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  2. The first movie directors' s name was Alice.
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  4. Не синхронизирани
    There is nothing connected with the staging of a motion picture that a woman cannot do as easily as a man.
  5. Не синхронизирани
    Moving Picture World, July 1914, Women's Place in Photoplay Production by Madam Ellis Bouche
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    And there is no reason why she cannot completely master every technically of the art.
  7. Не синхронизирани
    The technique of the drama has been mastered by so many women
  8. Не синхронизирани
    that it is considered much of a field as a man's. And it's adaptation to picture work in no way removes it from her sphere.
  9. Не синхронизирани
    The technique of motion picture photography, like the technique of the drama, is fitted to a woman's activities.
  10. Не синхронизирани
    It is hard for me to imagine how I could have obtained my knowledge of photography; for instance,
  11. Не синхронизирани
    results in month of study spent in the laboratory in the Coma Company in Paris.
  12. Не синхронизирани
    at a time when motion picture photography
  13. Не синхронизирани
    was in the experimental stage
  14. Не синхронизирани
    and carefully continued since in my own laboratory
  15. Не синхронизирани
    in the Solex Studios in this country.
  16. Не синхронизирани
    It is also necessary to study stage direction by actual
  17. Не синхронизирани
    participation in the work, in addition to 'burning the midnight oil'
  18. Не синхронизирани
    in your library. But both are as suitable as fascinating
  19. Не синхронизирани
    and as renumerative to a woman as to a man.
  20. Не синхронизирани
    'Dictionary of Film Makers' by Georges Sadoul
  21. Не синхронизирани
    translated,edited and updated by Peter Morris,
  22. Не синхронизирани
    published by The University of California press.
  23. Не синхронизирани
    Guy-Blaché, Alice born Alice Guy married Herbert Blaché.
  24. Не синхронизирани
    Originally, Léon Gaumont's secretary,
  25. Не синхронизирани
    when he was still making only film equipment,
  26. Не синхронизирани
    she began making short films intended for use as demonstrations for potential clients.
  27. Не синхронизирани
    She made her first film 'La Fée aux Choux' in 1896, some months before Méliè,
  28. Не синхронизирани
    and thus became the first woman director in the world.
  29. Не синхронизирани
    The entry under Méliè in the same book, describes him as the first director of story films.
  30. Не синхронизирани
    Not the first man director, the first director.
  31. Не синхронизирани
    First in the rapidly growing field of film making, may be arguable and hold limited meaning.
  32. Не синхронизирани
    But what is interesting is that the Historian chose to invent a sub- category, 'Women directors', in order to reserve the title of first director for a man.
  33. Не синхронизирани
    This attitude about the women, who have worked in films, is one of the things that's helped render them almost invisible.
  34. Не синхронизирани
    Women have worked in film-making in creative and decision making positions such as writer, editor, director and executive since the movies began.
  35. Не синхронизирани
    (piano playing)
  36. Не синхронизирани
    The first moving picture were like news-reels.
  37. Не синхронизирани
    Recording street scenes, parades and public events.
  38. Не синхронизирани
    In 1896, The Gaumont Camera Company was considering producing movie equipment.
  39. Не синхронизирани
    At tha time, 23 yr old Alice Guy, was secretary to The Gaumont Company.
  40. Не синхронизирани
    She was asked to make a film that would show the entertainment business potential of their new gadget, The Movie Projector.
  41. Не синхронизирани
    Working in the Garden of her boss's house on the factory grounds, Alice made 'La Fée aux Choux' (The Cabbage fairy), based on the french tale that babies come from beneath cabbage leaves.
  42. Не синхронизирани
    Gaumont sold his equipment.
  43. Не синхронизирани
    And also the movies to show on it.
  44. Не синхронизирани
    A reporter in a 1912 article described Alice's contribution to the Gaumont organization.
  45. Не синхронизирани
    Mr. Gaumont was absorbed with the scientific department of production; of merely engaging in photographing moving objects.
  46. Не синхронизирани
    She inaugrated the presentation of little plays on the screen by that company,
  47. Не синхронизирани
    some 16 or 17 years ago, operating the camera, writing or adapting the photo drama, setting the scenes and handling the actors.
  48. Не синхронизирани
    Alice remained the Principal Director and Head of Film Production at Gaumont through 1906, producing comedies, fantasies, melodramas, religious films and several with sounded recorded on wax cylinders.
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