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  1. Не синхронизирани
    So much happens these days,
  2. Не синхронизирани
    the triple evolutions called Cybernetics, Human rights, Weaponry
  3. Не синхронизирани
    I guess much happen happened on the month has happened on the century
  4. Не синхронизирани
    And I think we have to call upon not politicians these days but observers,
  5. Не синхронизирани
    Anthropologists, Sociologists, Psychologists.
    Doctor Margaret Mead; all three of these.
  6. Не синхронизирани
    the coming of age,
  7. Не синхронизирани
    in somewhere all the box are follows, new guinea
  8. Не синхронизирани
    male or female
  9. Не синхронизирани
    Doctor, where do we begin?
  10. Не синхронизирани
    We're told that we have so much to offer to underdeveloped countries.
  11. Не синхронизирани
    We speak of primitive societies in a very patronising way, don't we?
  12. Не синхронизирани
    Well, some of us do, but in general we call them developing or emerging nations today,
  13. Не синхронизирани
    which is not as patronising because it is recognising not where they've been but where they're going.
  14. Не синхронизирани
    And, certainly people all over the world who've been exposed to, during and since World War II,
  15. Не синхронизирани
    to the new possibilities that are offered by the whole scientific revolution, want what we have.
  16. Не синхронизирани
    They don't want their children to die, they want themselves to be able to live longer,
  17. Не синхронизирани
    they want all the new possibilities of the modern world.
  18. Не синхронизирани
    So when we say WE, it's because we identify ourselves with the special products of our own type of civilisation.
  19. Не синхронизирани
    Something we have, because there aren't things we haven't got that they have, wouldn't you say?
  20. Не синхронизирани
    Well, but it doesn't make very much sense to say we don't have what they have, I mean
  21. Не синхронизирани
    we don't have the simplicity of living at the dawn of the world, and we'll never...
  22. Не синхронизирани
    it's like going back and trying to regain lost innocence.
  23. Не синхронизирани
    Uh, we would like to have some of the things of which they have in earlier form,
  24. Не синхронизирани
    uhm, just as they have an earlier form of technology,
  25. Не синхронизирани
    we now have a later form of technology which is far better.
  26. Не синхронизирани
    Now, we haven't yet later forms of human community that are as much better as our techological forms.
  27. Не синхронизирани
    But nevertheless, to live in the society where you regard a hundred and eighty million people as fellow citizens,
  28. Не синхронизирани
    and to hurt or kill one of them is uhm, regarded as doing something to your own, is great improvement
  29. Не синхронизирани
    to living in a society where there are a hundred and eighty people that you regard as human beings,
  30. Не синхронизирани
    and you regard the rest of it, the whole rest of every human being you've ever met as nothing.