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  1. Alright. Pause the game. Just for a sec.
  2. Games aren’t just fun.
    It’s more than that, right?
  3. They bring us together whether in a
    workplace or on a stream, or at a convention.
  4. At any given moment,
    there are millions of people like you and me
  5. playing, chatting, adventuring,
    dueling, side-questing, exploring.
  6. Millions of real people.
  7. Most of our gaming experience can be amazing,
  8. but let’s be honest,
  9. There are problems.
  10. Toxic corners of the community, abuse,
    harassment, bullying, isolation, depression.
  11. Behind the avatar on your screen a real person
    may be suffering alone in silence.
  12. It might be your friend, your kid, your coworker...
  13. or maybe that person is you.
  14. Too often It feels like we’re supposed to toughen up,
    play on, “get good.”
  15. But if someone is struggling, they don’t need to “get good.”
  16. They need to get help.
  17. Whether you’re a game developer, a fan,
    a player, a streamer, a competitor
  18. any part of this community
  19. If you need someone to talk to, the Games and
    Online Harassment Hotline is here for you.
  20. It's not about the person that you think has it worse than you,
  21. or the person you've heard stories about.
  22. If you or someone you care about is struggling,
  23. no matter how big or small it might feel,
  24. now you have someone to help and support you.
  25. That’s what we’re here for.
  26. The Games and Online Harassment Hotline
    is a text message-based,
  27. anonymous and confidential emotional support hotline,
  28. and it's created specifically for the gaming community.
  29. Because we're gamers, and creators
  30. and we want to help each other,
  31. whether that means offering emotional support,
  32. or finding the referrals and resources that you need.
  33. Maybe you’re feeling lonely and isolated,
  34. or recently lost a loved one.
  35. Are you experiencing harassment in your
    workplace or online?
  36. Struggling with crunch or burnout at work?
  37. Are you worried you or someone
    you know may hurt themselves?
  38. Have you suffered physical, sexual, or emotional abuse?
  39. You don’t have to go through these things alone.
  40. So how does it work?
  41. Well, you text us and we listen.
  42. Our hotline is 100% anonymous.
  43. We can talk about anything you need to
    and only what you want to.
  44. If you decide you could use additional resources,
  45. like support communities, experts, or legal aid,
  46. we can connect you.
  47. The Games and Online Harassment Hotline is an
    inclusive resource for anyone no matter how you identify.
  48. If you feel that you need emotional support,
  49. you can start right now by texting SUPPORT to 23368,
  50. and our qualified responders will be there to listen to you,
    free of charge.
  51. If you need help, stop watching this video
    and get in touch with us right now.
  52. On the other hand, you might not need this hotline,
  53. at least not today.
  54. But maybe you can make sure it’s
    always available for those who do.
  55. Hotlines have been proven to save lives
  56. and so we believe that keeping this hotline
    free for the people who need it is crucial.
  57. If you believe that too, we need your support to make that happen.
  58. Donate! Your financial contribution not only
    keeps the hotline alive but is also tax deductible.
  59. Tell all your friends!
  60. The best way for people to know this service exists
    is to tell everyone you can.
  61. Share this video with your networks and be sure to
    follow and tag us @gameshotline.
  62. With a caring and engaged community by our side,
  63. made up of people like you
  64. we will not only be there for those who
    need it most when they need it most
  65. but we are building a stronger, healthier,
    more supportive games industry for everyone.
  66. Reach out, get help,
  67. and let’s make this community
    a better place to work and play.