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Introduces the student to Khan Academy's Programming course by providing a basic overview of the subject.

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  1. Welcome to our programming tutorials
    on Khan Academy.

  2. Are you completely new
    to computer programming?
  3. Well, don't worry--that means
    that you're like 99.5% of the world.
  4. And we're here to help.
  5. I bet you're wondering
    what programming actually is.
  6. When we write a program,
    we're giving a computer
  7. a series of commands,
  8. that kind of look like
    a weird form of English.
  9. You could just think of a computer
    as a really obedient dog,
  10. listening to your commands,
    and doing whatever you tell it to do.
  11. Thankfully, programming
    isn't this obscure skill
  12. that only special people can do--
  13. It's something that we can all learn.
  14. Kids, teens, adults
    from all over the world
  15. are learning programming today.
  16. What's so "cool" about programming?
  17. Why are all those people learning it?
  18. Well, it really depends on
    what you think is "cool,"
  19. because, as it turns out,
  20. you can use programming
  21. for almost everything.
  22. Today people write programs
    to do everything
  23. from helping doctors
    and patients cure diseases;
  24. helping save endangered species
    all over the world;
  25. making self-driving cars,
    so that you never have to worry
  26. about learning to drive
    when you get older;
  27. creating algorithmic jewelry;
  28. designing robots
    that can take care of patients,
  29. or robots that can roam around Mars
    and look for water on the surface;
  30. making really fun games,
  31. like Doodle Jump,
    Draw Something, Angry Birds,
  32. any game that you've played;
  33. making movies like all those awesome
    3-D movies from Pixar, like Avatar,
  34. or making computer graphics
    to go inside live-action movies
  35. like Gollum, in Lord of the Rings;
  36. making the websites and apps
    that you use everyday, all the time,
  37. like Facebook, and Google Maps,
    and Wikipedia,
  38. and YouTube, and Pinterest;
  39. and, of course, educating the world
  40. on websites like Khan Academy,
    where you are now.
  41. So, right now, on Khan Academy,
  42. you can learn to make
    your own art and games
  43. which will give you a great start
  44. towards creating
    whatever you can imagine.
  45. It might be hard to see how
    a drawing program relates
  46. to making websites,
    programming phones, or curing diseases,
  47. but believe it or not,
    the same basic concepts
  48. are used by pretty much
    every programmer,
  49. in almost every program.
  50. That means that once you
    learn to code on Khan Academy,
  51. you'll be able to learn other sorts
    of coding way more easily.
  52. You've taken the important first step
    by coming here and watching this video.
  53. So let's get started with
    your very first program.
  54. See you there!