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  1. This movement has no spokesperson
  2. Everyone here is a spokesperson
  3. Everyone here has a story to tell
  4. There are people here who have no health insurance
  5. There are people here who do not have a job
  6. There are people here who are living in poverty
  7. There are people here who have jobs but have been told to take less
  8. And I invite you to interview the thousands of other spokespeople who are here at Occupy Oakland
  9. Someone asked me who is the leader of this organisation
  10. And I said we are the leaders!
  11. Everyone here!
  12. We are all leaders all of us
  13. We are all doing this together
  14. The media and the power establishment
  15. Is having a hard time figuring this out, so be patient with them
  16. They are used to just a few people showing up with a few signs, and then they go away
  17. And have a meeting in the basement of the unitarian church - good bless the unitarians by the way
  18. Those in charge in this country and the media arm of Wall Street and corporate America were not prepared
  19. for this to be happening in hundreds of cities across
  20. this country right now! Hundreds!
  21. And it has happened with no leaders, no organisation
  22. No dues to pay, it's happened organically
  23. From the grass roots, the true grass roots
  24. And in my lifetime, I have never seen a movement like this
  25. Take off this fast, with this many people all across the country
  26. Thank you everyone
  27. All of us for doing this
  28. And there's no turning back is there? There's no turning back!
  29. I was at occupy wall street last night in the park
  30. And I am here to bring greetings from the original occupy wall street
  31. Thank you Oakland!
  32. I said what are we going to do with winter coming?
  33. It was also freezing rain last night in New York City! I said what are we going to do
  34. with winter coming and they said, there's two guys over there right now
  35. who have flown in from occupy
  36. and they are here to consult with us on how to make it through the winter
  37. They said there's even an ice company in New Jersey that is offering
  38. large blocks of ice to build igloos in the park
  39. The mayor and the police in Wall Street are hoping that the winter
  40. will kill the movement
  41. In the same way they don't understand that this is a leaderless organisation
  42. With tens of millions of spokespeople
  43. They also don't understand
  44. That weather is not the problem facing us right now
  45. Climate change is facing us!
  46. But the weather in New York
  47. is not going to stop this incredible movement
  48. Let me just give you an idea, because I've been travelling the country
  49. what I've seen, there's a town about maybe a hundred and fifty miles east of here
  50. called Grass Valley California
  51. are you familiar with it?
