when was kinda likes them because they want
  342. because they were worried about the actual trouble you in the girl in the picture
  343. I did a picture call a cameraman are the silence newsreel
  344. newsreel cameraman and I got into a tone word on Chinatown New York
  345. try to photograph things and I get cornered by then they didn't want a picture to go out so they started after me
  346. after me show images and I'm down the last real
  347. the last real the picture that was upset a very good picture for is it was a big laughing
  348. big laughing picture finish that when I started for me Iran
  349. Iran on fire escapes North rooftops everything else got away from
  350. and to the finish the picture with preview that in our last Real Dickson die
  351. after the rest BM sewells a
  352. what happened to figure that one out I deserve the camera
  353. desert the capital of the camera there
  354. China star that for me so we have to go back
  355. so we have to go back and retake the day that sequence I don't deserve to be in the JC that
  356. that another was alright then had to be with you all the time yes I did Desiree pick us they were
  357. because they were identified themselves with you all the way that I can most important to me camera for me to
  358. camera for me to just desserts what about the matter of last building for 11 don't think
  359. if you don't think they took our story seriously what is the way you would build
  360. what me and was the belly laugh would you plan to know it was the first enter a giggle
  361. Walmart null we always try to construct for that
  362. from that always strive for that
  363. anonymous ever made a picture that we didn't go back into the camera app for at least three days
  364. sometimes Walker something you said I was the case of
  365. case of the adding relapse here are there the fellas
  366. is it was to help the high spots so we need another one of you
  367. something else to happen about now that help build at last Baker Street Pub
  368. what has to be part of the Holy of Holies I know no appointment
  369. no appointment status was a misplaced gags misplace gas yeah I hear a great guy
  370. great guy but didn't belong there. Even though you have a beginning in Anthem Arizona
  371. the Madison at the same time does unity throughout a thing happens accidentally well is
  372. what I say that the patio ZZ because once you got the stars and you know where you're going
  373. it's the easiest part to go and gag up and under
  374. and keep your story a live in Amityville
  375. you said something about today you wouldn't be able to do Circle thirteenth year did some 40 years ago
  376. 40 years ago yet funny thing happened limelight snap tool you were women chest account
  377. Chester County Charlie Chaplin's limelight that's right on that tremendous vodka
  378. acrobatic routine and you bounce around like a rubber ball and see if you did why still turn overs for
  379. turn overs for that goes what about the art of Chapman at the canal
  380. Lincoln and when I met you can use when you mention the woman of Paris of film directed I think
  381. I think of paradise Rises greatness is the director there what was it about him as a director
  382. director what Charlie with the best record ever the picture business
  383. the woman a pair of shoes with Adolphe Menjou his first motion picture
  384. motion picture in the proteins provide us with a girl who always been chaplains leading lady
  385. lady and it made this high society drama
  386. drama the background Paris directed the bando
  387. for the first time on the screen romantic story of doing things by suggest
  388. gestion well every
  389. well every director and pictures wet #### that picture more than once just a study that text
  390. study that tech make he has lit lyrics allusion eyes the directions directors of
  391. directors of pictures you say bicycle in cookies Zampa what I want to date of mine
  392. date of my Joe Louis Walker the audience to know that my job paid for the apartment
  393. the apartment the data providers was living in the way he did was a car on our way
  394. the caller 1618 me to take her out give a little bow case of Mike's
  395. bokeh something like that look in the mirror and sauce bottles College of the color of 1 over the bureau drawer in Cleveland
  396. Cleveland alcohol store Pollos actuation
  397. NFS was and this is the first time zone is happening at yes
  398. diagram Justin Drive swimming to Paris
  399. Paris was revolutionary directing the show you something leads into that
  400. send a letter I went into pictures with Roscoe Arbuckle I'm in his is pictures the first one
  401. pictures the first ones I. And I don't have been with my short time is it
  402. is there something you want to bear in mind did the average mind of the motion picture
  403. the motion picture ideas is 12 years old the 12 year old mind
  404. remind your entertainment I was only with him about another
  405. couple of months or something like that messes Roscoe something tells me that
  406. tells me that those that continue to make pictures for 12 yr old mines it going to be with long
  407. what is only a couple years later scene like this is jappens
  408. how to prove that jump
  409. jump to the Mayans jump much faster than we were making pictures
  410. pictures of the same principle applies a force to be here today blank television and radio
  411. television and radio the same false belief yes at the publication ready for a dog
  412. ready for adult are you see a magic nation what happened in what you doing something
  413. where do I live imagination instaflow freely if your fat
  414. iOS try to do that I was one of NE I guess me
  415. and then I double cross and sometimes I think if I just breathe
  416. return to limelight for a second here's a fil A do for the whole time English
  417. anime English model Music Hall and Chapman called on you and Jessica
  418. Jessica routine both of real pretty mature men
  419. pretty mature men yep what was it mean with the ability of fish
  420. if you have a physical ability imagination to do with their everybody
  421. everybody NSYNC member same after sequence
  422. no vision all Lucky's we can move fast
  423. fast instill can I mean how do you
  424. how do you find working with a live audience in Carlisle is like a live audience
  425. live audience when I first try to tell her
  426. first try to television show when I was a young business we were working
  427. we were working to annoy them later on the talk me into doing I'm just a shot of motion pictures
  428. ocean picture camera it don't work
  429. because no matter what you did it look like something moving shot 30 years ago did lookup
  430. Godin look up to date just took the old fashion but the same material done in front of Allah
  431. front of a live audience new action
  432. reaction people selling their living room with his only 3 or 4 people was this one here
  433. what does 1/2 don't laugh out loud to start the others laughing not like being a motion pictures
  434. pictures of people are the help you laugh you look like just a Deadman Sheen
  435. Deb machine on that good or salad camera on the Kindle apps are absolutely no good at all
  436. dont run through it all even tell if someone has a false note all the way through
  437. mechanical can a lapse in there a live audience
  438. live audio for proposition in the same material I don't need
  439. need to search Eliminator for the material to do I have for show
  440. what it do a silent camera alright I take do the same material
  441. the same material to a live audience for 1/3 of material wife saver for the next show
  442. because because the last reaction reaction to make you worked on
  443. what you don't do those on a camera you don't work was on camera
  444. camera what you do to annoy mean hearing that last a spacer for you
  445. matures final episode come up you don't start that laugh you help build
  446. slide right past that was on camera
  447. camera hearing the reaction that audience hearing that react
  448. hearing that reaction you actually app something else like a wave that's right have one wave on top of
  449. one wave on top of another thank you very much for
  450. how much for getting is just a bit of a touch of the period known as the golden
  451. the golden era anything else you can add some reminiscence are you covered bridge
  452. pretty good and have some female horse again how to challenge the island
  453. show me the only one to ten years ago it was last ride
  454. Nike very much for being I guess not being read the artist you are
  455. the host