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← Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story Episode 22 Trouble in Toad Town

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  1. Alright,
    we are back with

  2. Mario & Luigi:
    Bowser's Inside Story
  3. And it's time to see if we can
    make it to Toad Town and
  4. save the day, find the
    Dark Star, all that stuff
  5. We now interrupt
    you for this battle
  6. Like a check, they had a
    checkmate on me there
  7. These guys just take forever to
    take out, I don't understand why
  8. We've got kind of a nice
    rhythm, I can get 3 BP
  9. per hammer swing with Mario,
    and then the green shell only costs 4
  10. So I think I'm gonna
    do a little more of that
  11. Coin Socks
  12. Interesting, but I don't think that's
    gonna help me, the place I'm at
  13. Get some extra coins, but it doesn't
    really mean much to the boy
  14. Bowser can
  15. I like how this chummy
    music is playing
  16. Just in the Toad Town,
    gonna sing a happy song
  17. It's a funny shift
  18. Doesn't seem like there's much
    I could do here 'cause everybody's
  19. all blorbed up
  20. Also, it doesn't seem like
    there's any shops here
  21. It's the start
    of the game
  22. Interesting
  23. Oh here's a shop
  24. Bummer, we can't shop
    here until we're Flower rank
  25. What about this one?
  26. Oh no, this is
    definitely not it
  27. Let's see
  28. Bonus coins
  29. I don't find either of
    those particularly useful
  30. This should be us
  31. Koopa Wear
  32. Interesting
  33. I'll give this to Mario
  34. Takes a lot of damage
    when he gets hit
  35. Alright, Counter Socks
  36. Budget Charm
  37. Doesn't even say how much
    it increases your power
  38. But I will do this
  39. Let's see, if I get rid of the POW
    Boots, it's only 5 of those, so
  40. we'll do that
  41. Have some automatic
    Bros recovery
  42. Oh
  43. Milk mushroom
  44. No, I didn't
    mean to do that
  45. A-ha!
  46. So that's how
    it links together
  47. The one thing I'm kinda
    curious of with badges here is
  48. You know, let's say I buy
    this, does it make my
  49. I don't think
    badges have stats
  50. You can't even see like a
    description of the Beginner Badge
  51. I don't wanna spend half
    my money on a badge
  52. I don't even
    know if I'll use
  53. Why do we wanna
    see the doctor?
  54. Are we seeing the doctor
    for Bowser's sake?
  55. I didn't get
    that thread
  56. What, how did he get better?
    How did he find us?
  57. Why did he go
    to the doctor?
  58. Okay, well I guess
    we're doing this
  59. Kinda wish I was on
    the other side of it
  60. It'd be cool if
    I was attacking
  61. Whatever
  62. It's cool seeing the
    other side of this
  63. Boy, I'm taking you out
  64. Boy's got fury
  65. Whoa
  66. I guess
  67. They just keep coming,
    they just keep coming
  68. I feel like I was doing
    a lot of damage
  69. Not so much though
  70. Alright, let's do another
    Yoo Who Cannon
  71. Oh no
  72. I thought I knew
    what I was doing
  73. They're all
    going for Luigi
  74. Oh man
  75. Alright, let's not mess
    this up this time
  76. No
  77. But we still did it
  78. The Shell Boots
  79. Kinda hit a ceiling
    with power
  80. I suppose
    I'll get HP too
  81. And go in, we will
  82. I thought I was gonna have
    the chance to say it, but
  83. we're just jumping
    right on in
  84. Alright, and we will give
    chase in the next episode
  85. So I will see you then
    as the story