  52. Where the hell is Grass Valley right?
  53. No I know where it is
  54. But nobody across the country knows
  55. Grass Valley
  56. And of course, the media doesn't know Grass Valley
  57. But last weekend, in Grass Valley, there were four hundred people
  58. Participating in Occupy Grass Valley
  59. Four hundred people!
  60. There's only a few thousand people in the town!
  61. And everyone was there
  62. Old young out of work
  63. People with work
  64. Those strats of American society is at each of these
  65. You can see it right now, I can see it! I am sitting looking at the mosaic
  66. That this country is right now right here in Oakland
  67. This is - we'll get the cameras to turn around here
  68. You know I don't understand it either
  69. I've wondered this for a long time and I've tried to explain to them that
  70. This is not what people want to look at when they're eating dinner and watching the 6 o'clock news
  71. So I'm sorry for this
  72. But I'm good and healthy and
  73. I'm now in my tenth month with no red meat!
  74. And that will on by the evening news
  75. Now this is the first of these that I've spoken at where there's an amplified sound system
  76. What laws are we breaking here right now? A lot of laws!
  77. The mayor is having a press conference right now, upstairs
  78. I sent her an email asking if we could speak while I was here
  79. But I have to tell you, the other night, well Tuesday
  80. and Wednesday night, not being here and watching from afar
  81. What took place here, was really horrifying
  82. To see this, in this country
  83. It made the rest of the people in the USA aware of something many of you had been aware of
  84. For the last decade
  85. And that is the militarisation of our local police departments
  86. The Congress is not allowed to tell the public how much is spent on homeland security
  87. But these local police departments all across the country, over the last ten years
  88. Have sucked up literally billions of dollars to buy
  89. Sophisticated equipment to buy armurements that you use in a war zone
  90. To buy tanks, to set up spying systems
  91. Yes, we paid for this
  92. And to prepare for what they believe is the inevitable
  93. Which is the people sooner or later aren't going to take it any longer
  94. And ten years after 9/11, the majority of Americans realise who the real terrorists are
  95. They're the people who create policies and
  96. Do things that literally do kill people
  97. For instance, a congressionnal committee last month released these figures
  98. They wanted to find out how many Americans die every year
  99. Simply for the fact that they don't have health insurance
  100. They didn't go to the doctor cause they didn't have insurance
  101. Nearly 45 000 Americans die every year simply because they don't have insurance
  102. My friends that is fifteen 9/11s every single year
  103. A system that is set up to harm them
  104. Who said that it is morally correct to make a profit
  105. Off people when they get sick?
  106. How sick is that?
  107. I can tell you how much money
  108. Has corporate America made from these two wars, these two illegal and immoral wars
  109. How much have they made? We are still spending over two billion dollars
  110. A week on these wars
  111. What could we do with that money if it was here in Oakland?
  112. And Flent Michigan and across the country?
  113. Somebody asked me, coming in here,
  114. Who organised this?
  115. I know you think we the people organised it, right?
  116. Where's Wells Fargo? I just passed it on the street.
  117. If you wanna know who organised it, they organised it
  118. The people of Wall Street organised this!
  119. Bank of America organised this! Exxon Mobile, BP organised this!
  120. They did more by simply putting their boot on the necks
  121. Of millions of Americans
  122. And like any human being
  123. How long can you keep a boot on your neck?
  124. Not one more second with a boot on the neck!
  125. I know, he said it's Oakland style - we're doing this Oakland style
  126. Let me tell you something else I've discovered across the country
  127. That is America contrary to what many here believe and the way it is portrayed in the media
  128. America is not a conservative country
  129. Most Americans are actually quite liberal
  130. in their beliefs. They do not call themselves liberals
  131. But if you look at any of the polls, the majority of Americans
  132. come down on the liberal side of the issue on just about every single issue
  133. The majority of Americans are against these wars
  134. The majority of Americans want universal health care
  135. The majority of Americans believe women should be paid the same as men
  136. The majority of Americans want stronger environmental laws, not weaker ones
  137. And for the first time last month, in a poll that was taken
  138. For the first time, 54%, the majority of Americans
  139. Said they believe gay marriage should be the law of the land
  140. That's the country you live in!
  141. That's the country you live in, I know to people in the Bay area it may seem a little scary as you head towards Richmond
