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    [Jazz music]
  2. Не синхронизирани
    [singing] Them that's got, shall get
    Them that's not, shall lose
  3. Не синхронизирани
    So the Bible said, and it still is news.
    Mama may have, Papa may have
  4. Не синхронизирани
    But God bless the child that's got his own,
    That's got his own. [Music ends]
  5. Не синхронизирани
    [Muhammad Ali]: It's the Spring of 1973, and I'm coming home after a defeat.
  6. Не синхронизирани
    Every man, woman and child in my home town, was and heard about how I lost the fight to Norton.
  7. Не синхронизирани
    Just like everybody else all over the world heard, the press will crowd the sports pages with headlines that
  8. Не синхронизирани
    remind me Muhammad Ali is finished. The end of an era. Ali beaten by a nobody, his big mouth
  9. Не синхронизирани
    shut for all times. Most thrilling fight in history, I had to make my comeback. [laughter]
  10. Не синхронизирани
    [Studs] This is the beginning, you know, this is Muhammad Ali reading the opening passage
  11. Не синхронизирани
    from a very beautiful and moving book, by the way "The Greatest", Muhammad Ali. Random
  12. Не синхронизирани
    House is the publishers, written with Dick Durham. And I was thinking, Muhammad Ali, champion
  13. Не синхронизирани
    that moment, recall, that moment a lot of people wanted you to be beaten, and a lot wanted
  14. Не синхронизирани
    you to win. Do you remember it?
    [Ali]: Yes sir, whenever I go into the ring
  15. Не синхронизирани
    you can always hear the boos, the crowd, the heckles. Many of them were coming for years
  16. Не синхронизирани
    and they were determined that they were going to see this man lose. Many of their main objects was to
  17. Не синхронизирани
    see the big mouth beat. The way he talks is superior his boxing skill. He can't be that great, he's gonna
  18. Не синхронизирани
    fall, one day he's gonna get it. And they just determined to come until they see it.
  19. Не синхронизирани
    And if it happens and they don't see it, they'll feel bad. They just want to be there, even if
  20. Не синхронизирани
    they have other partners, other things to do, even if they can't afford it, some make it their business
  21. Не синхронизирани
    to be there, whenever they come because a guy that get away with too many victories, upset too many
  22. Не синхронизирани
    people, whoop them many times, and shocked them, and they want to see it. Finally it happened with
  23. Не синхронизирани
    Ken Norton.
    [Studs]: There's something you said, Muhammad Ali.
  24. Не синхронизирани
    That some of the people -- you're hitting a very important thing -- some people can't even afford it.
  25. Не синхронизирани
    Some of the very powerful ones, some people can't even afford it, wanted you beaten. It's something
  26. Не синхронизирани
    about their own lives missing, you see what I mean? What is it, that wants to make them be part of
  27. Не синхронизирани
    of something that even makes them feel less?
    [Ali]: I think all of them would be great, all people
  28. Не синхронизирани
    want to be victorious, want to be successful, and when they see another man, naturally they might
  29. Не синхронизирани
    envy them, especially when he talks about it and brags about it, saying "I'm gonna do this,
  30. Не синхронизирани
    he's gonna fall. I am the King, I am the greatest" and keeps doing it, not only with this confidence they
  31. Не синхронизирани
    don't have, and here's a man expressing and doing it, and they just want to see him beat many
  32. Не синхронизирани
    of them. Some of them like it, it encourages them, but some want to see him beat because
  33. Не синхронизирани
    he just shouldn't be that cocky, and he just shouldn't be able to get away with it, I couldn't do it so he
  34. Не синхронизирани
    shouldn't be able to get away with it.
    [Studs]: Let's go back, coming back to Louisville,
  35. Не синхронизирани
    who is Muhammad Ali? Once upon a time, this kid, Cassius Clay, who is Muhammad? Your father
  36. Не синхронизирани
    was a sign painter.
    [Ali]: Yes, he was a sign painter.
  37. Не синхронизирани
    Still is. Mother's just happy doing housework, she had a part-time job when money was short
  38. Не синхронизирани
    to keep us fed and keep shoes on our feet going to school. Cassius Clay was just a little kid, just like
  39. Не синхронизирани
    everybody else, going to school everyday, coming home, going down the street and kicking,
  40. Не синхронизирани
    playing football, riding around and peeping in wonders or whatever little devilish things kids do.