  142. Did I pick the right town?
  143. I need another town
  144. As you heard, Walnut Creek!
  145. I was just trying to remember bird stops
  146. But as you go across this country you see that that's the country
  147. You share, the people out there, that's why 72%
  148. last week said they believe taxes should be raised on the rich
  149. So to the media who are here, this is a few thousand people
  150. But everybody here represents a few thousands more, or a few ten thousands more
  151. Everybody here, that's how large this is
  152. That's why it can't be stopped
  153. Too many people have been thrown out of their homes
  154. Too many people have had their schools decimated
  155. Too many kids aren't getting a proper education
  156. It benefits those in charge to have an ignorant population
  157. To have a population with 40 million people who cannot read and write
  158. Above a fourth grade level
  159. Who benefits from that?
  160. It's like they've set up the schools now to make sure
  161. That you can operate the cash register at McDonald's, and you know how to greet someone
  162. In a sentence with a noun and verb in it as they come to Walmart
  163. Let me tell you who does know
  164. That the people of this country have had it
  165. And that there's a very progressive threat
  166. Going through this country right now
  167. That's the other side - Wall Street, corporate America, the right wing
  168. They know, they know this is a liberal country
  169. All you have to do is turn on the radio or Fox News
  170. Let me ask you this, if was a conservative right wing country, if you turned on Fox News every night
  171. Wouldn't they just be "Yippidee doo da, yippidee do day"
  172. They're not that way are they?
  173. They're like "Rarara" every night it's "RaaaA"
  174. They're just - they - there's a reason why they want to suppress the vote next year
  175. There's a reason why they're passing laws through-out the country
  176. To make it harder for poor people for senior citizens for people of color to vote
  177. There's a reason they're doing that
  178. What's the reason? They know!
  179. No it's very simple
  180. They can do math, they know they're in the minority
  181. Otherwise why would you want to suppress the vote
  182. If you thought America agreed with you?
  183. You wouldn't do that would you?
  184. No! If you believed America was with you
  185. You'd be setting up voting booths in every aisle of every Walmart all across the country
  186. That's not what they're doing!
  187. I also want to tell you, especially those of you who have been camping out here
  188. Thank you for doing that
  189. You are better men and women than I am
  190. Give me another year without the red meat
  191. Wait we've got our second sound bite
  192. But watching the other night - Scott Olsen
  193. It is absolutely criminal that this young man was willing
  194. To go risk his life in a war that he once over there didn't agree with
  195. That he would risk his life like this
  196. And the only place he had to worry about was here, his own country, in Oakland California
  197. I think one thing we could do for the media who are here
  198. Is let them know that we are all Scott Olsen
  199. We are all with Scott Olsen
  200. And we are all Scott Olsens
  201. And we will not tolerate our fellow citizens being treated that way
  202. By the people that we fund with our tax dollars
  203. I don't pay people to take a gun or a tear gas gun and point it at me
  204. And hit me in the head with their ammunition or the tear gas cannister
  205. That would be as crazy as me coming up to you right now
  206. And saying to you oh by the way, would you just punch me in the face?
  207. Why would I do that?
  208. I think all of us want to send our best wishes, our prayers, our good karma
  209. Everything that we can muster
  210. To Scott, so that he is better, and well
  211. And I think that - let's have thirty seconds of silence in honor of Scott Olsen
  212. And our hope that he will recover quickly from his injuries
  213. I've gone on too long and I - well
  214. But I -
  215. I know, now that I have singled out Richmond
  216. I'm going to have to go and participate in Occupy Richmond
  217. Or Walnut Creek
  218. Walnut creek is where we need to be right?
  219. Isn't that where the money is?
  220. I understand that the mayor is finishing up her press conference
  221. And I am gonna try and see if I can talk to her
  222. You know, I'm sorry that when she came yesterday to talk, that she didn't wait to speak at the general assembly
  223. Because I think - there's a process
  224. We're not in a general assembly right now, but there's a process at the general assembly
  225. Where you sign up to speak and we're all equals and so
  226. You know, when I've been down - You know I've been down in New York to Occupy Wall Street
  227. And if I'm number 17 to speak
  228. I'm number 17 to speak and it doesn't matter if I'm Michael Moore or Michael Schmow you know
  229. It doesn't - and it's the spirit
  230. That's why this movement has built
  231. Because it is a movement of equals
  232. Everybody has something to give to this
  233. We're all in this together - we're gonna sink or swim together
  234. That's our choice right now
  235. When they - when I was out last night, somebody asked to one of the people in the media tent
  236. What are the goals?
  237. What are you trying to accomplish?
  238. And he said, well, he said our mission is in our name
  239. Occupy Wall Street
  240. And then he said: period.
  241. I thought about that for a second
  242. Occupy Wall Street Period
  243. In other words, it isn't just about decent campments
  244. It's that we're not stopping until we the people
  245. Occupy our economy that runs this country
  246. This is our economy, it's our country
  247. We're the ones that have a say
  248. And when somebody says to me, what's the goal, what's the end game?
  249. I say well let me tell you something, first of all
  250. We've already had a number of victories in our first six weeks
  251. And let's acknowledge those victories
  252. Number 1, we have killed despair across the country
  253. The despair that people were feeling, that dispair
  254. is dissipating right now
  255. This movement has killed apathy
  256. People have gotten up off the sofa
  257. They've turned off Dancing with the Stars
  258. And are out in the streets
  259. This is a victory
  260. There's something very important we've done: six weeks ago
  261. What was all the media talking about?
  262. What was the national discussion that we were part of that they determined?
  263. What were we talking about?
  264. The debt ceiling! The debt! The debt ceiling!
  265. The deficit! We gotta reduce the deficit!
  266. Over and over and over all summer long
  267. The debt ceiling, the deficit, the debt ceiling, the deficit!
  268. Can I ask you honestly, when's the last time in the last few weeks
  269. You heard them talking about the debt ceiling? Or the deficit?
  270. This movement has shut down that bullshit discussion
  271. That is a huge victory
  272. You have altered the national discussion
  273. You have altered it!
  274. This is what people are talking about in every town and city and village across America!
  275. Occupy Oakland! Occupy New York! Occupy San Francisco!
  276. Occupy Grass Valley! Occupy Walnut Creek!
  277. Occupy Flint Michigan! Occupy everywhere!
  278. This is the discussion we're gonna have and we're not (sic) the discussion to anybody else!
  279. So, in conclusion,
  280. Did you just yell at a disabled guy to move his cane?
  281. They don't me there were plants here from the police - plain clothes
  282. Plain clothes officer, let me just remind you, when you yell too loud at a disabled person
  283. "Put down the cane" - we know who you are!
  284. But welcome!
  285. Welcome! Because, police officers, you are part of the 99% too!
  286. They'll be coming after you!
  287. They'll be coming after you and your home and your healthcare and your children
  288. There's a number of towns across this country
  289. that are behaving differently than Oakland
  290. There are police departments
  291. and police unions - hang on - supporting the occupied movements in their towns
  292. New York - a beautiful example - the governor said to remove the people
  293. and the police said "We don't consider that part of police work"
  294. So the police do have a choice, even in Oakland
  295. It's still America!
  296. Oakland PD! It's a free country!
  297. You can join us! You don't have to join them!
  298. You don't have to be here defending Wells Fargo
  299. and Bank of America! And BP and everybody else!
  300. You can stand up for yourselves and everybody else!
  301. So, please keep yourselves alive here, I know there's going to be a lot of snow this winter