  41. Не синхронизирани
    Cassius Clay started boxing at 12 years old, and wanted the Golden Gloves, the Olympics, the AU, went
  42. Не синхронизирани
    long-term pro and my life wasn't too much different from another child.
  43. Не синхронизирани
    [Studs]: Well there's a moment you describe, earlier in the book, coming back after having won the
  44. Не синхронизирани
    Olympic Gold medal. Before I ask you about that, your father, you always felt that he had
  45. Не синхронизирани
    possibilities of being something better too, didn't he? He had possibilities. This is one of the things that
  46. Не синхронизирани
    hit me about you and your life from the book. Looking for other possibilities. And this is your old
  47. Не синхронизирани
    man, your father.
    [Ali]: Yeah, he's a great singer, he imited Perry
  48. Не синхронизирани
    Como, Nat King Cole, Roland Hayes, old-time great singers. He figured if he left Louisville, the South
  49. Не синхронизирани
    he was coming up, he had a chance to be great, and I think he could have. And it says on his mind
  50. Не синхронизирани
    all the time, he could have been a great singer. Today he still tries to sing.
  51. Не синхронизирани
    [Studs]: Though you come back to Louisville, and just about that time -- by the way, if Emmet Till lived,
  52. Не синхронизирани
    he'd but just about your age, wouldn't he?
    [Ali]: Right.
  53. Не синхронизирани
    [Studs]: Is that -- do you remember that case when you lived back there?
  54. Не синхронизирани
    [Ali]: Yeah, I remember reading about how he was all tore up, and burned up and everything, and
  55. Не синхронизирани
    eyes out of his head, and that really made me think about myself. He's a kid like myself...
  56. Не синхронизирани
    And it really made me real bitter. And to think about that, I explain it all in the book.
  57. Не синхронизирани
    [Studs]: There's a certain moment, when you came back from Louisville, and you were the champ who
  58. Не синхронизирани
    won the golden medallion. And you came in to that restaurant.
  59. Не синхронизирани
    [Ali]: Went to the restaurant, always was a kid who liked to experiment and look around, think about
  60. Не синхронизирани
    various things, there wasn't always a lot of things happening, and I said -- I had my gold medal
  61. Не синхронизирани
    and I wore it out to eat, being the champ in the world, beat everybody in the world, and I know they can't
  62. Не синхронизирани
    turn me down. They did. The woman who took my order told me they couldn't serve Nigros
  63. Не синхронизирани
    and went back to the kitchen and told the manager, he said, I don't care about Cassius Clay, and he
  64. Не синхронизирани
    came out, and a little scuffle arose, verbal. This motorcycle gang -- Frog and his boys -- came in, and
  65. Не синхронизирани
    [Studs]: Frog is the motorcycle
  66. Не синхронизирани
    [Ali]: Yeah, they didn't like it and we stood about talking and what's with the gold medal olympic,
  67. Не синхронизирани
    nigger and all this stuff. And we got to scuffling and I beat up a couple of them. Anyway, after all this
  68. Не синхронизирани
    scuffle and getting put out and seeing the medal had no power, I just went to the Jefferson county bridge
  69. Не синхронизирани
    and thought about all the people I'd beaten, and all the country I'd represented and couldn't even eat
  70. Не синхронизирани
    in my own home town. I said, this medal isn't even worth a damn thing. I just threw it in the Ohio river.
  71. Не синхронизирани
    [Studs]: Yeah. Now that particular moment was one that you remember pretty well, isn't it? Did that sort
  72. Не синхронизирани
    of open your eyes a little bit, or did you know about it before?
  73. Не синхронизирани
    [Ali]: What?
    [Studs]: That you'd be treated that way coming back.
  74. Не синхронизирани
    [Ali]: No, well I knew blacks couldn't eat in restaurants. What kicked it off one day,
  75. Не синхронизирани
    before the Winter Olympics, saw this African from University of Louisville, Kentucky, going down the
  76. Не синхронизирани
    street and having arose and little things and they went
  77. Не синхронизирани
    to go in this white restaurant, and the lady said something to the manager and he said to another man "It's okay, they're not negros." and that really shook me up